Hotter Than Hell bring KISS to town


Hotter Than Hell – a KISS tribute

A truly rain-soaked Saturday night in Lewes was set to host Hotter Than Hell for a night of  a full KISS TRIBUTE SHOW. It promised to be a 70’s KISS style show featuring the iconic make up, the costumes, blood spitting plus the KISS classics, all played live! Hotter Than Hell is Europe’s ultimate Kiss tribute band, founded in 2003 by front man Marty McStravick, with its band members coming from all over Europe. They are voted as one of the hottest Kiss Tribute Shows in Europe, they deliver the ultimate night out in tribute to the Hottest Band in the World!

I never saw KISS back in the day, however I was the non trendy kid at school who purchased the KISS album Destroyer, and hard to believe it was over 40 years ago when Bob Ezrin launched that album.

The guys had climbed into their 7 inch heels, squeezed into body hugging outfits and wearing that trademark make-up that truly made KISS stand out from the crowd. The guys who make up Hotter Than Hell delivered a just over 60 minute stage show. This was indeed a copy from the 1970’s period in the bands history.  Music from the monsters of rock, KISS rumbled through Lewes as one of Europe’s most well known tribute acts, were here via The Big Blue Shed. They were tonight at Lewes Con Club.

Hotter Than Hell: The Band –

Gene Simmons: Fabio Marchetti “DEMON”

Bassist  ‘Gene Simmons’ looked fabulous, he was menacing with his delightful demon face paint, on display was his tongue, almost as long as Gene’s! At one point having blood pouring from his mouth and spilling down his chest.


Ace Frehley: Pat Diserafino “SPACEMAN”

‘Ace Frehley’ nailed some truly impressive guitar playing. His makeup was absolutely spot on, and together with his outfit provided a memorable moment of the gig when during a guitar break his guitar pick up glowed and started to produce smoke from the instrument. Fabulous stuff.

Peter Criss: Luciano Masi “CAT MAN”

The man at the back, behind the drum kit, ‘Peter Criss’ was awesome in handling of the sticks. He provided a solid performance giving an energetic backing and support to the band. He was tucked away behind his kit, but thankfully a good high riser meant we could see him between those massive cymbals.

Paul Stanley: Marty McStravik “STARCHILD”

But I have to give a huge heads up to frontman, ‘Paul Stanley’. He really pulled the band together. He bounced and flicked his hair whilst delivering a totally on point, pin sharp performance. He was a presence on the stage, some fabulous playing and with his presence he was in charge of both the stage and the fair sized crowd. “Paul” had the performance copied to perfection.

The Set: You wanted the best….

Sadly after a late start “due to traffic” as explained by Marty we were pinned to the wall with the opening riff from Detroit Rock City. What a start! The sound was incredible, and we all waited to see if they sounded like KISS – I can happily confirm – HELL YES! The late start, those of us soaked from the rain in the crowd soon forgot all about that as we were then led into King Of The Night Time World and Deuce.

Other songs from the KISS catalogue included Heavens On Fire and the mighty Strutter. Hell, these guys are good, real good! Ace took over proceedings at one stage and gave his rendition of the classic New York Groove. I always felt that the released version was good but was lacking in power, but Hotter Than Hell powered it up with some great playing and vocals from Ace. Enjoyed that one! The crowd joining in with the “I’m Back!”.  I love it Loud and Crazy Crazy Nights powered at us and had the crowd truly rockin’

God Of Thunder

It started with a slow trickle, the crowd could smell and see the blood. It started gushing and running down “Genes” chin and chest – there was loads of it! Don’t fancy the dry cleaning bill after that lot! He prowled the stage with the red stuff dripping onto the stage and running down his leather gear. Lick it Up, another favourite KISS song for me was up and Hotter Than Hell formed up in a tight line and stormed through the riffs.

Paul explained that there were no pyrotechnics tonight. The venue had said “No” it would have set off the smoke alarms. The ceiling above the stage at The Con Club is also fairly low and so may have caused problems and perhaps a few folk down the front may have lost an eye brow or a fringe! That was a shame as I know these guys are 100% dedicated in giving a full on authentic KISS experience.

KISS have some dates coming up in the UK and Europe, if you cant get there – then I 100% suggest these guys. A great polished performance that will leave you wanting more.

Shout It Out Loud, another stormer of a classic was up next, no slow numbers tonight! Not sure, but it sounded as though the sound levels went up a notch for this one. An ear shatteringly good version. I Was Made For Loving You and then finally Rock And Roll All Night closed the show.

A Video 

Like it LOUD? Turn it up – this was recorded live.

These guys may be Hotter Than Hell, but this damn good all rockin’ KISS tribute is certainly one worth going to see. You got to just make sure you get down the front the next time they come this way. I would definitely go see them again and hopefully in a venue which would allow them to deliver a full on visual show to go with the music.

HOTTER THAN HELL are on Facebook

Also must give a shout to the guy on the sound mixing desk, Jon. A terrific job. Also to the make up person – a stunning job well done, really authentic.


The night was hosted by The Big Blue Shed, love these guys. They love what they do and bring great artists to great venues across the region – and they are on Facebook

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