The Godfathers: A new single drops. It rocks.

The Godfathers

The Godfathers

It’s a thunderous beginning of releases from The Godfathers.

The Godfathers

Legendary British rock & roll group The Godfathers will release a brand new double A side single – ‘I’m Not Your Slave’ & ‘Wild And Free’ – on 17th June to celebrate the 35th anniversary since the band’s formation. The original line-up of The Godfathers played their first gig together at The Embassy Club in London on 17th June 1985.

Peter Coyne is now joined in The Godfathers by guitarist Richie Simpson and drummer Billy Duncanson (both previously in Heavy Drapes & Baby’s Got A Gun). Throw in bass player Jon Priestley from iconic punk band The Damned and guitarist Wayne Vermaak. Mix it up and you get one of the most musically and visually exciting bands on the circuit just now. If it wasn’t for this Covid 19 preventing everything at the moment you would have had a chance to catch them live.

The Godfathers: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Godfathers: Peter Coyne photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Godfathers – famed for their primal rock sound (with songs like ‘Birth School Work Death’, ‘I Want Everything’ & ‘Unreal World’) mob inspired image and explosive live concerts – will resume touring activity with a world tour in 2021 to promote the release of a highly anticipated new studio album.

The London band’s new double A side is available in limited edition, clear red vinyl 7inch single & also limited edition 4 track CD that features the 2 numbers, plus demo versions of both songs unavailable in any other format!! It has been scheduled for release on 17th June but it can be pre-ordered only from

The Godfathers - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Godfathers – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

I had a brilliant night with The Godfathers when they played Brighton at The Prince Albert just before they headed off to play some gigs across Europe. It was a blast let me tell you dear reader! We shared a few wee drams before they headed off. You can catch up on that hot, loud and sweaty encounter here.

A New Single Drops.

So – we have a new single! An album is promised soon. But, for now, a red vinyl 7″ release has dropped. Its a double A side to sink your teeth into.


Guitars hit you side left. In come the drums and bass as the sound now fills both speakers. ” I aint no child” growls Peter and we are off on a 4.5 minute blast of rock and punk bumping goodness. What we get is a feast of a chanting chorus and scratching guitar pick slides. Having seen The Godfathers live, I can see this one going down a storm during a set. There is plenty of opportunity for crowd participation and fist pumping on this one. Richie and Wayne are a solid guitar machine.  A real solid drumming pattern from Billy and the joyful unison with some fine bass plucking from Jon. This red slice shows Peter and his band at their exhilarating best.

A Video: Wild And Free

Their exhilarating best. It’s got a real punch to it.

This tune rawks and it drips with the recognisable visceral power and anthemic tunes we’ve come to expect, but now with a new twist as this recently formed supergroup are definitely taking this opportunity to shine out and grab you. With an impressive history behind them Wild and Free makes for an appropriate scene setter, the new band impose a driving force and feed you with smouldering atmospherics. Buried amongst the heap of buzzing guitars, Peter nails it, confirming and perfectly displaying the full range of the lyrical and songwriting firepower of The Godfathers. This single has a definite live feel to it which makes it a refreshing listen.

It kicks.

it’s got a real kick to it. Its an in-your-face song that is loud, bright, and all round foot tapping and, yeah, if you like, headbanging you are covered also. This release is solid and the contains the kind of songs you would want to hear on an album.

You will have it on repeat. If not The Godfathers may pay you a visit and make you an offer you cant refuse.

The Godfathers

The Godfathers


No guitar openers on this, Billy hammering the hell out of his kit, then in comes Richie and Wayne with an opening salvo of punk and rock fuelled dirty guitars and those drums fire up the urgency of the track, then almost with a swagger Peter fires up his front vocal.  Punk is one of the most essential genres of our time, and The Godfathers have captured it all in this vinyl. Its all brilliantly fuzzy and full of melody. This is a fairground ride of sound driven forward with the march of Billy and his drum kit with Peter controlling the ride with his vocal work.  It’s all quite adrenaline based and the lyrics combine to deliver a rocking slice of utter joy. Peter delivering the chorus “I’m not your slave girl”. Again those fist pump and chant moments are here as these guys have free range to playing dirty guitar riffs and hooks.

The Godfathers: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Godfathers: Peter Coyne photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

This track is packed with pulsating drum fills, and at each moment you can almost see the band playing these songs live, and Peter making eye contact with you across a stage. The new band line up on this track offer up signature technical riffs which seem to grow on each play of this track, and is backed with the throb of the rhythm and bass sections. The drums and guitars often show their teeth on this side as guitar solos break out and burst through the sound. This new record will not let you forget it.

You will come back to it again and again until that album drops. Move your furniture as this single will have you bumping into it in no time. The sound is excellent as is the final mix on this and it has to be one of the best punk/rock and roll singles to be released so far this year.

It’s a thunderous beginning of releases from The Godfathers, its a mighty fine racket and boy does it pack a punch!

And Finally…

It has been scheduled for release on 17th June but it can be pre-ordered only from

Keep in touch with The Godfathers on Facebook and on their official website.

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