Snide, snarling it up in Brighton

SNIDE: pic bt IAN BOURN Scene Sussex / Media Works

SNIDE: pic by IAN BOURN Scene Sussex / Media Works


Yep, they were back. Lips curled, snarls rehearsed, insults ready and more! SNIDE made a welcome return to Brighton after their smash guest slot with UKSUBS last year. New drummer in the fold (good luck Alan with Department S) – just made it to catch a tune up session and a quick chat with the guys. They are thrilled with how things seem to be shaping up. Already tucked some good gigs away this year and 2018 seems to be opening up and embracing SNIDE. A few CD releases under their belt including a 4 track belter of a CD ” Dont Want You Back”

The Band

Lou – Vocals
Rob – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Nobby – Bass and Backing Vocals
Sam – Drums

Female fronted punk rock straight out of Maidstone. Chugging beats, singalongs with illicit choruses…..

The Set

They were loud, oh yes!, fast and on point, probably best! Some great songs in the set . They totally nailed it with top tunes some hilarious inter-band banter. The audience enjoyed the punk rock n roll as song after song nailed us to the walls and floor with Robs searing guitar, Nobby on bass, Sam slamming out the percussion and then the lovely Lou center stage. She did her best to look a bit like her song “Miserable Bitch” but every so often that smile would break out.

Some of the songs included, some in the video clip – Miserable Bitch, Recluse, I don’t Want You, Bring it On, Get A Job and more. The band got together for the shouting “F*** OFF” during the penultimate track of the night from the song with the same name subtitled I Dont Care. A great punk song brought to life by the fired up crowd and the band.Their 30 minute slot flew past. I and the audience wanted more!

A Video

Turn it up. Be aware there is some ****ing language, awww c’mon – its SNIDE after all!

SNIDE – Brighton 2018

Top punk outfit SNIDE – playing live in Brighton at The Albert. Be Aware some ****'ing bad language in this! Great set – two songs – no fx – just as it was – perfect set!

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Great set guys – rocking The Albert!

Safe to say these guys are great fun and enjoyed every second. Hope its not long before I see and meet up with them again. So pleased to see how well these guys are doing with what they love to do and do so well.

Go get some of the infectious SNIDE experience if you can!

SNIDE are on Facebook

An IVY LANE event.

Ivy Lane is a new promoter in Brighton. They cover all kinds of events , live music specialist , bands , PR, pop up bars , pop up restaurants and artist liaison.

Ivy Lane are on Facebook


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