Lets meet Bakers Eddy. TGE 2018

Bakers Eddy: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex /Media Works

Bakers Eddy: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Bakers Eddy

Who? Never heard of them? Not surprising if you live in the UK. If you live in New Zealand or Australia then its a different story. I had been invited to visit the Impressive PR show in Brighton as part of The Great Escape event for 2018.

Band Members
CJ Babbington – Guitar/ vocals

Ian Spagnolo – Bass/ Vocals

Jamie Gordon – Drums/ Vocals

Alex Spagnolo – Guitar/ Vocals

This band subscribes to a happy-go-lucky mentality and we think if you do what you love for a job you’ll never need to work a day in your life. This band provided us a route that put us outside the norm and let us do something that we actually give a shit about.

They list as their influences as:  Dune Rats, Green Day, Oasis, The Beatles, Waax, The Hives, Cab Calloway or anything Rag Time. and You know, music. I read that skating culture has been a big influence on their style and has given them an edge and attitude. Keep it going Bakers Eddy! Jack Shit, Sad & Happy, and Something Outside are great songs and would power lift any set.

I love what I do and then when you find a new band that you like, then things don’t get much better!

These guys, despite their young age, are serious and produce some of the most exciting live rock n roll I have heard live in a good while from a new band. The material is punky, fast and loud. Great lyrics and great tunes given to us at 100mph. First song in I, and the audience were hooked. No one moved and nobody left. Those dangerous barb laden riffs had us well and truly hooked.

Bakers Eddy: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Bakers Eddy: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

This was a one off UK gig. They haven’t been here to play before. The guys were packing up whilst we were chatting as they were heading back to Germany and some European dates. I seriously hope they come back to the UK. I will definitely be there, and no doubt along with some of their new fans they gained during their set.

A Video! Sad & Happy. Keep an ear out for the EP! Have a check through their YouTube videos.

Keep an eye out for them – and go see them play – wherever you live. Rock and Roll turned up to 11!

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