Fur Dixon (Cramps) WTFUKUSHIMA in Brighton.

Fur Dixon: photo - Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Fur Dixon: photo – Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Pronounced, “What the Fukushima”, this band, I mean, seriously, what can’t be said about their credentials! It’s God damn rock n roll royalty! Fur Dixon brings her new band for a sell out night at The Prince Albert in Brighton on a Stay Sick event.


Fur Dixon started her music career as a young, wild rock ‘n’ roll bass player for The Whirlybirds, playing on her first 7″ single at 21 years of age. Following that, she formed the Hollywood Hillbillys, one of the only bands in history that counted live on-stage chickens amongst their band mates. Legendary psychobilly band The Cramps became fans of Fur and spirited her away and off to Europe where she became the first bassist of The Cramps live lineup. Known for keeping a solid, hypnotic rhythm, rocking that fur-lined bra and the famous bunny tail, Fur exuded smoldering sexual energy onstage.

The Band – (told you it was rock and roll royalty!)

Fur Dixon (The Cramps) – Guitar/Vox
Bernard Yin (The Fuzztones/Bellrays) – Guitar
Dusty Watson (The Sonics) – Drums
Dave Provost (Dream Syndicate) – Bass

Focusing on creating her own music, Fur fronted her own rock ‘n’ roll bands throughout the ’90s including The Dixons and Blow Up. Nowadays she is back to using her God-given, natural-born talent for playing rock ‘n’ roll. Fur has been working with her new band, WTFUKUSHIMA!! The band were in the UK for a few dates, and Brighton was so damn lucky to have these guys stop over for a visit.

The Set

We had been nicely warmed up by The Voo-Dooms, more about them later and the three musicians took to the stage and piled into the Intro / instrumental Jack the Ripper, Fur managed to find her way through the crowd and climb up onto the stage and strap on her guitar. I have to say she was greeted with a huge cheer, as she waved and nodded and checked the tuning.

Fur Dixon: photo - Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Fur Dixon: photo – Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Safari Road from Furs latest album Return 2 Sender launched the set good and proper! Out of The Darkness, Cod’ine, from the album was followed with Daydream Walking. Bernard’s glorious guitar licks were being performed just inches away, and we had a few words after the set. He filled the room with those riffs and pulled off some fine moves in the somewhat restricted space. Dave’s solid on point thumping bass powered at us, he was at the back of the stage in almost complete darkness coming forward every so often. He nailed those bass riffs and as one would expect from guys of this caliber all the while giving a great support to the percussion. Drums were expertly played by Dusty, he made it look effortless but hell there was some power in there! It was a joy to watch him play. A great band and of course the utterly mesmerising Fur – up front, guitar in hand leading the whole show. Fur seemed pleased to see that everyone knew and understood the band name.

Fur was absolutely on top form, she was laughing and joking with us and the band all the way through the set between the songs. This was the last date of the UK debut tour, and her first UK show in 30 years!

Fur Dixon: photo - Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Fur Dixon: photo – Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The set continued at full tilt as we were treated to Good Times, One Step Closer and then we were back into the album with the face melting Sugar Sweet, the gentler Get That Saddle Off My Back. We had been promised, or rather hints made, that there may be some Cramps material in there. We were belting towards the end of the set and yes, here come The Cramps. Fur let loose with a hair raising scream as the fabulous WTFUKUSHIMA powered up and kicked us with a stomping Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?  and we then had Ahh… American Punk, the wonderful Love Me. Fur kept everyone entertained throughout the set with jokes and full on banter, but this also included a couple of more sombre, poignant moments as she remembered friends she had lost.


Fur even re enacted that famous pose as she revealed the Union Jack to the crowd! Fabulous Fur, a brilliant moment! As show stopping as always, no one expected that. We then got well and truly torn up with Tear It Up – no holds barred for the last song tonight. It was rocket fueled as the band fired through it, it ended and the band left the stage. They seemed to have had a blast up there, we did down on the hot and humid floor of the Albert.

After the set Fleur even mingled at The Merch Desk. It was great as I managed to grab a few words, “Thank you for coming” she said in that fabulous accent. I gratefully received a signed CD and left her to talk and mix with fans old and new. She is one cool customer. And I have had the album Return 2 Sender on repeat, a stunning disc of music.

WTFUKUSHIMA are on Facebook

Fur Dixon is on the web – and grab the latest album from there – Fur Dixon Official.

The Voo-Dooms

Opening as guests for Fur and WTFUKUSHIMA were The Voo-Dooms. These cats ain’t nuthin but Trash……. Since birth they were all doomed to the Voodoo beat, doomed to play garage punk, doomed to thrash guitars and drums and doomed to forever Zombie dance with the beatnik kids and ghoulish deviants of Rock ‘n’ Roll desire …….you will be Voo-Doomed, you will be Voo-Doomed, You will be Voo-Doomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Band

Dave Prince – Voodoo Rhythms and screams !
Bruce Brand – Haunting Bass Guitar !
Kevin Smith – Devilish Lead Guitar !
Mick Cocksedge – Vocals and Zombie Rhythm Geetar !

These guys are a blast of voodoo fresh air. They smacked us with a 40 minute set of punk, rockabilly, surf – ahh go see them yourself and you will see what I mean! Some cracking tunes with an album promised later in the year. The music was brilliant as was the humour – “Are there any grave diggers here tonight?”, they actually looked disappointed when no one said yes! And then the band just fell about the place. This is why I love doing what I do, hearing a band for the first time and leave wanting more. Hope to catch these guys again real soon for some more of that         Vood-Doo, Who-do, Voo-Doom magic. Well played guys – a really lively and enjoyable set. If these guys don’t get your foot tappin’ you must already be dead!

Keep a magic eye on their Facebook page for dates, and let ’em put a spell on you!

Catch em on tour……

This was a Stay Sick event.

Stay Sick are promoters based in Brighton. They have been around for a while now. A lot of thought had gone into the planning of this night and it was a sell out. Great night, well organised and enjoyed every guitar fuzzed second. Thank you Stay Sick.

Established in 2008, they continue to spin the best dancing music from surf to 60s, oddball R&B to filthy rock’n’roll, garage to punk 7 inches at a time. Now a Brighton institution for the ones in the know, these Cramps obsessed guys have put on such greats as Billy Childish, Kid Congo from the Cramps, Monotonix, Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster and Thee Oh Sees. With bands from Japan, Germany, USA, France and even Croatia (to name but a few), STAY SICK has made it their mission to track down, kidnap and present you with the best bands from all over the globe.

Stay Sick are on Facebook

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