The Return: The Fallen Leaves in Brighton

The Fallen Leaves: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Fallen Leaves: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Fallen Leaves were back! Playing to a sold out Prince Albert in Brighton. The Fallen Leaves: They are loaded with punchy, hook laden and lovable songs and Rob G’s unashamed theatrical performance. A night out you will not forget!

Their tag is PUNK ROCK FOR GENTLEMEN“Sharp, angular, melodic garage-pop”. Tonight: No shouting, no swearing, no deafening thrashing guitars. This really is ‘Punk Rock For Gentlemen’. And I hasten to add no covers! The Fallen Leaves are an absolute joy to watch and listen. Punks very own suave sophisticates with the appropriate accompaniments, slick dress – cravats optional, smoking jackets, E-cig, shooting stick, maracas and a flask of your finest PG! (Scroll down for a video).

The Band:

Reverend Rob Green Vocals with an English accent
Sir Robert Symmons Sniper guitar
Matthew Karas Bohemian bass
Brett Buddy Ascott Dangerous drums

The band have a sound that is all their own. It is unique. The characters who make the music are all unique, but put them together and the magic just happens. They seem to want to take you back to when music was simple and to the point. Rob (S), as always is bang on the money. Guitar-sounds which cut through the air like a knife full of flair, melodies, punk riffs, scrapes and staccato. The bass and blues harmonica glide effortlessly from Matthew. And the man at the front Rob (G) croons, swaggers and engages you from the minute you set eyes on him. He has a fabulous range delivering softer songs and then he can power through others.

Rob Green is usually complete with a double set of maracas, flask of tea, shades, a rather cool old fashioned walking stick, which he uses to rest his arms on and then gunning us down, the audience! He stands before his vintage microphone, he will blow smoke rings all the while taking us through a catalogue of Fallen Leaves material. He sings and moves his way through the perfect pop punk tone of one of my favourite tracks, Prodigal Son, I Made A Mistake, the fabulous Lavender Girl’.

Robert Symmons Sniper guitar

Robert Symmons Sniper guitar

The Fallen Leaves treated us to an hour and 15 of their own blend of catchy guitar-driven garage punk that included songs from all four of their albums. We get Green Eyes and of course the real crowd pleasers Motorcycle Girl and singles Out In A Forest and Trouble.  The audience grows each time I see these guys and its great to see a growing range of ages and sexes following the Fallen Leaves.

“What does the Fallen Leaves Manifesto say? No jeans. No t-shirts. No cover-versions”. They stick to their manifesto rigidly. The Fallen Leaves believe in the DIY Punk ethos. Song, Sound and Performance are all. A great sound mix at The Prince Albert tonight was part of this on point performance. They are the self proclaimed champions of the glorious underachievers The Fallen Leaves ask you to remember …… “Simple and easy are not the same thing.”

The Fallen Leaves have got to have been one of the best-kept secrets in UK Rock’n’Roll. They now have a regular following, wherever they play which just seems to grow and grow. The band are centered around the tall and always immaculate Rob Green – he does all the main vocals, hits his tambourine and shakes those maracas! Rob Symmons (guitar) from the original Classic 1977 line-up of Subway Sect is always a delight to talk to. He explained his usual trademark red jacket may have been put away, it was a heavy thick item of clothing and restricted his movement and at times his playing. Great to see and say Hi to fabulous drummer Brett Buddy Ascott (originally of ‘79/’80 mod band The Chords). We had spent many hours sorting some photos out – so it was good to see him “live” again tonight – he is a terrific musician and always injects a slice of mischievous fun to the set.

Matthew always looks so damn cool. He is a real slick bass player, he makes those complex patterns and fills look effortless, he was also doing some backing vocals and dishing out a terrific slice of harmonica. Brilliant!


It was great to see these guys again. The guys are always fun to watch whilst they play. They are loaded with punchy, hook laden and lovable songs and Rob G’s unashamed theatrical performance will give you a night out you will not forget. I suggest you see them before the secret gets out!

The Fallen Leaves: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Everything stops for a cuppa!

Well played Gentlemen! And so looking forward to the new album…. And a dress code tip from Rob G – “if you wear a waistcoat – never do up the bottom button!”.


2 classics in the mix!

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