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Dirty Sound Magnet - Photos - IANB Media Works Scene Sussex

Dirty Sound Magnet

Dirty Sound Magnet, Dirt Royal, The G59ers and Steve and The Sea.

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Brightons own Rock n Roll Hotel, The Pelirocco hosted another super evening of live music. A nasty cold Monday night in Brighton and I was tucked away in a warm welcoming Hotel with quite a few folk who had come to enjoy an evening of live music. The night had been put together by Cherry Valentine Promotions. Well done to them for putting together some terrific distant sounds and local talent. The night was split into 4 sessions – so will start with Dirty Sound Magnet who were headliners for the night.

Dirty Sound Magnet

This was the first night of a tour taking Dirty Sound Magnet around the UK, with more dates being added all the time, and then they head back to Europe. Dirty Sound Magnet come from Switzerland.

The Band

Details from Facebook page:
Maxime Cosandey – Drums
Stavros Dzodzos – Guitar
Marco Mottolini – Bass

The Set

These guys are interesting to watch as they lay down some Psychedelic Rock. Stavros was armed with about 4 guitars and got through them all. At one point the shirt came off and the frontman kinda resembled an early Iggy as he cavorted about the Pelirocco performing area. On drums, and with his work cut out was Maxime – this guy worked hard delivering the percussion and electronics for the band, and I think he smiled through out the entire show.  And the mighty fine bassist Marco working at all times to give a full bass line to all of the songs and providing some solid rapport with the drums.

Dirty Sound Magnet - Photos - IANB Media Works Scene Sussex

Dirty Sound Magnet – Stavros

Boy, can Stavros play those guitars! Constant changes through the set providing different sounds and textures to the songs. From all out rock and roll to calmer selections to a slide guitar! He is a great front man to watch. These guys are well worth a watch, go check em out as these guys will blow you away with their own unique textured compositions. From damn catchy rock-energising rock songs to psychedelia. The Dirty Sound Magnet gave The Pelirocco a show, they put on an amazing experience. At any time the performance could change and catch you off guard with an ear shattering blast of raw power, electrifying energy crackling in the air to a more subdued and subtle track . Mix The Darkness, some Focus, some Doors and a sprinkle of Iggy and you are almost there! The guys have a couple of albums out – Western Lies and The Bloop and we were treated to material from those releases – old and new!

The eye sees three musicians while the ear hears an orchestra. And every night the music is different…

The guys said they hoped to be back in Brighton again. Well played guys a great sound, terrific songs and a top display of musicianship.

Dirt Royal

Always a favourite at The Pelirocco, Brightons own Dirt Royal were up!

The Band

Charlie Russell: lead vocals/bass,
Leon Fenton: lead vocals/guitar,
Loz Hood: drums and vocals.

The Set

A quick chat before the gig and Charlie was really fired up for this show. New music created, a second album done and almost dusted, just some final tweaks before release. A new single about to drop “Glory Days”. They have more gigs in the pipeline.

A terrific set from these guys ensued. All three working hard to deliver great music, great banter and a polished performance. These guys, Dirt Royal have such a catalogue of great tunes I could see Charlie and the guys trying to put together a set list for the 30 minute slot.  They gave us It was You, Glory Days, As Good As It Gets, Waiting For The Radio and Factory Fodder. Leon providing the guitar work, at one point lost his amp connection and dropped into his Chuck Berry pose – Brilliant! Charlie managed to squeeze in a couple of Bruce Foxton leaps, whilst Loz kept everybody in time!

Dirt Royal hit us with “Lose our way”, to bring things to a close. Leon jumping around the area, Charlie hammering the life out of his bass all the while the man at the back, Loz, powered at us peering through cymbals and high hats. A short set, a great set and no doubt some new fans gained!

Great set Dirt Royal!

The G59ers

Brighton band The G59ers set themselves up. They have been playing Brighton and the surrounding area for a little while, since around 2015. Somehow Scene Sussex had not seen these guys before – and so glad now to have been able to see them. They guys hope to get some material out later in the year.

The Band

From Facebook page:
Ben ‘Eazy’ Rider – Guitar & Vocals
Simon ‘Turbo’ Taylor – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Jenna ‘Jazzy Fingers’ Holder – Keys (not at this gig)
Raul ‘The Ace of Base’ Astorga – Base Guitar
Jose Luis ‘El Grande’ Galo – Drums


First off, just wanted to say what a great bunch the G59ers are. They were really warm and welcoming and appreciated everyone who had come along to see them play.  “We are the G59ers, and we’re going to connect you to the grid.” – G59? I hear you ask – well some digging revealed a G59 is a component which connects renewable electricity to the grid…  You learn something everyday!

These guys had won the “When Bands Collide” battle at the Haunt last year. They had performed a couple of covers and their own song. Tonight we got original material. Ben is a very charismatic lead. He engaged with all of us and invited everyone to get a bit closer. The set was almost split two halves. The first half rocky and melodic, damn these guys can write a tune! Simon delivered ‘Passionate’. And then Ben and Raul swapped instruments as Raul grabbed the mic for his number a heady mix of rock’n’rap ‘Marathon Man’. We were given a keep fit class for this number, with a headband and everything! This was the segue in the set as these guys then turned it up a notch. Solid bass and drumming fills provided the solid backing to guitars and vocals from both Ben and Simon. The slower tracks were great, some tough lyrics with a solid tune behind it. The rockier numbers were great and set a terrific tone for the rest of the night. Black Lion Street was a perfect song for the venue, haunting guitars and vocals, some great lead riffs and drums taking you into a rockier part. Really enjoyed that one guys! Lonely London – minus the sax and backing vox that you can hear on the Soundcloud version – was a haunting ballad – an atmospheric blend of guitars and vocals – “those bright lights don’t keep her warm”.

This was a great set, and a fabulous intro for Scene Sussex to this band. They seemed to be having as much fun as were! I hope to see these guys again soon and get more familiar with their strong song writing and style. A most enjoyable 30 minute slot.


Steve and The Sea.

Steve and The Sea. - pic by Ian Bourn/Media Works- Scene Sussex

Steve and The Sea

First performance of the night was from Steve and the sea. As I entered The Pelirocco I was expecting to see a full band from the sound drifting outside. No. One man and his guitar.

Steve and the Sea is one-man operation. The sound he created was a result of combining guitar loops, pedals all hooked up with electronic beats which included a warm synth background. His vocal style is unique as he offers up haunting vocals rich with sound and subtleties as he moves through his set. “Steve sets out to create soundscapes that take the listener on a voyage across an ocean of memories, missed conversations and existential theories.” . A delightful, but short, opening set was enjoyed by those who had gathered in this corner of Brighton. Nicely done Steve, never easy to open up and to do it on your own can’t have been easy. You nailed a stunning performance.

A Video

Mixer! Dirty Sound Magnet, Dirt Royal and G59ers

Dirty Sound Magnet, Dirt Royal and G59ers – live at The Peli – Jan 2018

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Saturday, 3 February 2018

A video mixer from the night.

And Finally

All of the acts and performers are definitely worth checking out if they play near you. Massive thanks for letting me do some photos and thanks for a great night of live music to all the artists and Cherry Valentine Promotions

Go check em all out!

Dirty Sound Magnet

Dirt Royal

The G59ers

Steve and The Sea

Cherry Valentine Promotions


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