Jordan Mooney: Memorial Charity Concert

Jordan Mooney: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Jordan Mooney: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Jordan Mooney: Memorial Charity Concert Sunday 29 May 2022

Today was going to be a special one. 9 hours of live music from many performers that Jordan knew and loved. A day charged with raw emotion as we all gathered to remember Jordan Mooney.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I loved this lady. I first met her about 7 years ago.We were chatting at one gig and we were joined by Chris Spedding and Paul Cook, she introduced me knowing I was a huge fan of Chris Spedding and the Pistols. We just clicked sharing a love of a double entendre, a gin and a bloody good gig! The photo above reminds me of how I used to see her, watching music and supporting live music. I will miss her wave, hug and a swap of a kiss on the cheek when going to a concert or a venue. My condolences to Nick, her partner, and of course her friends and family.

Jordan Mooney: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Jordan Mooney: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

I could fill the page with words, but am hoping to just give you a photo record of this rather special day. Shortly after Jordan passed away, I was chatting with Seth from Brighton based Black Rabbit Productions. We started talking about how sad we were and he hadn’t realised I had known Jordan for so long. We chatted about this lady and the idea surfaced about a gig for Jordan. We talked about it at some length and I then phoned Nick a couple of days later, her partner, with the idea that Seth and I had been talking about. The rest, as they say, is history as Nick and Seth took hold, and what happened some weeks later was a sad but joyous event for Jordan.

Jordan Mooney: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Jordan Mooney: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex – Defying Gravity book launch

Jordan had been involved in the Danny Boyle mini series Pistol and we talked about it, how the era and the personalities had been captured. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams was set to play the part of Jordan. It is so sad to think Jordan didn’t get a chance to actually see the finished series. We both shared time with the Ramones and we always meant to sit down with a drink and a bite to eat to chat about our times with that band, sadly that never happened.

It was with a heavy heart that I arrived at Concorde 2. The emotions would rise and fall throughout the day, not just for me but everyone who knew this quite unique and special person. Jordan was always full of joy and love for live music and others around her. She touched all whom she met and her kindness and personality will be hugely missed. This was Jordans day. If you were there I hope these pictures provide a record of the day. A long queue had started to build winding around Concorde 2 well before the doors opened. This page will start with the first band to appear and work down to the last in order to replicate the running order of the day.

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As you entered Concorde 2, there was a video screen showing pictures and memories from her life. One lady I spoke to had taken hours replicating Jordan’s make up, she had worked with Jordan for many years. Music was blasting through the PA, feeding our ears with music that Jordan loved.

Master of Ceremonies: John Robb. I have bumped into John at a few gigs, singer for The Membranes. He is also well known for his work writing for, and editor of, Louder Than War. I have seen photos where he was  interviewing Jordan at her book launch “concerts” for her autobiographical release Defying Gravity.

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Fruity Water:

First band of the day saw Fruity Water take to the stage. I have known these guys for a while and have seem them play before. The band is a two piece outfit made up with Adam on guitar and vocals and Smalan creating the electronic sounds and beats via his keyboard. We were treated to a four song set. Perfectly place Fruity Water were a perfect start to the day. Well played.

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A local outfit. I had met up with them before their set and James, bass and vocals, was absolutely buzzing and excited to be at Concorde 2. Aaron is on guitars and on the drum kit is Joe. The band tear into the first song and pull in a large audience. They fired up an energy soaked 7 songs. It was truly a blistering set and an adrenaline fuelled performance. Just go see them live, then try to tell me Monakis isn’t the real deal…

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Johnny Moped with Captain Sensible.

Heralding back to the origins of Punk was Johnny Moped. Formed in Croydon in May 1974, the band were a proto-punk band. Initially calling themselves Johnny Moped and the 5 Arrogant Superstars. I know, hard to believe, I had not seen these guys before. On vocals is “Johnny”, on guitars was a guest in the form of Captain Sensible, who has been in the band in the past, Slimey Toad on guitars, Jacko Pistorious supplying the bass lines. They gave us a great set, full of lively own songs and covers. They were great fun to watch as they dropped an entertaining nine song set.

