Energise! SpizzEnergi beams into Brighton!

SpizzEnergi: Photo by Ian Bourn - Scene Sussex / Media Works

SpizzEnergi: Photo by Ian Bourn – Scene Sussex / Media Works

This gig was announced ages ago and seemed like forever to arrive. But when the Enterprise screeched to a halt above the Albert, and Spizz and the crew beamed  onto the stage, I knew it was going to be something special and worth waiting for!

SpizzEnergi beams down to Brighton!

Spizzenergi formed in the late 1970s, an English punk/new wave band led by vocalist / guitarist Spizz.  The band underwent many changes and rvrn changed the name every year, some of the changes included Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzoil and The Spizzles and more!

They are notable as the first band to top the newly created UK Indie Chart early in 1980 with their single “Where’s Captain Kirk?” More than two decades after its release, it was included in Mojo magazine’s list of the best punk rock singles of all time. A well deserved entry!

Spizz was joined by Luca Comencini (guitar), Ben Lawson (bass), Phil Ross (guitar), in addition to existing member Jeff Walker (drums), and Spizzenergi performed numerous shows across the UK and Europe. 2015 also saw headline shows in London, Munich and Augsburg, as well as five UK cities with Theatre of Hate and back to back gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow with The Rezillos. Spizz has released many singles but “Where’s Captain Kirk?” always seems to be the crowd pleaser!

The Band


Spizz – Vocals,
Luca Commencini – guitars and vocals,
Ben Lawson – Bass and vocals,
Phil Ross –  Guitars and vocals,
Jeff Walker – drums.

The Band: Slides

The Set

Before seeing Spizz live for the first time a couple of years ago I’d only ever heard the classic star trek single (Wheres Captain Kirk) before and so back then I didn’t really know what to expect but, now after a couple of Spizz gigs across the UK I kinda knew what was coming. Spizz came on to the stage at The Prince Albert set glowing like a stick of radioactive rock and looking the sci-fi business covered in LED lights, reflecting Spizz trousers, his boots, a pair of light up visor/goggles and a splendid Spizz T. He looked the part tonight.

The rest of the band looked like a mix up of characters from many genres and movies: New York Dolls, Glam, Punk and a dash of  Mad Max and more besides. They all do this so well. This shaken up cocktail of characters gives you something special to watch and listen. They really are a tight unit and deliver a top notch live performance.  What I love about these guys is that along with Spizz, they draw you in and before you know it you are taking part in a Spizz show. I never tire of these guys, and I have seen them a few times and would go and see them again in a heartbeat! They are all delightful musicians to mix with, share a beer and swap stories. Perfect!

Spizz and Luca

Spizz and Luca

The blistering opening chords, drums and bass for 6000 Crazy opened up the set. Spizz took to the stage, looking resplendent in his stage gear and his electronics! What a start! The band tore through an initial run, non-stop, of four songs, 6000 Crazy, Mega City 3Amnesia and No Room. This was a full on assault on the audience, and it was fabulous. Spizz pulled in the audience from the back of the venue and the bar and the crowd packed itself in close to experience the experience!

European Hero, one of my favourite tracks was up and followed with Red and Black and the top track Soldier Soldier. Some new covers included in the set since I last spent time with these guys and they included Bowie’s Valentines Day and Kraftwork track – The Model – both treated with respect and given a Spizz make over. Fantastic additions to the set.

The Characters:

At one point Spizz unfurled the American flag. Ross shouldering his guitar as if he was on parade. Luca played the opening bars of the American anthem, Ben powered up the bass, Jeff laying down some serious drumming patterns and Luca and Phil then supplying the full Spizz guitar sound. Spizz proceeded to drape the flag over his  head, bite it and throw it on the stage floor and stamp all over it. The crowd loving the theatrics.

The Master Of Ceremonies:

The set continued at a pace. Song after song delivered at a breakneck speed! Clocks Are Big lead into Wheres Captain Kirk. A huge cheer ended that song. A real crowd pleaser. Was that it? Spizz announced – not quite – the opening of Virginia Plain, the Roxy Music classic. Luca and Ross replacing the keyboard opening with their guitars – “we are flying down to Rio”. Ben supplying the bass power to the track working closely with the fabulous Jeff on the kit. Spizz, clearly not happy with the level of nose generated by the crowd shouting Virginia Plain, stopped the band. A huge smile across his face, Spizz ordered everyone to shout “Virginia Plain” at the end. We did as we were told. Twice more – “1,2,3,4” – “Virginia Plain” we screamed. Spocks Missing followed. Then another cover I Fought The Law closed proceedings on a real high.

A Video!

A short mixer from a great set from SpizzEnergi.

A great night, and my one wish is that it is not so long until we meet up again. And I missed out on catching one of the lights – again, maybe next time! Thank you to SpizzEnergi. Rock and Roll needs you guys and what you do.

Spizz’s Mega Merchandise Stall
A great selection of sized T’s, CD’s, Vinyl, badges and stickers on sale. The desk was manned by Spizz and members of the band. They were happy to sign stuff. Good prices and good quality items.

Spizz Energi on facebook
Spizz Energi website


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