EXCLUSIVE! Cyanide Sundae: Do Or Die

Cyanide Sundae: Do Or Die

These guys are Scene Sussex favourites and we have been fortunate to catch these guys live a couple of times since meeting them back in early 2018. We do not do many music release items here, but their first album was a blast and we looked at it here. The guys are back after being in the studio with a new EP ‘The Club’ being released Feb 28th 2020. Before that baby drops, the guys are releasing a new track – Do or Die out on November 16.

About: Cyanide Sundae

Formed in the autumn of 2016 the band have drawn from an array of influences to add distinction to the contemporary hard rock songs they create. Any one of their songs from their extensive catalogue will testify to this. The group have quickly built a reputation for being an energetic and dynamic hard rock/metal hybrid with powerful melodies that appeal to fans of Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, Drowning Pool, and Tool (just to name a few).


These guys do not mess about. Do Or Die is hitting you as soon as the tracks starts – this is going to give your neural network a work out of the highest order. This is going to punch your acoustic nerve systems to life. Paul batters his guitar into the fray with a strong riff. André hitting his bass  – love his bass. The opening salvo is suddenly backed up as the trio fire it up with Kev on the drum kit. And Pauls vocals shine as they cut through the buzz saw guitars. Some fine vocal work and backing vocals are scattered through this. The album was a rock masterclass, with this release they have stepped it up. Cyanide Sundae release only quality material. This is a really fine slice of rock. The band are growing in stature, sound, production values and kick ass tunes. This is backed up when you see them live.

This isn’t just metal.

To be clear, this isn’t just metal. Its so much more. Cyanide Sundae appear not to be bound by rules. They are not in the slightest apathetic to any preconceived idea of what might be considered “music”. They play with it all, creating a rich audio tapestry. They offer up brilliant slices of intensity and brilliance. So many of their songs could be considered to be stadium anthems, full of drops and killer choruses that some bands could only dream of putting together. I got a feeling that these guys are just warming us up for what is still to come.

The Video: Do Or Die

Turn it up and get ready to rock as this melter racks it up:

You see what I mean? Fabulous stuff.

World leaders are rounded up and taken to an undisclosed location. A mix of Fight Club and Two Tribes unravels before your eyes. This is way more hard hitting than TwoTribes and as various glamorous hostesses look after the variety of guests the world leaders are also looked after! Kev – drums, explained they wanted a mini film that portrays what most people in this country would like to see. I can say this video will hit you between the eyes. Fists fly and blood flows and as characters take to the battle arena… This is a high value, high quality (as always) release from Cyanide Sundae.

So what we have is a damn fine metal rockin’ track delivered with power, style and class. If you like your rock music then this new single release and subsequent EP release should be in your purchase list. A solid listen. Cyanide Sundae are dangerously slick operators, just go see them if they play near you.

Paul (Vocals & Guitar) – The song, lyrically, is inspired by a quote from Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that I stumbled across one day. “The battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” Such a powerful statement. I then thought about all of the warmongering, self-serving, evil, corrupt higher powers of this world and the rest of the song wrote itself!

On the up

Cyanide Sundae produce a huge live sound for a three piece band with their unique set up. Their original and different sound sets them apart from others in the Rock & Hard Rock genre which has landed them some prestigious supports including California’s Leatherwolf, and ex-Reef guitarist Kenwyn House’s new band Goldray, plus many others. The band have headlined at Mammothfest in Brighton, headlined Meyfest and played the famous Ace Cafe in London for their annual Diamond Day bike show, amongst many other shows and events throughout the South of the UK.
The band have aired on 80 plus radio shows in the UK including having track of the week on Metal Meyhem Radio, US & Australia, plus many other countries. Here in the UK they have been played three times on both Kerrang Radio and BBC Introducing. In June 2019 the band performed live on BBC Sussex & Kent.

These guys are definitely on the up. Go see them whilst you can as a bigger stage is waiting for Cyanide Sundae. In the mean time grab Do Or Die. It is really rather good.

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