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The Pink Diamond Revue with Neal X

The Pink Diamond Revue are a 3 Piece Electro/ Dance/ Psych band fronted by Acid Dol, a model from another dimension. On guitars Tim Lane and on the riser is Rob Courtman Stock. I have seen these guys a few times and they have really grown on me and have become a “must see” since filming them for a lockdown session, Jordan was there, at Concorde 2.The guys put down 6 tracks for us. A mesmerising performance proving that they have a massive crossover appeal. Also, a shout to Helene de Joie for her wonderful almost burlesque sessions, keeping Acid Dol company!

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A certain Neal X was invited to the stage! Neal X!! With The Pink Diamond Revue! Now there is a mix’n’match made in heaven. The song? Of course – only one… Love Missile F1-11

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Bootleg Blondie

I have met up with these guys before when we hit the tag line Debbie Does Worthing! We had a brief chat last time we met surrounding the set list. They have the sound and the look. Jordan met up with them and put make up on their mascot doll, which tours with the band. Clem Burke, Blondies drummer has played with them and tonight another original member Gary Valentine was set to appear. These guys are really good, and having recently seen Blondie, I was reminded just how authentic they were. They gave us a set of 7 great songs closing with a cover of the TRex classic Get It On.

Bootleg Blondie: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Bootleg Blondie: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

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Gary Valentine joined the guys on stage for the last few numbers explaining he couldn’t remember the last time he played these songs live, on bass, but it was with Blondie.

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I had seen AK/DK previously, two guys and a plethora of drums and keyboards when they were support for The Lovely Eggs. They put out a seriously good electro / punky sound. we have Ed, sporting his usual base ball cap on drums and electric gadgets galore and Gee on drums and synths. I advise you not to miss them! These two delivered a set of 30 minutes made up of 5 songs. It was loud and adrenaline fuelled. So many keyboards and components glowing in the dark, and boy when the two drum kits kicked off you could feel it! A sonic tour-de-force.

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A local outfit I had not seen before took to the stage. The five guys making up Ditz took to the Concorde 2 stage. They looked really comfortable to be up there. Ditz arrived on the crowded punk scene in 2016 and have been making a damn fine racket ever since. They slapped us down with an awesome blast made up of a 9 song set. Its all very original. Their powerful and, at times, almost erratic live sound and performance puts Ditz above many other bands on the UK live punk scene. What Ditz gives you is a relatively young band playing fast, and, at times almost aggressive punk. Ditz certainly kick out the jams and leave the rest to the audience. They certainly did not disappoint today. Bloody marvellous and unique. Cal drops into the photo pit and then lobbed himself into the crowd. We all held our breath as he made the jump back onto the stage! At one point he just sat down with a beer on the drum riser and watched his bandmates unleash. Watch this space for these guys.

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Sure enough the starship USS Enterprise was parked up outside Concorde 2. Spizzenergi and his band of musicians were in town! Jordan and Spizz were close pals and Spizz later said it took him a couple of songs to fully snap into it. We had lift off as the dilithium crystals powered up the guys. Spizz was joined by Luca Comencini (guitar), Ben Lawson (bass), Phil Ross (guitar), and recently joined Alan Galaxy (drums). I have known Spizz and the guys for quite a while and have seen them play across the UK. Tonight, they were different some how. They are always something special live, but tonight they managed to raise the bar even higher. A breathtaking performance and one that will have people talking about it for many years to come. A quite magnificent set made up of original material and covers, including Where’s Captain Kirk.

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They really are a tight unit and deliver a top notch live performance. What I love about these guys is that, led by Spizz, they draw you in and before you know it you are taking part in a Spizz show.

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The Monochrome Set

Another new outfit for me. I missed these guys from back in the day. The Monochrome Set are an English post-punk/new wave band, originally formed in London in January 1978. After a reforming from 1990 to 1998 and a reunion in 2008, they started touring again in 2010 after Bid, Square and Warren reformed the band. This band have strong links to Adam Ant, which also reminds us of the time Jordan spent with the Ants. Vocalist Bid was in charge, on bass was Andy Warren. Joining in tonight was Mike Urban on the drum kit and featured keyboards by Athen Ayren.They put down a strong start to their set, which was greeted warmly by the crowd. Their set was made up of some 12 floor filling songs all masterfully delivered. Bid performs a stripped down song that he had lined up especially for today’s event, Goodbye Jordan. That wave of emotion I mentioned earlier washed over us all. These guys are seriously cool, and they know it.

