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Change Persona: pic by IANB / Scene Sussex / Media Works

Change Persona

Change Persona

These guys rolled into Brighton for a gig at Brighton Electric on Saturday 3 March, billed as a Punk Shake Up!  Fortunately the snow and ice had cleared and all the bands taking part in the event managed to get into town safe and sound!

Change Persona are an energetic punk band from Wallington, Surrey. Not sure if they have played in Brighton before. They frequently headline local gigs and festivals and have a growing fan base. Tonight though they will have gained a few more! They can include Scene Sussex among them!

The band recorded their Debut EP – “It’s Only Natural!” at TFS Studios a while ago now. A new album is being worked on and if the live set is anything to go by – this could be a cracker!  The newer material for the album “Left To Try” sounds just great and can be listened to for free thanks to those Change Persona fellas on . Fire it up whilst you read through this. It really is rather good! Just remember to play it LOUD!

The Band

Band details from their Facebook page, but it was scheduled to be Mikes last stint behind the kit – and, as he was playing at this gig, have added him in here!.

Cj Fulcher – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
George Mann – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Owyn Chester – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mike Perrett – Drums

These guys list Green Day, Rise Against, NOFX, Sum 41 as their major influences, and I can assure those influences can be felt and seen. These guys capture the essence of the genre and a look and feel of those bands. At times you may have thought you were listening to an early Green Day track. CJ during one track sounded uncannily like Billie J Armstrong.

These guys pack a punch. CJ leads the band from the front and interacts with the audience as the band race through one of the most exciting sets I have heard in a while. They are a young band that seem to have been around for a while. Not seen these guys before but for such a young looking outfit the song writing prowess is strong as is their tight punchy performance. The set had no fillers, just 30 minutes of excellent rock and roll tunes and finished off with Sum 41’s Fat Lip. Some great vocals and guitars producing a stunning assault. Some damn fine bass riffs running through all of the songs and working in unison with the percussion kit at the back. All fused into a catchy as hell and enjoyable performance.

We got Backlash, Sentence, Mainstream, Cluster F*ck, Who Are You,  Distortion Disorder (some onstage banter surrounding this track between the band and CJ,  Precious Eggs?)  and CJ intro’d a cover version to close the set with the Sum 41 track Fat Lip.

A Video:

Change Persona – Live

Change Persona – Live. Brighton Electric – 03/03/2018

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Monday, 5 March 2018

And Finally…

Seriously good band, great songs – go see them! You will be in for a treat if you like it hard and fast! These guys will entertain and have you involved before you know it. We love live music here at Scene Sussex and every so often you meet up and listen to a band that’s new to you and you just know you want to see them again. The reason these guys get a full Scene Sussex page, photos and video? In our view they deserve it!!

A message to local promoters – give these guys a slot. You, or your audience will not be disappointed. They deliver. Well played Change Persona!


Change Persona are on Facebook

Wavestate Promotions are on Facebook

This was an event billed as Plague UK \ Duncan Reid And The Big Heads – Punk Shake Up! It was organised by Wavestate Promotions and took place at Brighton Electric.

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