The Fallen Leaves swept into Brighton!



The Fallen Leaves

The Fallen Leaves were back! Playing to a packed out Prince Albert in Brighton.

Their tag is PUNK ROCK FOR GENTLEMEN“If you can imagine a cross between The Who and The Ramones you might get somewhere close….”
“Sharp, angular, melodic garage-pop”.

Pre gig I had noticed some very well dressed folk! Smoking jackets, cravats, top pocket ‘kerchiefs and more being sported in the venue. Great to see the audience getting into it.

“What does the Manifesto say? No jeans. No t-shirts. No cover-versions”. The Fallen Leaves believe in the DIY Punk ethos. Song, Sound and Performance are all. They are the self proclaimed champions of the glorious underachievers The Fallen Leaves ask you to remember …… “Simple and easy are not the same thing.”

The Band:

Reverend Rob Green Vocals with an English accent
Sir Robert Symmons Sniper guitar
Matthew Karas Bohemian bass
Brett Buddy Ascott Dangerous drums

This is a band made up of err, how shall we say this, gentlemen. The seem to want to take you back to when pop music was simple and to the point. Guitar-sounds which cut through the air like a knife through the old fog of London town. The guys looked like extras from Ripper Street or from an old Sherlock Holmes story. Finely groomed with immaculate hair which one could imagine being shaped by Sweeney Todd himself! What was going on here? The punk rock time machine had really lost track and pulled four characters from history, giving them guitars, an old style crooning mic and drums. Excellent!

I had bumped into Rob G – pre show – “very tight as we have only just got here! – car trouble!”. Rob S he told me they had set off from London around 3.30 – and had finally got into Brighton around 8.30. They had not even had a chance to do a sound check. Rob S told me they have all been really busy and are set to record a live LP in March 2018. A few more words and the band headed off to the stage. Rob G with his bag full of tricks and props. Rob S – removing his red jacket unpacked his guitar. Brett setting up his kit very quickly. Matt – looking cool in his paisley patterned suit unpacked and slung his bass around his neck.

The Set

The Fallen leaves followed on from guest and support slots from The Sideliners and SuperMinx70. The guys, once in place gave us about an hour of their catchy guitar-driven garage punk.

Rob Green, with his bag of props, had arrived complete with a set of maracas, his flask of tea and cup, a dark pair of shades, a rather cool shooting stick (used for sitting on!) and struck a few poses with that. He uses an old vintage style microphone which means his nose is pressed hard into the grill for most of his performance. He “lights up” an e-cig and blows smoke into the crowd and air, all the while delivering content from all four of their albums. The Fallen Leaves led us through a set of highs and lows and songs included “Prodigal Son”, “I Made A Mistake”, “Lavender Girl”, “Shining”, “Silvie Says” and “Green Eyes”.

Rob G - pours himself a cuppa whilst the band played on!

Rob G – pours himself a cuppa whilst the band played on!

He doesn’t stop , Rob Symmons (originally of Subway Sect) delivers a note-perfect guitar, full of style with solos and riffs all the while looking out into the packed venue and cracking the odd smile. Bassist Matthew Karas stands looking pretty cool in his paisley smoking jacket working hard to drop in the bass lines and working with some pretty damned fine drumming from Brett (originally of ‘79/’80 mod band The Chords). He manages to hold it all together even as equipment went flying!

It was great to see these guys again. And I reckon if they had not been able to drive to Brighton, they would have picked up their kit and walked it! Here at Scene Sussex towers we love the Fallen Leaves.  We’ve written about them before – here! The guys are always fun to watch. They are loaded with punchy, hook laden and lovable songs and Rob G’s unashamed theatrical performance, I think I may have made a comparison to Alice Cooper before,  all comes together to make it a night to enjoy for loads of reasons. Good, old fashioned, garage punk all wrapped in a silk cravat and finest tweed!

I have to agree there was absolutely no swearing, no ear melting thrashing guitars just a slick on point performance. Nicely done guys and so glad you got to Brighton, defeating that car break down, and you were welcomed into a packed out Prince Albert.


Two bands opened up the night, both bands I think from London. The first band was SuperMinx70 and then before the main slot we had The Sideliners. Two different rocking outfits – but both setting the tone for the evening perfectly.


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