Do you need The Lens?

Photographer: Ian Bourn AKA The Lens - Media Works, Scene Sussex, Art Noise, UBER Rock and more!

Photographer: Ian Bourn AKA The Lens – Media Works, Scene Sussex, Art Noise, UBER Rock and more!

The camera. The Lens

Ian Bourn, renamed by local musicians as The Lens. “In our search for the genuine record โ€“ one that is as faithful as possible to the facts as we know them, or see them โ€“ you have to enter into peoples personal space. Whether it is to be allowed physically close, into a private space or permitted to watch events or even intimate interaction, the key is to earn and retain trust from those you photograph. Many thanks to those who have allowed me to enter their space with a lens and a camera so far”

I have been photographing live gigs for a while. I like all types of music and I capture the essence of the performer. I have been so lucky to gain AAA passes for The Stranglers, The Rezillos, The Sherlocks, Undercover Festival, Brighton Pride, Dirt Royal and many more. I will usually buy a ticket if I can, all I need is the artists permission to bring a camera for photography or video.

Others I have photo’d are The Spitfires, Alesha Dixon, Fleur East and recently Sham 69 and many more to come!

I have some more work that you can check out – here

I am happy to travel, and overnight accommodation etc is fine and a pass to use my cameras and equipment. The photos belong to the artist if they wish, and this has happened before – two full capture cards and still waiting to see where those pictures surface. I take care to ask permission before using any image on Social Media, and if the artists doesnt like the pics – they do not get published!

I have created many videos for bands and that includes a video for a new single (Dirt Royal), an album video trailer (The WitchDoktors) and artwork/photos on a CD trailer (RUTS DC). Check out my video page.

Got an event coming up? Need some gig photography, promo shots, previews or reviews? โ€“ please get in touch!