Ice Cream Man Power Pop: FREE album

Ice Cream Man Power Pop: FREE album

Ice Cream Man Power Pop: FREE album

Scene Sussex – catches up with Brightons own Ice Cream Man – Free download albums, blogs and radio show! Scroll down for the link – but please have a read!

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More FREE album compilation, over 100 bands featured! He’s gonna bubblegum your veins!

The Ice Cream Man himself, Wayne says “the idea is to offer bands a further platform to the radio show in order to be heard. This will be the 6th compilation release, all of them absolutely FREE on Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Records on Bandcamp.

The album has in the past featured many bands from across Sussex including Brighton’s Dirt Royal. This month from the south coast two bands are featured, Young Francis and The Speak.

The Ice Cream Man in his own words:

I used to sing and play in a band when I lived in Brighton, it was really hard to get airplay, gigs,  and even just noticed. That was before the internet, and so with the advent of the internet, it was a good way to give other bands a platform with the blog first and then the radio show and then the compilation albums.”

The Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More radio show originally started off as a music blog.  After an accident kept the Ice Cream Man away from work for a year and a half, rather than just sit and watch crap daytime TV, he decided to search out new music by new bands who weren’t getting any attention from the mainstream radio or media and see if he could go some way to getting these bands out to a wider audience.

On an almost daily basis, he wrote about the bands he found including a sound clip, pictures and links to try to give these bands another platform to reach out to people who were hungry, like himself to discover new bands and sounds.

It wasn’t too long before the bands started looking for the Ice Cream Man and submitting vinyl, CDs and MP3’s to be featured on the blog and it soon got to the point when three or more reviews would be written in a day to keep up with the submissions.

On recovering fully from his accident (which wasn’t a tussle with an ice cream van) he found that there was not enough time to write about all the bands as before, rather than rest on his laurels, he contacted a radio station in Sweden, where he resides, who offered him a slot and so the radio show was born, doing the same thing as the blog but telling listeners about the bands, labels and gigs.

The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is completely non profit and is made purely for the love of music.

About the Ice Cream Man.

The ICM is an ex pat from Brighton, England living in Gothenburg, