Need video/Social Media?

Creating Social Media content and video work

I have created many videos – some official, many others and some used by bands on their social media channels.


A live video for social media and a photo set for possible use on an album. Here is the vid!

The might of the UK SUBS on display. On top form – live performing ROCKER, with an important message from Charlie Harper. Yep – Keep Music Live and support musicians and those all important venues.

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Ramonas

The Ramonas needed a teaser for the new album of Original material – First World Problems. Audio mix/photos and video all set for release of album and an online review of the album.

THE RAMONAS – New album mixer "First World Problems"

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dirt Royal

I had a text late Friday afternoon after BREXIT from Brighton band Dirt Royal – “We have a new single – can you put together a video?” Many hours later, and after many emails and texts – here it is. Released 26 June is the video for “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down” – built by IANB / Media Works. Have a read, turn up your speakers, hit play and kick it!

Message from Dirt Royal – as follows:

” Unscheduled release of a new song. Think it fits this weeks Drama”

“In the past weeks tensions in our Country have reached boiling point and after last weeks referendum things have only gotten worse. People on each side of the vote forgetting whats important in all this. Unity and strength as a nation, every single one of us! So in light of this we hit the studio to record what we think is a fitting track and had our good friend Ian Bourn make us a video from live footage from our recent gig at CONCORDE 2.

So here it is:
Please remember no matter your political view, creed or religion


The WitchDoktors – Voodoo Eye – The Album

I was so lucky to be asked to build the Voodoo Eye album launch video. It took many rebuilds, texts and emails with the band who got signed to Bomber Music half way through the process.Congrats to the WitchDoktors for that and Bomber Music have a damn fine band in the fold. Produced by Pat Collier (Ruts DC, UK Subs, Wonderstuff, Jesus & Mary Chain) and Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, David Bowie, H.I.M, Robert Plant) If you want something that bottles up elements of a live show then this album, Voodoo Eye will do the trick for you. This is the bands 4th album and follows a great album from 2008’s $3 Hooker .

Here is the final launch video as used by the band, the record company and many social media outlets.



Some of my photography was used in the Album Launch for Psychic Attack – so thrilled to see this and this was all over Social Media – so, what are you waiting for? turn it up!