Jamie Perrett

A solo artist and producer based in London, Jamie Perrett has rock ’n’ roll coursing through heart, mind, body and soul. Initially earning his stripes as a guitarist in the original line-up of Peter Doherty’s Babyshambles; Jamie is also notably the son of The Only Ones icon Peter Perrett with whom he played a pivotal role in masterminding his creative rejuvenation of recent years. I have seen Jamie play a couple of times now and he is a pure rock and roll star. Tonight he has hooked up with Elliot on guitar, Russ on bass and Chris at the back on drums.He has great songs and boy can he play that guitar. He plays it effortlessly and all the while can pull out some great rock moves. He has released some fine music and I always enjoy seeing him play. He has fused together a selection of genres he likes and mixed it into one. Jamie and his band put down 6 cracking tunes for us. I was rooted to the spot and half expecting Peter Perrett to come out and join in with his son. Go see him on tour if you can.

Sadly, a band lined up for today Gaye Bikers on Acid had to pull out as the dreaded Covid had hit a couple of band members. Speedy recovery guys! It was great to see so many musicians there from UKSUBS, Chelsea, The Damned, Hazard and others.

Finale: Peter Perrett.

I have a deep seated fondness for Peter Perrett. He is so damn slick, his voice smooths over you as he pulls you in with his sumptuous guitar playing. I know Jordan admired this man and his music and she, like me, was always at the front if Peter was in town. This was a truly fitting closing set for Jordans day. There was a really great atmosphere in Concorde 2, and you just know that this is going to be a great set even before it’s started!

Peter Perrett: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Peter Perrett: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Peter was joined on stage by his two sons, one playing bass and one on lead guitar. Both Jamie and Peter Jnr were equally and clearly delighted to be able to share space with their Dad on stage. A real family affair. A beautiful thing and it’s a pleasure to see these guys playing together. There was a steady stream of drummers taking part during the set. Another Girl, Another Planet had the Concorde 2 crowd bouncing and singing as if we were back in 1978. He works hard and slowly building the set but all the while drawing-in the audience and their attention as it does so. He paid a beautiful tribute to Jordan. I can confirm with Peter she wasn’t scary at all.

Peter and his band put down some 8 songs for us and the final song of the day was  a cover of Velvet Undergrounds What Goes On. Perfect Mr Perrett.

So, there we go, some 9 hours of live music for Jordan. The proceeds of the day will go to her nominated charities The Music Venue Trust and Cats Protection.

The photo on the right was during a music event. She was lethal with the drum sticks and I said “You will have someone’s eye out with those”, she turned to me and said “What, with these?” – she was wearing her, as she called it, Tits T Shirt. That was it – we sniggered and then roared with laughter. I am going to miss you lady. God bless you x

But you know what as Peter Perrett closed his set and the proceedings, I closed my eyes and remembered seeing Jordan at the barrier dancing away at Perretts last Concorde 2 visit, and shooting me that glorious smile. The tears are running down my face as I recall that memory.

Well done to Nick, and my heartfelt condolences go out to you. I loved the times we had together, sitting outside a venue with a drink, I would sometimes walk behind you both chatting to a friend as you and Jordan, hand in hand, headed off to the next venue, telling me to keep up. Well done to Seth and Black Rabbit Productions for pulling it all together at Concorde 2. Well done to the Concorde 2 crew and bar staff – you were all amazing. Thanks to the huge crowd for sharing the love and respect for this lady. It was a tough day at times. A day I will never forget along with the 600+ people who just came together from around the country.

Huge thanks to the brilliant bands who were all magnificent, and everyone who made this such a unique day for such a wonderfully warm and irreplaceable character. I have never met anyone quite like her.

In loving memory of Jordan Mooney 23/06/1955 – 03/04/2022.

Words and Pictures: Ian Bourn


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