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CYANIDE SUNDAE: Album preview!

A unique hard rock band from the south coast of England, Cyanide Sundae have been making waves in the local independent rock scene since 2016. 2017 saw the release of their acclaimed debut E.P ‘Nothing To Lose’, which features four thunderous fast paced songs demonstrating their full on approach to a sonic rock songwriting. In January 2019 the debut album ‘Blinded Generation’ was released on Sliptrick Records, which includes the single ‘Let Me Out Of Here’, Metal Meyhem Radio’s track of the week. They were a headliner band at Mammothfest 2018, Brighton’s biggest metal/rock event.

Band Members
Paul Fielder – Vocals & Guitar
André Andrews – Bass
Kev Terry – Drums & Live Backing Vocals

Make no mistake about these guys, they are terrific. I saw them back in January 2018 in a smaller venue and they smoked it! They have been putting in gigs and building their support base with powerful live performances. I was given the EP back in January 2018 and was promised an album, well its now dropped! Its a belting first album. From the start this album grabs you by the throat and fills your ears with Cyanide Sundae. This is one exciting mutha of a silver disc.



Cyanide Sundae have always produced eye catching and at time thought provoking imagery. The album continues to deliver that high quality. The album’s cover includes a fractured eye with the reflection of today’s news in a multi media wall of monitors. This artwork delivers the album title ‘Blinded Generation.’

Cyanide Sundae – Blinded Generation:
Can’t Run Can’t Hide | What Can I Do | Cycle By Design | Let Me Out Of Here | Dead End Desire | Born Ready | Under This Disguise | Bleed | The Rebound | Better Now |  The Hatch (Bonus Track) | Rage (Bonus Live Track).  Twelve slices of some of the finest rock you could want to hear. Who ever said rock was dead was wrong, dead wrong.

These guys are so capable of delivering razor tight guitar playing with all the relentless riffs, blistering solos and the drum and bass fills you could ever need. There are some serious tunes and melodies here. They are ready to hook the listener and there are many barbed hooks present, with, as I say some truly fitting drums and powerful bass lines. There are superb, at times almost menacing vocals leading you through the twelve awesome, in your face tracks. This album will have you screaming along to the tracks, with Paul leading you there.

Right out of the starting block “Can’t Run Can’t Hide” sets the l bar high. This is an instantly mesmerizing track to open the album. I can assure you the aural assault just doesn’t stop for the next 40 minutes. There are no filler tracks here. The pace does not let up throughout the entire record.Cyanide offer up the track from their remarkable EP “What Can I Do”. This has real meat on the bones, and will satisfy the hardened rock fan who thinks they have heard it all before. This is a crowd pleasing stadium anthem as the guitars howl.

Kev Terry – Drums & Live Backing Vocals

The album has been perfectly mixed and engineered, this feels and sounds like an album that should have come from one of the big bands on the big metal labels. Two tracks in and its class shines in every respect. It really is that good. And you can hear every word. Track four, opening with a distorted bass and drum as yet another guitar hook flails you, “Let Me Out Of Here”.  This has an Alice Cooper 2000 feel and sound. A stunning track to annoy the neighbours with!


If you see the guys play, André when playing bass, has more foot switches, pedals, and pre-amps set up than many lead guitarists. His sound is wonderful live and captured brilliantly on this album. I haven’t been this excited about a new rock/metal album for a good while. This is indeed a monster of a record.

The album powers along, and the pace is kept mostly high to breakneck, this album is intended to strain the muscles in your neck as you listen! Cyanide Sundae – RSI, you have been warned.  The bass throbs, and with a guitar scrape the drums kick in for “Dead End Desire”. A face melter right there!  “Born Ready” powers up with another Cyanide riff and again immediately snaring the listener.

Fuzzed up guitars, a huge mirror shattering scream leads you into “Bleed”. This is a monster, the vocals switch to a growl for the chorus, and features James Dawson of Bleed Again. I can imagine many metal bands wishing they had this song. The rhythm and the drops make this a true arena stormer. What a gloriously catchy song this is. This really does showcase the power of these guys. “The Rebound” is up next, it features those guitars and bass fills, the power of the drums welds the sound together for this head banger. The band have also more effects during the songs, which in part fulfills the band’s mission to make great sounding hard rock but they have moved away from some of the genre musical cliches.

Nothing to Lose, by Cyanide Sundae

Nothing to Lose, by Cyanide Sundae. A 4 track EP.

I was going to say no quiet songs on the album, but hold on! The album finishes with “Better Now”. Don’t let the word “quiet” fool you, this is a grinding anthem. This has a sound unique to these guys but it has a certain familiarity to it. A classic ending to a great album. I truly am busting a metal gut to see these guys do this live – grab your lighter!

The album has two bonus tracks and includes a live version of Rage. I have see the guys do this one live and loved it, and so to enjoy it at my leisure is a thrill. I defy anyone who didn’t know this was recorded live to spot it as such. It includes a hidden nod to the Sabbath in there! Stunning.

It’s a metal rockin’ disc delivered with power, style and class. If you like your rock music then this album should be in your purchase list. A solid album. Cyanide Sundae are slick operators, just go see them if they play near you. These guys deserve the bigger stage, and with the top quality of their live performances and this superb first album,  I am pretty sure its only a matter of time.

Whats your poison? Open up and say aghhhh and take a dose of Cyanide Sundae.

Grab this top rocker of an album from Sliptrick Records and from gigs!Get your hands on copy of the new album ‘Blinded Generation’ here – https://cyanidesundae.bandcamp.com/album/blinded-generation. It comes on a Limited edition compact disk. It comes with a jewel case with a reversible (choose your own) cover.

Cyanide Sundae are on Facebook

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