The Scaners arrivent à Brighton! They’re here! The Scanners parked up their UFO at a near by alien crash site and beamed into The Prince Albert in Brighton – the band, from France had promised to return. They were now back and all of the songs fired at us at […]

UFO parked. The Scaners energised back to Brighton!

Dirt Royal: Glory Days – Is released on limited edition vinyl on a Double A side format – remember those? Main A side being “Glory Days” and the other A side is their last release that was only available on CD “Waiting For The radio”. This is a class presentation […]

Dirt Royal: Glory Days 7″ vinyl & video review.

Darrell Bath Punk-rock-blues guitarist and songwriter, Darrell Bath –  Crybabys, (ex-UK Subs/Vibrators /Ian Hunter/Nikki Sudden/Dogs D’Amour – and maybe more!). It is always a pleasure to sit back and listen to Darrell play. He is an artist. He makes that guitar break your heart, make you weep or stamp your […]

Darrell Bath Band & Kult 45s rip it up!

Nick Heyward and Haircut 100 burnt briefly and brightly – the ultimate group of pals who, within a year, had hit the big time. Sadly it finished as quickly as it began. Nick has continued to make music and tonight on the first leg of his Woodland Echoes tour – […]

Nick Heyward. Live at Concorde 2 Brighton.

Bakers Eddy Who? Never heard of them? Not surprising if you live in the UK. If you live in New Zealand or Australia then its a different story. I had been invited to visit the Impressive PR show in Brighton as part of The Great Escape event for 2018. Band […]

Lets meet Bakers Eddy. TGE 2018

The RPMS – rocking into The Great Escape. The RPM’s emerged from the Brighton scene that has also birthed contemporaries Black Honey and Fickle Friends. The band was formed in Dorset by childhood friends Jack Valero (lead vocals, guitar), Callum James, (drums and backing vocals). Following a move to Brighton […]

The RPMs rock up to The Great Escape.

MET Showcase: Photos by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex
So lucky to attend the end of year showcase from MET. I was outside the venue, Concorde2 earlier in the afternoon and watched as the students arrived clutching a various assortment of guitars, keyboards and drum kits. It was baking hot as the equipment was ushered into the cool air […]

The MET at Concorde 2: Showcase

  Brightonsfinest Showcase 2018 Brightonsfinest once again took over the breathtakingly beautiful St Mary’s Church on Saturday 19th May, during The Great Escape Festival. They promised another great day of live music and performers. After the success of last year’s Alternative Escape showcase, they announced a line-up that boasting to […]

Brightonsfinest: Live Showcase. The Great Escape.

Dove House I had a text from a friend “come and see these guys”. Camera loaded up Scene Sussex headed for the Green Door Store in Brighton. Scene Sussex continues to bring local bands and talent to your attention in our “Introducing” category. This time the slot goes to the […]

Scene Sussex introducing: Dove House

Lucie Barât Lucie Barât is a punk, a poet, and a prodigal purveyor of ballsy synth spoken word. She also just happens to be the Libertines Frontman Carl Barât’s sister. But this afternoon, she was the lead with her own band. Lucie creates her political poetry from the influences of […]

Lucie Barât live in Brighton. Great Escape 2018.

SISTERAY SISTERAY – Sisteray met when they literally collided together in the mosh pit at a Libertines gig and soon discovered their shared love for bands such as The Smiths, Velvet Underground, The Clash and The Replacements. When you hear this outfit play you can fully appreciate where they are […]

SISTERAY bring it to Brighton: Great Escape 2018

We Are Scientists: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works
We Are Scientists A pre gig show from We Are Scientists in Brighton’s newest vinyl store, Vinyl Revolution. Primary members Keith Austin Murray, guitar and main vocalist; and Christopher Ian Cain (“Chris”), bass (low pitched) guitar. Live performances include at least one associate using drums; Keith Francis Carne most frequent […]

We are Scientists: A chemistry lesson at Vinyl Revolution!