Darrell Bath Band & Kult 45s rip it up!

Darrell Bath: Photo - Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex /Media Works

Darrell Bath: Photo – Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Darrell Bath

Punk-rock-blues guitarist and songwriter, Darrell Bath –  Crybabys, (ex-UK Subs/Vibrators /Ian Hunter/Nikki Sudden/Dogs D’Amour – and maybe more!). It is always a pleasure to sit back and listen to Darrell play. He is an artist. He makes that guitar break your heart, make you weep or stamp your feet! Multi talented, multi faceted and just a down right nice guy. I had not seen Darrell play with his Band before. The last non solo appearance I saw with Darrell was with The Boys Honest John Plain – catch up here.

The Band

Darrell Bath – guitars and vocals
Robbie Rushton – drums
Chris McDougall – bass

Make no mistake – these guys are good – real good. Some fine bass playing from Chris and with Robbie pulling in the percussion work from the back creating a rich and full sound. Just fabulous fellas! This really was a special night – the Prince Albert wasn’t overly crowded so everyone got close, settled back, grabbed a beer and enjoyed the set from Darrell and his band.

The Set

A stunning array of songs which included one of my Favourites – Greedy Green Eyes. Love that song! Other inclusions were Never Trust A Blonde (Ian Hunter), and Dirty Rocky Road, In The Music, Getting By, Rock and Roll Time and more, not forgetting Cowboy!

Darrells voice was absolutely on point, as was his fabulous guitar work, with that smooth, raspy blues feel. He is so slick on that guitar, he makes the complex breaks and riffs look effortless. As I said before he is an artist. His lyrics and delivery paint such vivid pictures to go with the songs. Perfect delivery of his songs and each song interspersed with some chat with the crowd. All in all a fabulous set from The Darrell Bath Band. If Darrell and his band are playing – I will be there! Always a great set, a great mix of material and well because its Darrell.

A video!

Darrell Bath Band

Darrell Bath Band: Live

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Saturday, 2 June 2018

Darrell Bath is on Facebook

The KULT 45s

KULT 45: Photo by Ian Bourn

KULT 45: Photo by Ian Bourn

First time in Brighton for this outfit, The Kult 45s. I have seen the name on event flyers for gigs in and around London.

The Band

Dale – bass guitar, vocals, banter and shades

Nigel – vocals, banter and White Falcon Gretsch

Dan – the man at the back on drums

Absolutely terrific guys and lovely to talk to. Nigel unwrapped his Gretsch and the sound techs and other guitarists in the Prince Albert all started drooling, “This”, Nigel said, “Is my baby!” and a beautiful guitar it was. Dale told us he was a huge Eddy Cochran fan and this perfectly suited some of the fine performance given by these guys.

The Kult 45s gave us a terrific 30 minute set of blues, punk and rock’n’roll. These guys have a fistful of songs and they are not afraid to play them loud! They included You Don’t Know Me No More , with a touch of The Undertones style of riff, the old school rock and roller If You See My Mamma, and the rocking Man of Mystery. The songs bump along and pull you in. The guys work damn well together, great drum patterns with the solid bass and that Gretsch howling at us with plenty of pick scrapes and riffs. Loved it. Nigel is a regular to Brighton for various gigs and said he hoped to get the band back to Brighton soon.

A Video!

KULT 45s

A video clip from Brighton gig of Kult 45s set.

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Kult 45s are most definitely worth your time. I will be back to see these guys – so Nigel don’t leave it tooooo long please!

The Kult 45s are on Facebook


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