Scene Sussex: Summer 2018 playlist!

SCENE SUSSEX summer playlist

SCENE SUSSEX summer playlist

Scene Sussex: A play list for Summer 2018! The Scene Sussex office has been busy pulling together a list of summer tunes, some great and some just cool summer tunes to help your day or summer party! Put together in no particular order, or countdown, Just a varied selection of summer tunes.  Its just for fun, although the top 2 slots were hotly contested, and remain in that order. We hope you like it!  You may know the song, or it may be the first time of hearing  some of them. Now, slap on the factor 30, dust down the sunglasses and head to the beach!

Scene Sussex: presenting a play list for Summer 2018!

The Scene Sussex office has been busy pulling together a list of summer tunes, some great and some just cool summer tunes to help your day or summer party!

The list is in no particular order really – its formed just as votes, thoughts and “wish list” for songs as they came in. But we do have an overall top summer tune and it is the most played and loved song for the 30 degree heat we are experiencing!

The top slot goes to: BABY SHAKES – SUMMER SUN

If you cross The Ramones, Buzzcocks, Undertones, Blondie and a touch of the Motown girl groups you kinda get it. As Summer Sun was the most played, most loved – here is the video! The song was originally from 2015, and lifted from the album Starry Eyes. Its a flamboyant, rockin’, ice cream soda fueled summer song. Perfect

It’s No 1 at Scene Sussex for summer 2018! BABY SHAKES!

At No 2 its the Ba-Ba-Ra-Ra-Cu-Cu-Das-Das!

The Barracudas released this joyous summer song, its from 1981 – the sun is out and the feelings right! Great clip but it is missing the intro. They did have a hit record!

Who else made the list?

A few tracks you may know and love already. As previously said the list is in no order or ranking, it is for a summer music blast, for fun, as we swelter in the heat! The Ramones have a couple of entries. The Stranglers, The Barracudas, and The Kinks and then a range out to Boney M! A few others in there that may remind you of the song from past summers. Such a refreshing listen is Cockney Rebel with their version of Here Comes The Sun. And a couple of dance classics! If you like the song, keep music going and help the artists with a crafty purchase.

A couple of Videos to go with the playlist:

Joey Ramone

What a tune! Skies of blue – all wrapped up in a Ramones sound as Joey covers this classic. A perfect summer sound. Turn it up and enjoy the small music present Joey was kind enough to leave behind for us.

The RPMs

Brighton band The RPMs get a slot, its not overly a summer record as such, but a top video shot in Brighton in the sun makes this track a must have! Its a cracking, well written song and the video is great fun to watch. Even down to the wind blowing across the mic. It really all comes together to make a great summer record.

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

A terrific rework of the Beatles classic. From the hot summer of ’76.

The Play List

Here is a direct link  to the play list!

Thats it! Have a great summer!

Hope you find something you like and happy listening!

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