Forevanescence and IAMWARFACE LIVE!

Forevanescence; photo by IAn Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence and IAMWARFACE at The Factory Live in Worthing. 22 July 2022

Evanescence tribute outfit Forevanescence dropped an exciting set, with IAMWARFACE, at The Factory Live. Two top bands. Two great sets!

Forevanescence is the UK’s premier Evanescence tribute act that has been labelled by audiences as close to the real thing as you can get. The band formed in February 2018 after co founding members Katie and Jon decided they would take their love of the tracks to a live audience.

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Playing their first gig in February 2019 at Birmingham’s rock venue Route 44, these guys are now deservedly taking off and are being booked for shows around the UK. So we were lucky to see them stop off at The Factory Live. The band are very keen to remain as close to the real thing as possible with most of the members even resembling the current Evanescence line up. The band are also working hard to grow their presence online (see the links below).

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence are keen to cover all the popular songs from the Evanescence repertoire and had even created a ‘metal’ version of the earlier Synthesis hit ‘Imperfection’. This track was delivered fairly late into the set order.

Katie (Amy Lee) has been singing professionally for 13 years. She attributes most of her love and ability for singing to having sang along to the Evanescence tracks for many years as a teenager. As well as Forevanescence Katie has also been in a number of other bands such as Cenfora & Kingmakers as well as performing many principal roles in theatre productions as well as having a career as a solo vocalist.

The set opened up and those of us outside having a cooling beer or chilled glass of white wine headed back indoors. Ok, this seriously top outfit kicked off with What You Want, End Of The Dream and The Game Is Over. Not a bad opening selection I am sure you will agree!

The sound produced was amazing with all guitars blazing. The percussion and bass were really strong. Put it all together with the vocals and yes, I can confirm that it all came together and sounded pretty damned good!

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence; photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Forevanescence powered through each song included in the set powerfully, bringing early work from their originals counterpart career­ spanning back catalogue. As each song was played and progressed as the band seemed to be feeding off the crowds energy.  Dressed in that almost trademark gothic­ style, black and some huge black feathers, Katie just seemed to hover around the stage, demanding attention and her fellow musicians were equally energetic.

Oh, and of course there was lots of hair! These guys seemed to be having a great time just as those were in the crowd. Hard to believe the age of some of this material played tonight, but this outfit brought it all bang up to date making it sound as fresh as when I/we first heard it.

The set list continues to be delivered at a breakneck pace, covering all points of the Evanescence career… New Way To Bleed, My Last Breath and My Heart Is Broken were played and indicate just how thorough Forevanescence had been in compiling the set list for tonight.

My Immortal.

Although more well known, mainstream tracks such as Bring Me To Life (actually the set closer) and My Immortal were played near the end of the set tonight, the crowd seemed to enjoy each and every song performed in the set. The crowd enjoyed those songs as much as the raging well known tunes that can bring a house down! Katie sung it hard tonight and she did hit some of those soaring, higher range notes as the band provided her with a rocking solid backing. The band were tight and solid.

Overall, the whole performance was stunning with many song highlights scattered throughout the set, but including in the final run: Call Me When You’re Sober, Going Under, Imaginary and the set closer the phenomenal My Immortal.

Well Played Forevanescence. Great to chat with Katie and Will after the set and best wishes to Katie who had just recently shaken off Covid.

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Forevanescence are on Facebook here.

Forevanescence are on the WWW here.


IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

IAMWARFACE is a Nu-Rock Band. They formed up in Brighton in 2016 by singer/producer Matt Warneford. The name is a cunning metaphor for his own original style of bombastic high-energy groove based electro-rock, affectionately branded “Rocktronica” by none other than legendary Virgin Radio host Eddy Temple Morris. The aim of IAMWARFACE has always been to create a new, edgier kind of rock sound, echoing the rebellious creativity of the early 90s and punk danger of the 70s.

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Back up to full strength a full five piece took to the stage at The Factory Live. If you had arrived with a few cobwebs between your ears then these were the guys to blow them away! The five of them buckled up, plugged in and belted it out for nearly 40 minutes to an appreciative crowd.

I can confirm the sound is a tight as ****. It is loud, it is at times damn fast – it’s IAMWARFACE after all! Great to see the guys back up to full strength after supporting Muse tribute, Hullaballo in Concorde 2 earlier in the year as a three piece. An all-out assault was launched by these guys! What a set.

The set kicking off with Dark Blue and then, what should have been a Bond theme, To Die For. A truly wonderful face melting salvo in the summer heat to start things off, and then we were taken into the  Black Room and Say My Name from the album Year Of The Dragon. All delivered on point as Matt seemed to notch it up as he saw the venue filling up.

Did you know these guys have supported Gary Numan on tour in the past. Damn it was good. Matt stood proud on stage, with his band behind him. Good to see Tom and Lou back on guitars and keys. No backing track tonight – this was all live!

They are a fine outfit to see live. They will serve you up an interesting mix up of musical combinations and layers. The sense of angst from Matt is sewn together with some wickedly dirty guitar riffs and a heart stopping bass and percussion. Although Matt did manage to smile a few times, and when he did he just lit up the room. The songs are catchy, damn catchy.

You kind of just kinda know that when you catch IAMWARFACE you can expect an ear busting set and a good visual show. The band utilise every inch of the stage. The centre character, Matt, jumped and swirled around the stage while belting out the songs. At one point he leant over the barricade, or dropped to his haunches glaring out at the crowd.  He really is one of the most enigmatic and engaging front men around at the moment. He can be edgy one minute and then his face will break with a disarming smile. Backed with a top band, together they are awesome!

Matt informed me that some new material is on its way soon. Cant wait! IAMWARFACE have become a must go-see band for us at Scene Sussex.

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

This was a full on set of older and newer material. It just rocked along and the set closed with a run including Fear The Future, Vampire, Red Queen and closing us down with Trigons, with some superb musical layers from the band and Matts vocals were stunning for this one. Loved it guys!

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

IAMWARFACE: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

IAMWARFACE are on Facebook here.

IAMWARFACE are on the WWW here.

And Finally…

Thanks to Forevanescence


Thanks to The Factory Live

The Factory Live is based in Worthing. It is fast becoming a home from home for me, a favourite venue of ours. Great staff and a top stage area with some of the best lighting and sound mix set ups around.

A huge shout to the super team at The Factory Live. This really is a little gem of a venue and tonight the sound mix was spot on. Just the right amount of smoke tonight – none! First class night guys as always and cheers to the brilliant security and bar staff. I can report that no new lighting has been installed since my last visit!

The Factory Live is tucked away in Worthing. It’s a great venue. A great team running the place, the staff were approachable, friendly and helpful. The venue is pretty large and well ventilated with a nice large bar area and outside seating and tables. The venue, The Factory Live, is located at Unit 9A, Ivy Arch Road in Worthing.

The Factory Live are on the WWW here

Words and Pictures: Ian Bourn


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