Georgie brings her music to Brighton

Georgie: Pic by Ian Bourn / Scene Sussex /Media Works

Georgie: Pic by Ian Bourn


Supporting Jake Bugg in Brighton at the Brighton Dome was singer/songwriter Georgie. I have to say Georgie was a perfect fit for this gig and the overall  description of a night of acoustic music.  I had not heard any of Georgies music before tonight and I had waited for ages to see and hear Georgie, and let me tell you it was well worth waiting for! The smoke machine had been on overdrive and Georgie walked out from the mist onto the stage with her guitar. So much admiration for a musician to walk out onto a stage, on their own, with just a guitar.

The audience gathered round to listen to Georgie as she started up her set. The audience watched and listened to her new tracks from the recently released EP ‘Too Much TV’ and ‘Hard Times’.

She then announced about halfway through the set she would be covering a song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, it was Be My Baby originally by The Ronettes. The crowd had been waiting and in the main everyone joined in with the chorus. A fabulous choice of song and delivered in Georgies own husky style, and it set everyone one up for the final part of the set.

I have to say that Georgie’s songs are definitely catchy and all of them seemed pretty much based on her own personal life experiences. She gave us one song telling us it was written about an ex-boyfriend whom she could always drink under the table! All the while, and between songs,  she would take a sip from a glass of what looked to be whisky.

The songs delivered in a short 30 minute set do at times have a bit of a country feel, and at times there is a slight hint of a rockier edge. Her songs are emotional and inviting because the lyrics and the actual delivery are incredibly engaging. She has a unique sound, a rich, mature feel to those vocals, all the while playing some seriously good acoustic guitar.

Georgie has been supporting Jake Bugg for a while now. As I say  her vocals are incredible and she is a great live performer, and the two artists gave us a masterclass on acoustic performances. Georgie has a terrific vocal range, from quiet spots to louder moments all beautifully controlled. ‘Hard Times’ launches with a stunning guitar opener and then her voice takes over. Stunning. This lady is seriously cool, with a hint of attitude. Brilliant.

A Video:

Georgie – Live

Georgie – Live Brighton Dome

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Two songs in a mixer from Georgie.

The set closed with the first song Georgie had ever written “This aint Heaven”. The audience gave her well deserved applause, and no doubt Georgie will have gained a few more fans.

Georgie is a special performer and I would highly recommend seeing her on tour, either on her own or as a guest support if you get the chance. You will not be left disappointed. And yes, Georgie is so special she gets a whole page on Scene Sussex!




Georgie kindly sent across a link to her SoundCloud page. Listen to her music here:

Georgie is on the WWW here
Georgie is on FaceBook here







Thanks as always to the lovely staff at The Brighton Dome for looking after me. Always a pleasure to go there.

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