While She Sleeps wakes up Brighton!

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps – support acts

Brighton based LOUT Promotions had laid on an audio equivalent to being shut in a room with a stick of dynamite going off! This was going to be loud, noisy, hot ‘n’sweaty. No one mentioned downright dangerous! Three bands set to play, first act to open were Fizzy Blood. Fizzy Blood, a band from Leeds, rocked through their set at break neck speed firing as many of their songs in their allocated time. Great set from this band. Next up were In Hearts Wake. A powerful outfit from Australia, where they are pretty big as I understand. Again a fast set from them and they got it through quarantine ok, their own inflatable crowd surfing crocodile. Well played.

While She Sleeps

It has been a while since I was last in front of these guys. I last met them about a year ago at The Haunt, and that was one hell of a night. That was a gig you experienced and hopefully survived it without injury! A new album launched, a quadrupling of the audience size, bigger stage and sound – While She Sleeps is turning into a well deserved metal juggernaut!

The Band

The band took to the stage, and assumed their position. Lawrence came on to a huge cheer, and I do mean HUUUGE! The lights dimmed, and a musical intro from the new album was played to us, then the guitars started up, a single piercing white light lit the band up from behind making them look like paper silhouettes on a white background. “Brighton!” screamed Loz – and we were off.

Band Members
Lawrence Taylor – Vocals
Sean Long – Guitar
Mat Welsh- Guitar / Vocals
Aaran Mckenzie – Bass
Adam Savage – Drums

The Pit

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps

We, down in the press pit had been warned by the security guys at Concorde 2 that we may have to move. I had shown the C2 guys my review from the Haunt and raised their level of expectation – both of the band and their fans. Extra guys came to the front making the pit a wee bit crowded. We were told for our own safety that we may have to move if fans start crowd surfing towards the stage. I have to say for the record that these guys at the front worked really hard, were professional throughout and as bodies started to sail over our heads they helped those fans back out, they helped – they did not throw out anyone. They also assisted one person who had passed out. Top marks to those guys.

The Set

Not sure what to expect, but I was hoping for some new material from the cracking new album “You Are We”, and some of the classic crowd pleasing older material. The intro died away and the guitars screamed at us announcing the first song of the set “You Are We”. First chord and the place erupted! That didn’t take long! One chord! The crowd were hungry and they so wanted this. The mosh pits opened up, at one point the entire floor at Concorde 2 seemed to a circling mosh pit! It was massive and I really didn’t fancy being in that lot!

The next tracks that were perfectly delivered were “Civil” and “Seven”. I look up and there was Loz stepping over me “come on Brighton – lets see you!” Whatever this extraordinary front man wants he gets from the crowd. As the drops come at us fast and furious, the strobe lighting and smoke the crowd react accordingly and driving themselves into a wild steamy frenzy! There’s no doubt that While She Sleeps or WSS is a group of musicians who wish they were in the hot moshing crowd watching their own set! Loz, after bridging the gap, made his way out into the crowd. He loves his audience and fans, and they love him back. No one attempted to pull him over or grab him. There is a two way level of respect between the performers and audience. Safely back on the stage Loz saw me – “get the camera on me, get the camera on me” he screamed above the sound blasting at us from the stage. I nodded and here is one of the shots I got – Thanks Loz! Hope you liked it.

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps

The sound these guys create is second to none, and the Concorde 2 sound guys did a great job bringing the sound to life. Every instrument could be heard and every word from Loz was there. “Brainwashed” was up next, oh wow! The levels of sound increased, and so too the crowd! Guitars from Sean and Mat were so loud, the bass from Aaran was suitably loud and that guitar was thumped and slapped hard. Sitting at the back, and at times difficult to see him was Adam on the drums. Not sure how many sticks he got through as he powered his part of the WSS sound at us. These guys were giving us everything.

The next songs to come at us at 100 mph and a couple of hundred decibels included “Wide Awake”, “Feel” ( the latest single – check out the video!), “Six” and “Silence”.

A Video!

Check it out! This was shot from the back of the venue, from the crowd. Turn it up and buckle yourself in – includes loud music (naturally!), strobe lighting and hundreds of fans enjoying the night.

Scene Sussex – Media Works: A Lout Promotions event – While She Sleeps @ Concorde 2 25/07/17.Contains loud music (of course) and flashing strobe lighting.

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Saturday, 29 April 2017

The set was finished, well not quite. The band slipped off for a few minutes no doubt to rest and replenish those fluids lost in the heat of the gig. And they were back at us. Two enormous songs “Four Walls” and “Hurricane” and that was it! A good hour set from a band on top of their game. They rocked it hard and fast and so did the crowd.

Go see these guys, While She Sleeps will tear you apart and put you together again. You may have a few bruises if moshing is your thing and your ears will be ringing for a short while. All of the bands played really well and considering both support bands were new to a Brighton audience they were well received. Chatting to Fizzy Blood, they hoped to get down here again soon.

And finally…

As the crowd cleared and moved away, you could see the floor was littered with shoes, broken cameras, smashed phones and glasses! The barrier looked as if it had taken a hit. Yep, While She Sleeps had just played!

Well done to Concorde 2 for doing such a great job looking after everyone, great sounds and visuals. Also huge thanks to WSS and the brilliant LOUT Promotions for letting me, and congrats for putting on such an awesome night of live music.

While She Sleeps are on the web – check them out here
While She Sleeps are on Facebook

LOUT promotions are on Facebook

Concorde 2 is on the web

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