They’re Back! The Sex Pissed Dolls in Brighton!

Sex Pissed Dolls: Nancy - Pic by Ian Bourn / Scene Sussex / Media Works

Sex Pissed Dolls: Here’s Nancy!

The Sex Pissed Dolls – They’re back!

ThE SeX PiSsEd DoLLs were back!  Punk is alive, its kicking and tonight it was loaded up with long hair, lipstick, leather, latex, ripped fishnets and a bucket load of great songs all washed down with a healthy slice of attitude! All-female, all-action rock band The Sex Pissed Dolls exploded onto the scene late 2014 and  have been wowing audiences and festivals with their edgy, high octane performance of classic rock and punk mixed in with their own original material. 

Concorde2: Brighton 06/04/2018

The performance and energy you witness at a Sex Pissed Dolls gig has to be seen to be believed. Fans travel hundreds of miles just to be there.

The Sex Pissed Dolls are:

Nancy Doll (vocals) Connie Rotter (guitars and vocals) Jilly Idol (bass and vocals) Anna Key (drums and vocals) Kitty Vacant (guitar and vocals)

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The guitarists, bassist and drummer appear on stage to a riotous cheer and the lights come up a bit as the Dolls fire up with the  Dead Kennedys California Über Alles, it was then that the Nancy had timed her entrance. She swaggered onto the Concorde 2 stage dressed in latex and lycra. It didnt take her anytime to head for the edge of the stage engaging with crowd and the moshers! She finished up with hair flailing around her, not even allowing her to catch her breath the band fired up the Joan Jet classic Bad Reputation.  Now, make no mistake – these guys mean business, they know their instruments and how to play the hell out of them. The person in charge on the stage is Nancy. She is mesmerising, she grabs your attention along with the mic for the full set.

Nancy will set your ears on fire and sear your brain with her performance. She prowls that stage peering into the faces in the crowd, she stalks the crowd engaging with anyone who catches her eye!

The Set

The thumping bass line from Jilly intro’d  Pyscho Killers – a great song for the presently named Pyscho Tour, then their own Maniac followed up with Hanging on The Telephone. Just a great line up of songs, and yes some may argue they are covers but the Dolls give everything their own slant and treatment of each song and all done with respect to the originals. And we got two of their own songs tonight. Up next the Pistols God Save The Queen, the crowd totally lost it for that one! That was followed up with their own song Shitty Old Town, love this track and it blisters when you hear it live.

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Then it’s a pogo through time for the crowd of hot and sweaty attendees as we got some of punk’s most beloved songs mixed into the set list. A favourite of Nancy was up and a floor shaking version of Swords of a Thousand Men Blitzkreig Bop, Ever Fallen in Love, White Riot, New Rose and, thrown into the acoustic assault, was Fight For Your Right which had the crowd chanting along with the almost out of control Nancy leading proceedings.

More songs came at as the set progressed – Alternative Ulster, Pretty Vacant and then Nancy asked if we wanted to hear some Rock and Roll. “YEEEES!” came the cheer. The band launched full tilt into Led Zeppelins Rock and Roll! This was a surprise addition to the set and proved to be real show stopper, guitars blazing, bass guitar thumping and then a rather fine drum solo from Anna Key all orchestrated by Nancy. Folk were talking about that rendition long after the set finished. A brilliantly executed version.

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The Sex Pissed Dolls – a mixer from their live set in Brighton at Concorde 2

After a brief break the band came back on to finish up with She Sells Sanctuary. That was a full on 90 minute set from the Dolls. It was loud, it was in your face, and, well it was just damn good fun! I have written before Would I go see them again? Oh yes! I wouldn’t miss The Sex Pissed Dolls, and if you want a night of angst, passion, damn fine music and sheer down to earth punk fun – then neither should you!  The Sex Pissed Dolls are most definitely a band that you must see live to get the full experience. Go check them out – they’re all over the country with this tour, so don’t miss out!

After the set the band did some signings, including signing their own compositions of a 12″ vinyl EP “Maniac”,  and it was great to chat with Nancy as the guys signed up a bit of vinyl for me – Thank you!

A huge thanks to the Sex Pissed Dolls and their team for allowing me to capture this exciting night of live punk n roll! It has been two years since you last played Brighton – please come back again soon!

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