SPP Presents Standard Lamps with Leika and Meta Cassette

SPP-Presents: Meta-Cassette, Leika and The Standard Lamps.

The venue was The Prince Albert in Brighton and the night arranged by SPP Presents. The venue was jammed with excited folk looking forward to three top bands playing live in one night. It was packed in there and the humidity levels reached sky high as the heat generated soared along with the excitement. The Standard Lamps were the last band of the night, but before then we had the mighty Meta-Cassette and the awesome Leika.

Check out the video from the night at the bottom of the page!


Meta-Cassette (formerly Jipsy Magic) are an alternative funk rock band from Brighton. With a reputation for producing catchy hooks and an engaging live show, the band pride themselves on creating charismatic music laden with addictive qualities.

Band Members
Chris Mace – Vocals/Guitar
Nick Jackson – Guitar/Vocals
Andy Jackson – Synth/Vocals
Paul Bradley – Bass/Vocals
Charlie Gibbs – Drums/Vocals

These guys have an increasing fan base in Brighton and Sussex. They gave us a great set tonight in front of a full house. Chris thanked everyone for coming to see them play and getting in so early. The crowd and the heat seemed to drive the band. I have seen the guys play a few times now – but tonight they kicked it up a notch. Damn fine songs, fine playing and some banter between themselves, the crowd and me! Don’t worry fellas – I forgive ya! Exciting times for the band with some gig dates and an EP out. Well played – your fans loved it and pretty sure you got some new ones. A great performance and cant wait to see them again.

Meta-Cassette are on Facebook


I had heard of these guys, a London based outfit. I had got a copy of the album, which I love BTW! Full of great tunes. This was the first time Leika had ventured down south, and they didn’t disappoint!

“‘A London-based band, Leika are stalwarts of the capital’s live scene, gigging incessantly since they formed in 2006. Their music recalls the catchiest moments of The Jam and The Libertines…'” – Tom Robinson

Band Members:
Romano Giorgi – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Jonathan Mann – lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Brian O’Connell – drums, electronic percussion
Keith Perry – saxophone, backing vocals, occasional guitar
Thomas Evans – bass guitar, backing vocals


These five guys put out a great sound. Some super bass and drums supporting keyboards, two guitars and the sublime sound of a couple of Sax’s. The band sound and look cool – but the level of depth and colour from some divine sax playing from Keith lifted every song he was involved with. A very fresh, unique sound is created by a band who seem to be having a great time. Some of the intro hooks and riffs on those guitars from Romano and Jon could peel the paint off a wall. I can only think of a sound akin to The Undertones meeting some 80’s electro pop. A brilliant mix. The band fired at us with some great tracks, they came to an end with the sublime “Kevin” and the foot stomper “Run Away”. Combining intelligent songwriting with tunes you can actually sing along with as indicated with those last two songs. I like a Leika! A band full of musical surprises and a very real challenge to the best of indie rock.

Well played Leika, you created a heck of a buzz, gave us some great music and gained some new admirers. A thoroughly enjoyable set and a free CD! Gotta see you again, and soon!

Leika are on Facebook

The Standard Lamps

Standard Lamps

Standard Lamps

The Standard Lamps, Founded in December 2009, are a three piece band from East Sussex/Kent. Their music can be described as a mixture of melodic tunes with a raw blues edge. Their amps and equipment were still warm after a tour supporting The Who when they arrived at the venue!

The Standard Lamps are:
Mike Wilton: Guitar, Vocals
James Livett: Bass
Matt Bennie: Drums

Playing countless gigs in the South East, The Standard Lamps have been pleasing audiences since Early 2010. With their first EP ‘Portland’ (2010), debut album ‘Sell Everything You Own’ (2012) and a trilogy of singles released in 2013

From the first chord and riff pattern from Mike you knew something really rather good was coming our way. The Standard Lamps believe having fun with what you’re doing. The Standard Lamps believe in giving you a good time. They hit top scores on all of those points. From playing to thousands across the UK, here they were live in front of about 100 people. I am pretty sure we got the same stellar performance as those who had seen them previously, but we were closer and had a full set! They have an exciting and varied catalogue of own songs and material, no set list tonight as they made it up as they went along picking out those cracking songs and tunes they like to play and the audience love to hear.

(pic from) The Standard Lamps with Roger Daltrey

(pic from) The Standard Lamps with Roger Daltrey

Mike gave us a great display of his guitar playing skills and techniques whilst delivering all the vocal work. Watching him play was something special. On drums, Matt, head down powering out those patterns and fills on his kit whilst supporting the two other members and of course including James on his bass. An impressive duo topped with a great front man. Mike kept going as a gremlin hit one of the mic stands, and the sound guy risking his eyesight trying to fix it with the sticks swirling closely around him!

We had an hour of material and conversation from the Standard Lamps all of this coupled to one of the tightest of live sets I have seen in a while. The Standard Lamps believe that it was about time music went back to basics, by which they meant, back to the sound of the rock and blues bands that influenced them such as The Who, Dr Feelgood and The Jam. The songs and performance indeed take you back to those exciting times. We were treated to a mix of old and newer material, and the band engaged with the audience and satisfied fans old and new. They are a great bunch of guys, with enormous talent who are very much grounded and are just great to talk to.

Thank you Standard Lamps for a great hour of music. I and the packed out venue had a blast! Thanks Mike for the meet and letting me do some pictures of The Standard Lamps.

The Standard Lamps are on Facebook

A video!

Watch a montage of the three bands that played. Well played all!

SPP Presents – Meta-Cassette, Leika and The Standard Lamps. Captured live and merged into a mixer video of their sets. Three tremendous bands, gave three exciting performances. Meta-Cassette. Leika. The Standard Lamps.Filmed and mixed up – Media Works and Scene Sussex.

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