Brighton: The dead are rising up! Dead Elvis – LIVE! ??

Dead Elvis: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Dead Elvis: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Stay Sick! presents:

Dead Elvis // Thee Gravemen//SnakeRattlers//Young Francis

Back in my home from home, The Prince Albert, for a night of totally new music for me. The hottest night of the year saw the Albert fill up for four bands. Headliner was Dead Elvis from Disgraceland. Scroll down the page to go find the bands that took part.

Dead Elvis

Dead Elvis: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Dead Elvis: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The King lives! In an undead kinda way!!! Sweet Lord, what a show this had been promised to be! I had done a bit of research before heading out and I think every photo I’ve seen of Dead Elvis, he is wearing the Elvis white, Las Vegas outfit/jump suit, as well as a latex rockabilly zombie mask, heavily insured as I understand. It does have a look of Elvis himself, topped off with a quiff, after a long period of time spent underground!

Elvis entered the building to Also Sprach Zarathustra and then stopped off in the crowd for a load of selfies, hugs and hand shakes. Extraordinary reaction from the crowd, but it became clear many had seen him before and knew his material. He took to the stage and settled in.

Dead Elvis: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Dead Elvis: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Set:

Before I list some of the songs played, for those new to the “King”, Dead Elvis’s songs are short, very short at times but all contain bursts of hook laden, energetic rock’n’roll. He is a one man band with guitar and some drum equipment, and some heavily tweaked mixing and echoed/delay vocals going on. There is a definite punky edge to this.

Graveyard Hop got things underway, followed with Long Gone Dead and Cold Heart. The crowd packed in tight knew all the words which Dead Elvis seemed to appreciate with waves and nods, we couldnt see if he was smiling! Monster Under Your Bed and Bad Luck were also in there.

Dead Elvis has to be one of the most mysterious performers I have ever written about to Graceland, or Disgraceland, on the pages of Scene Sussex. Well played, and a helluva lot of fun!

How does he do it? That sound? Not sure really, but it is impressive what he does armed only with that beaten up ole guitar, drum kit, and all of that is melted cohesively into a oneness with that “uh huh lemme tell ya” vocal. Great fun. Thank ya’ll ver ver much – uh huh huh, and Dead Elvis left the building.

Thee Gravemen

Thee Gravemen - pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Thee Gravemen – pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Again, a new outfit for me! Some damn fine Garage-blues-Rockabilly from a couple of characters resembling Edinburghs grave robbers Burke and Hare! With a band interest of Diggin’ Graves I think I may have found the perfect comparison!

“THEE GRAVEMEN,  a 2 man garage outfit from Southern Sweden with Lee Tea on guitar and Howls and Daz Trash on Voodoo drums and screams both originating from 18th century deepest darkest England!Trying to find other band members at a similiar age of over 100 years old is quite a hard job so Lee and Daz decided a 2 man band would suffice! Lee Tea with his musical roots from the garage scene having played with the likes of crazy garage killers The EXCITERS from England and now with top Swedish R&B combo The BRANDED and Daz trash coming from the Psychobilly-Punk-Rockabilly side of Trash had been playing with 80’s Psycho screamers SKITZO! They both hooked up with each other at the local brit pub in Malmö and later played a Johnny Cash tribute together. And that was the end of sensible rock n roll as we know it!”

Band Members
Lee Tea – Guitars and howls
Daz Trash – Voodoo Drums


The guys took to the stage, planting a skull onto a stick and they were off! A terrific 30 odd minutes set from these guys and again the crowd seemed to know them and the tunes. As the music level with Night Terrors, Trick Or Treat, went up so did the heat. They gave us a great songs, older and newer material being played straight out of a funeral parlour! It was hot and sweaty in the Albert – just perfect for this duo. Enjoyed your great music guys. Very creative material and sounds, and stage presence! Need to see them again!


Snakerattlers - pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Snakerattlers – pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

I know…. another new band for me. The Snakerattlers, an inspired inclusion for this STAY SICK! night. These guys were terrific. Loads going on and there is just the two of them as they produce a rattling good racket! These guys are from York and had been a late addition to the bill after they had been seen in Portsmouth the night before. Well done to you.

The Band

Naomi Gott (drums/backup vocals)
Dan Oliver Gott (guitar/vocals/songwriting)

Snakerattlers is a band made up of married couple Dan Oliver Gott and Naomi Gott. It’s a hellbound voyage of deathpunk, rockabilly, country, and traditional greaser rock and roll. Stood up, shook up, dynamic drumming. Reverb-drenched double-amped guitar. Aggressive and sweetly mournful vocals. A screaming, wailing brand new take on the rockabilly genre. The guys took to the stage as Naomi hit up her drums and Dan launched himself into the crowd.  A full on 20 minutes of these guys just wasn’t enough for me! These guys nailed a great set. I had heard the names before as they had been part of The Franceens, they left in order to give their full concentration to Snakerattlers. Great job. Once bitten by these guys there is no going back!

Loved these guys and great to chat with them, good luck with that possible new deal and just make sure you bring some of that lovely venom loaded rockabilly back soon!

Young Francis

Young Francis - pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Young Francis – pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

A great opener fore the night was Young Francis. This time it was some music I did know! A One Man Punk Band from Brighton, England. Always enjoy watching Young Francis. He will take you away on a flurry of punk rock and roll guitar, drums and tunes. A unique artist whose popularity grows every time he is seen performing. Young Francis plays guitar by hand, drums by foot and sings by mouth. No effects, no pedals, no loops, no tricks. His a la Tommy Ramone style sunglasses in place – Young Francis let rip!

Sleeves rolled up Young Francis nailed it. The passing out of musical instruments was met with a cheer, sadly though a trip to a music store may be required as bits of drum sticks, tambourines and cymbals littered the floor after his set, yeah baby! punk rock and roll. A terrific guy, a terrific collection of songs and always an on point performance from Young Francis. Well played.


This was a StaySick event. Well done to you guys! A fantastic night of rock, undead, rockabilly and so much more! Stay Sick are promoters based in Brighton. They have been around for a while now. A lot of thought had gone into the planning of this night and it was a sell out. Great night, well organised and enjoyed every guitar fuzzed second. Thank you Stay Sick.

STAY SICK has made it their mission to track down, kidnap and present you with the best bands from all over the globe.

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