THE KINKS: UNDERKOVER supporting Grassroots

Brighton Undercover

Brighton Undercover

33 Brighton musicians playing 29 Kinks songs! Proceeds to Grassroots Suicide Prevention charity. SUNDAY 18 June at The Hope and Ruin.


The Brighton Under Cover team presented the music of The Kinks performed by a plethora of some of Brighton’s finest musicians collaborating, interpreting and generally paying homage to the great Ray Davies and The Kinks.

The Doors opened at 7pm and admission was £4 on the door, all the profits were given to Brighton charity, Grassroots Suicide Prevention.


Brighton Under Cover

Previous Brighton Under Cover nights have been dedicated to the songs of Gram Parsons, The Velvet Underground, Townes Van Zandt, members of the ’27 Club’ and Bob Dylan. Every night is a celebration of the artists chosen, creating a great atmosphere in the venue and a camaraderie between the audience and all the musicians involved.

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The gig and artists

This concert featured artists and members from bands such as The Standard Lamps, Matt Upchuck & The Facelifts, Rex Speedway and Thee Fortune Tellers, Idle Talk, Lost Dog, Nathan Bayliss, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, Mark Benton, Enos, Too Many Crooks, The Modern Ovens, Grand Palace, Super U, Black Biro, Sea Dog, British Sea Power, The Righteous Mind (Jim Jones), Dark Horses and of course those Brighton Under Cover regulars Kowboy Bill.

The Set

Great songs including some of the best from Ray Davies and the Kinks. “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” went down really well as the temperature outside was a balmy 30 degrees, and probably warmer in the Hope and Ruin. A blistering rendition of “You Really Got me” from MIke Wilton, Standard Lamps, and his band mate guests really got the crowd jumping! Well played. We also got a fabulous rendition of “20th Century Man”. There were a few Non-Kinks tunes played, but no-one seemed to mind. Not sure how they did it but I don’t think I heard the same song played twice which must have been a logistical nightmare to sort out! A great night of music – a huge well done to ALL the bands and artists for giving up their time for a great cause, and for their performances, and those pesky rapid change overs. Also a shout to the sound desk guy who did a great job.

A Video!

Under Cover Brighton – Kinks Underkover night

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Thursday, 22 June 2017

It was very busy so only managed to grab a couple of song clips. Sit back and enjoy local musicians take on The Kinks!

Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Supporting communities to prevent suicide, one life at a time.

“Based in the Brighton, we have trained over 6,000 people in suicide prevention skills and mental health awareness. We have seats on several strategic committees in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex and have contributed to both local and national suicide prevention and self-harm strategies. We are proudly working towards making Brighton & Hove the UK’s first Suicide-Safer City. You can help us by taking our Tell Me suicide prevention pledge

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