Jake Shears brings it to Brighton

Jake Shears: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Jake Shears: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Lout Promotions had brought Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) to Brighton to play a set at Concorde 2, 16/08. His latest 2018 tour coincides with the release of his new self titled album.  In concert, Shears is known for provocative dancing, flamboyant outfits, and near nudity. He did not disappoint Brighton on any of those fronts!

Jake Shears

Shears and Hoffman formed Scissor Sisters in 2001 as a performance art stunt, playing outrageous shows in clubs like Luxx, the heart of the electroclash scene in Brooklyn, where Shears lived. After a couple years struggling in New York (working with record label A Touch of Class, who produced “Comfortably Numb” and “Filthy/Gorgeous”), Scissor Sisters finally found success in the United Kingdom and Ireland, ending 2004 with the biggest-selling album of the year in the UK.

In October 2017, Shears released his first song as a solo artist, “Creep City”, which he described as a “pretty theatrical jam, with quite a few twists and turns.” In February 2018, Shears published his autobiography, Boys Keep Swinging. Mr Shears has collaborated with many artists such as Kylie, Erasure, Cher and more.

His debut solo album Jake Shears was released on August 10, 2018. His latest 2018 tour coincides with that release.  In concert, Shears is known for provocative dancing, flamboyant outfits, and near nudity. He did not disappoint Brighton on any of those fronts!

The Set

The crowd were in a good mood, and had been singing along to a selection of 80’s and 90’s tunes, culminating in a fitting tune from Aretha Franklin.

Brightons venue, Concorde 2 was absolutely packed out for this show. All That Jazz was a perfect intro. The crowd had dressed up for this, hats, boas, sparkles and more as they waited for the band to take to the stage.

Jake Shears: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Jake Shears: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Good Friends announced Jake Shears arrival to a huge cheer from the crowd. And we were off as this incredible showman launched into his 90 minute set.  I Cant Decide was followed with some chat about “growing his first one”, some double entendres and was followed with Big Bushy Mustache. Two tracks from his new album, which he had been in town earlier to sign copies in HMV. This was a brave start, as the material had only just been released, but his confidence in the material and his bands delivery made these songs a perfect opener.

Aint one thing led the crowd, now desperate to dance and sing along, into the Scissor Sisters classic Laura. And I can confirm Brighton was in fine voice tonight, as they joined Jake is this rendition of the song! The crowd loved that as did Jake as his huge smile lit up Concorde 2. This guy just drips with charm and charisma and the crowd just lapped it up in huge sugary spoonfuls. He also employs just the right level of raunchiness to entertain and titillate.

The Band

His band were fabulous in all respects, great percussion and guitar work with a strong bass support and some damn hot sax playing and dancing! The band at times tricky to see as the smoke machine had gone into overtime. But the Concorde 2 sound guys nailed the acoustics. Great balance and a terrific volume level set.

A few more songs from Jake Sad Song Backwards, Everything I’ll Ever Need – another two tracks from the new album and we were then into the disco Scissor Sisters classic Take Your Mama. The heat generated in the place was extraordinary as my camera lens started to fog up! Put this together with the heat from the lights and the band and you have a hot and humid atmosphere and that means there was only one thing for it… Clothes Off! He whips off those pants and jacket to reveal a black leotard and fishnets much to the pleasure of the crowd. A nice touch was when he dropped down off the stage to sing and mix it with the folk fortunate to be at the front.


SOB and The Bruiser hit us next. again another two track selection. Shears had told us he had been to Brighton recently and visited so that he could attend Pride. He expressed a love for the city and the people he had met, and had a great time at Pride! We were getting slices of new material interspersed with older and Scissor Sisters songs to keep us all dancing. SOB and the rather splendid Palace In The Sky marked the end was nigh!

Jake Shears giving it all that jazz, old music hall razzmatazz!

Brighton did feel like dancing and that was what we got next, an extended version of the song I Dont Feel Like Dancing, to give everyone in Concorde 2, and no doubt those outside passing by, a chance to join in with. The songs was greeted with an ear deafening roar both at the beginning and the end. That’s better! You kind of got the feeling the crowd had been waiting for that one like a coiled spring – they exploded into a frenzy when it started up. Well done, Brighton crowds can be brilliant!  It is a great song and you guys were magnificent!

The crowd seemed to have taken Jake to their hearts tonight, and you got the sense that the feeling was reciprocated. Jake Shears looked as if he was having a great day in the office!

The encore followed with Mississippi Delta (I’m Your Man) and an earlier release, but also on the album Creep City. And that was it. Show over, and it was a hell of a good show. He is a brilliant performer to watch. He dances and bounces across the stage, drops into the crowd whilst delivering a great vocal and conversation. We had a lot of the newer material, but this was shaken up with some fabulous songs from his earlier music from the Scissor Sisters. No complaints here!



Huge thanks to LOUT PROMOTIONS for putting together a top night and for allowing photos. Lout are on the web. Go check them out for their latest and impressive events and tickets schedules. They work hard to bring great music and artists to Brighton, keeping music live.


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