The DeRellas spotted back in town!


The DeRellas

The DeRellas have been real busy again, touring across the UK and Scotland,. They were just back from a tour across Spain and Timmy advised they all had the flu!

As always, The DeRellas gave us a helluva show. The DeRellas, always deliver and tonight was no exception, they cut to the bone of punk rock n roll and add some glam, foot stomping, and top it all off with a fine line of guy liner. They put up a generous slice of 70’s glam tinged sleazy rock and roll. Its just great! I always enjoy watching this band strut their stuff and go through their paces. The line up has settled, no changes since the last time I saw them but Billy has now settled into this band bringing his own style and charisma. Altogether its a perfect match up.

Joey DeRella - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Joey DeRella – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex


The DeRellas: The Band.

Band Members
Joey DeRella: vocals/ rhythm guitar.
Timmy DeRella: bass/ backing vocals.
Luca DeRella: lead guitar/ backing vocals.
Billy Chaos: Drums

The DeRellas: The Set.

Sadly, due to technical issues earlier in the evening, everything was running late and the knock on effect of that was a shorter set. But, never mind, what we got was an adrenaline fuelled 30 minutes of what these guys do!

Timmy DeRella - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Timmy DeRella – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Got Something to Say was the set opener. The set would contain a mix of older material, such as the opening track, but also some bang up to date offerings. We were then whisked away to Strung Out Sin City – perfect. Bass man Timmy was on fire tonight twisting, high kicking and jumping all over the stage. Joe, center stage looking tres cool in his black polk shirt and later in the set a huge pair of sunglasses. Boy, can he play that guitar! A couple more personal favourites of mine were up next, She’s A Pistol and the mighty tune, Kids Wanna Slam. The DeRellas were nailing it tonight and also having to deal with a small sound issue, the came at us with this mighty fine set!

Luca DeRella - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Luca DeRella – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The new tunes and the older, almost reworked material, was kick ass tonight and Luca gliding across the stage delivering some solid breaks on his trusty Gibson, some truly fabulous playing Luca. Some newer material hammered at us with Soho Hotel and Freak Show. Then Billy, at the back, powered up at the back in a Ramones – Rock and Roll Radio style for Don’t Go. What a racket – it was brilliant and the crowd bustled forward.  Inner City and Rip It Up were up next. Then the latest single release High Rise Supersize, which sounds magnificent on CD/Vinyl – but live it is on another level.

Billy Chaos - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Billy Chaos – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Looking for you….. babe, was up as the set was coming to a premature close. Joey on guitar just let his vocals rip open for this and for the final track of the night – a touch of Slam Bam Stick It To The Man closed proceedings. Thank you DeRellas you NEVER disappoint your audience. I have to admit I love these guys and their social media post can be brilliant especially if they are on tour! I have lost count of the times I have seen this fine band, but once you see them, you just gotta have more! There’s no messing about, no airs and graces The DeRellas are out playing the music they clearly love and enjoy,  and they share so that those of us in the audience can share in that love of what they do.

The DeRellas: A Video.

Sadly the cut short set meant a few songs had to be dropped. I noted a cover of Fox On The Run (The Sweet) , Plastic Surgery (Adam and The Ants) were to be included. Next time! Go Go DeRellas!

Enjoy The DeRellas!

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The promotion team were Brighton based Punker Bunker – Thanks guys – a great night!

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