Blaze of Glory: Bon Giovi return to Brighton 2

Bon Giovi - pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Bon Giovi – pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

I was lucky enough to catch these guys last time they played in Brighton. I remember the night well, so, I was looking forward to seeing what the guys had brought with them to entertain the crowd tonight as Black Rabbit Productions bring back Bon Giovi to Concorde 2: 28/12/2018.


Bon Giovi are the World’s Premier look-alike and sound alike Tribute to the New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi. Formed in August of 1999, with over 16 years UK and International touring experience as a band and nearly 5 times that combined from individual members. I can confirm that these guys and their show is without doubt one of the top tribute acts out there. I think the near sold out crowd would also agree!

Bon Giovi are fronted by top UK Jon Bon Jovi impersonator Gary Williams. The band have not only toured lengthily around the UK, for clients such as Harley Davidson, Vodafone, Butlins, Chicago Rock Cafes, Yates, Walkabouts, The British Motorcycle Federation and Jack Daniels, but have also performed internationally in and around the Middle East, Slovenia, Austria, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Ireland. Bon Giovi were also the only UK tribute act to be asked to make a guest appearance on the New Jersey tribute album “Garden State Of Mind Vol. 1”, A celebration of Bon Jovi musical career to date.

Bon Giovi - pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Bon Giovi – pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

I have seen the real Bon Jovi, a few years ago now, when they played in Manchester, I think it was the These Days tour back in ’96. The venue, Concorde 2 in Brighton, was loaded up and pretty near to full capacity. Christmas had been and gone, NYE fast approaching and there was a real party atmosphere even before the show started!

The Band – in slides…

(latest line up as per Facebook page)
Gary Williams- Jon Bon Jovi
Dean Harris – Richie Sambora
Wayne Harris – David Bryan
James Wright – Tico Torres
Lee Francis – Hugh McDonald

I was lucky enough to catch these guys last time they played in Brighton. I remember the night well, so, I was looking forward to seeing what the guys had brought with them to entertain the crowd tonight.


The faithful, if slightly overworked smoke machine started to do what it does as the band took to the stage to a huge cheer, this went up a notch as Gary/Jon stepped out of the mist “Good Evening Brighton!” and we were off. Opening the set this time around was Raise Your Hands, quickly into You Give Love A Bad Name. And, just as I remembered, these guys are good, real good, at what they do. Two songs in and Bon Giovi had the Brighton crowd in the palm of their hands. We were promised 2 hours of Bon Jovi material and we couldn’t wait to hear what was going to come next!

Brighton had brought along their voices tonight and they were not going to hold back. The opening salvo from Bon Giovi allowed the crowd to sing their hearts out. Fabulous! Wild In The Streets, Born To Be My Baby,  led us into an extended version of Keep The Faith as Gary produced the maracas. This was a brilliantly executed rendition. Some fine shredding from Dean/Richie as he stepped out into the front area of the stage. The sound mix was spot on – vocals, drums, bass and some fine keys from Wayne/David. The new bass player, an addition since I last saw them, was excellent and, working in close unison with the drums, produced a faithful reproduction of the sound and Gary/Jon was totally on point with his uncanny sound-alike vocals.

A slower moment as Always was played, giving the crowd a chance to get their breath back – didn’t stop the singing along though! In These Arms and Lay Your Hands On Me were up and some fine vocals again with some terrific harmonies. Bon Giovi were delivering an absolute storm of a set. “Any cowboys in here tonight?” asked Gary. “Any cowgirls in here tonight?” – the crowd roared, the band broke up with laughter and Gary quickly back peddled laughing “that’s NOT what I meant!”  We were led into Wanted, Dead Or Alive. This was delivered with a rockier edge sound and feel to it and it sounded marvelous!



Its My Life was in the set, a favourite of mine, and it was glorious to hear this covered so well with Dean/Richie producing a spot on sound with the voice box. I’ll Sleep When I am Dead was next, these guys were relentless – no fillers, just pure crowd pleasing renditions of well known anthems. The songs were fired at us, from the hip of Bon Giovi, in quick succession. The smoke was thick and sadly our view of a damn fine drummer, James/Tico was pretty much obscured. He put down some fine percussion work tonight.


Dean/Richie producing a spot on sound with the voice box

Gary opened up with a solo vocal for the song that everyone was waiting for. Dean hit the guitars with the voice box, Wayne laying down the keys, bass and drums kicked in “Yeah!”. A brilliant “whaaa whaaaaa” blasted out. It was the show closing number – Living On A Prayer. A blinding rendition with an incorporated section for each band member, giving each a chance to showcase their individual talent. Put it all together and what you get is the sublime Bon Giovi. Hands raised, voices raised and much dancing for the closing number. That was it! Show over, but what a show.

Terrific fellas, and great to meet up after the set. Keep doing what you do and can we do it all again soon? A thoroughly recommended night out. Great music covered by these guys and if you close your eyes….. well try it yourself next time they play near you.


A huge thanks and much respect to Bon Giovi– a real pleasure to hear you and to meet you!

Bon Giovi are on the web

Bon Giovi are on Facebook

Black Rabbit Productions hosted the evening. They work hard promoting live music on the south coast. They are a promotion company with years of experience putting on music shows. Tonight was superb. They have some great gigs lined up. You can find Black Rabbit Productions on the WWW 


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2 thoughts on “Blaze of Glory: Bon Giovi return to Brighton

  • Liam Keogh

    I was there and I loved every minute of it, these guys also performed a song from the “these days” album, “Hey God”, which is probably my all time favourite bon Jovi song, I was blown away by their take on the song.
    Looking forward to seeing them again next year.