TIGERCUB TIGERCUB are a Brighton based outfit. On 19 January they clawed their way into Concorde 2 with a terrific line up of support acts including: Calva Louise, Sick Joy and Glum all fairly local to the South – London and Brighton. Lout Promotions had put together one heck of […]

TIGERCUB caught in the open in Brighton

Getting up close with The Ramonas in Brighton We all love The Ramonas here! A top band when performing Ramones material, and a top band when performing their own material, and a class act when performing their own material live and unplugged! (well nearly unplugged) The band are constantly touring […]

Up close with The Ramonas at Vinyl Revolution

BON GIOVI Bon Giovi are the World’s Premier look-alike and sound alike Tribute to the New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi. Formed in August of 1999, with over 16 years UK and International touring experience as a band and nearly 5 times that combined from individual members, this act is without […]

Keep The Faith: Wanted – Bon Giovi play Brighton

SKURVI Friday 15 December at The Prince Albert saw Brightron punk/oi outfit Skurvi hit the stage. Skurvi came together through a love of cheap booze, cheap laughs and punk rock. With old-school style and swagger, (Cock Sparrer, Peter and the Test Tube Babies) Skurvi deliver a slap round the face […]

Emergency! An outbreak of Skurvi in Brighton

Playing in Brighton at The Hope and Ruin 07/12 – The RPMs revealed a BRAND NEW SINGLE ‘YOUR GHOST’ and an expanded line up. They are on a string of dates on a Autumn/Winter tour with loads of live gigs across the UK! The RPMS Live Straight off the back […]

The RPMs rock into Brighton @ Hope and Ruin 07/12

PUNK, STRINGS & BLUES @ THE HOTEL PELIROCCO   PUNK, STRINGS & BLUES @ THE HOTEL PELIROCCO: On Saturday 2nd December there was a big old charity party at The Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton.  This was billed as a bit of a special and also a pretty rare chance to […]


BRIX & THE EXTRICATED – Sticky Mikes, Brighton 2 November 2017. Brix & the Extricated have – in the words of an old Fall lyric – something of a “track record”. Brix Smith-Start is one of the few true female rock icons of the indie and alternative era, an inspiration […]


Shonen Knife were here to have fun and let rip. And they did. They powered at us with so much energy and fun, it would have been hard not to have a good time! Shonen Knife – April 2016 Looking back – a lost item and new pics included in […]

The Vaults: A Revisit – Shonen Knife came to Brighton!

The Sherlocks visited Brighton Sept 2016. The Sherlocks pull in the crowd from start to finish! Never a dull moment with these guys – go see them live! The Sherlocks Friday 2nd September 2016: Consisting of two sets of brothers, the four piece band The Sherlocks came to Concorde 2 […]

Looking Back: The Sherlocks investigate Brighton

  SUPERSUCKERS + The DeRellas = LOUD, GUTSY ROCK N ROLL, and a helluva good time! I can tell you – Rock n’ Roll will not die or fade away! Well, not as long as the Supersuckers and The DeRellas are around doing what they do! The Scene was set […]

The Supersuckers + The DeRellas = Rock N Roll all ...

Blancmange Concorde 2 in Brighton saw the first leg of a pretty extensive UK tour…… ‘Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time’ said Moby. Bit of history… Blancmange was formed in Harrow, Middlesex in 1979 by vocalist Neil Arthur (born 15 June 1958, Darwen, Lancashire) and instrumentalist Stephen […]

Blancmange: A perfect set! No more room down there!

  Dave Hause and The Mermaid. Dave Hause and The Mermaid were the second guests for this gig, but, as I have said before, and now backed by a few hundred people I think its safe to say, he always manages to steal the show! I last saw him and […]

Dave Hause and The Mermaid bring the house down!