Dirt Royal: Glory Days 7″ vinyl & video review.

Dirt Royal: Picture by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Dirt Royal: Picture by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex: Release of Glory Days on Record Store Day.

Dirt Royal: Glory Days – Is released on limited edition vinyl on a Double A side format – remember those? Main A side being “Glory Days” and the other A side is their last release that was only available on CD “Waiting For The radio”. This is a class presentation all round with a very watchable video. Good job guys!


Dirt Royal: Dirt Royal are a three piece Rock and Roll band from Brighton. Performing together since 2013, finding them selves in 2014 releasing their debut Album ‘This is Now’ with Time For Action Records. Embarking on several Tours around the U.K and Germany, receiving great results. A Dirt Royal show is always great fun, backed with some of the wickedest hooks and vocals you can imagine. They have had one album released and a few CD singles and a previous vinyl release for Dr Weekend.  

Dirt Royal are:
Charlie Russell: lead vocals/bass,
Leon Fenton: lead vocals/guitar,
Loz Hood: drums and vocals.

A live show, wherever you see them play, will leave you wanting more. Finely crafted songs and mixed with on stage banter and humour will leave you with your ears buzzing and a smile on your face. They are still waiting for the radioand the fact they are still waiting shows the sad state of affairs within the music industry for any bands trying to make it. These guys are good – real good and a favourite of the Scene Sussex team.

Dirt Royal – Glory Days

The Song: Glory Days.

The song is great and the video released matches the sentiments and feelings behind the song. The mix for this release is spot on – guitars are crisp, the bass thumps and those glorious drum fills back the whole sound off. The vocals from Charlie and Leon are on point and Loz throwing his voice into the stunning mix. And yes, you can hear every word! This, as other releases from the guys deserves to be a “hit”. Its released on limited edition vinyl on a Double A side format – remember those? Main A side being “Glory Days” and the other A side is their last release that was only available on CD “Waiting For The Radio“. One listen is all it takes and that earworm takes over the rest of your day!  A quick mention about the sleeve. It is finely crafted – even down to the matching coloured labels! Time and thought has gone into the artwork for this release. The cover showing the boys doing what they do so well – playing live! This slice of vinyl deserves to be heard and in your collection.

The Video: Glory Days.

A video starring the Dirt Royal guys and a local actor Kit Longstaff

Glory Days seems to have been shot in and around the local area and across several venues. The video looks to have been built using almost old home movie quality live footage switching to some fabulous indoor and outdoor video. We spotted Concorde 2, North Street, Vinyl Revolution and the fabulous Pelirocco Hotel. The video switches scenes quickly and highlights the band in full colour in front of a large crowd, busking in Brighton in the cold, and playing those smaller intimate venues. The song documents the trials, hard times and sheer determination faced by bands trying to get their music out there and the mixed footage of various quality blends with that sentiment, and, with a tongue firmly in cheek – “No one told you about the Glory Days”. This is a great single all tied up with a great design and media campaign. I even spotted a poster in a well known Burger venue in Hove! The video is different from some of the previous hi production value releases, and it works with the song sentiment. This release shows Dirt Royal going from strength to strength. Just grab a copy! You can pre-order/order the single from HERE.

We see the story of the band setting up and playing but we also see a young guy, actor Kit Longstaff, getting up and out into the sunshine – looking determined and full of hope as he heads off to get a paper – looking for a job maybe? Desolation and loneliness seem to set in with the well played character finally folding up the newspaper and tucking it under a windscreen wiper of a car. He walks off, hands in his pocket and head down as a lone seagull calls – seagulls feature in all Dirt Royal videos apparently!  The video has layers if you want that, if not then just turn it up and just enjoy another class Dirt Royal release. The song and video captures perfectly the bands social commentary and the music business, as many of their songs do, and its deliciously wrapped in a coating of Dirt Royal satire. Great job!

The new single Glory Days will be out on 7″ vinyl on 15th June on Just Lust Records. Its an exciting teaser for a forthcoming album “Great Expectations”. I have said it before these hard working guys deserve “it”. They work hard, create new material and play a great live set.

The guys have a single launch party coming up at Brightons Rialto Theatre – poster below! A storming line up and a brand new Brighton band – for just a fiver!

Dirt Royal: Glory Days

Dirt Royal: Glory Days

Glory Days: Event Page

Dirt Royal on Facebook

IVY LANE on Facebook


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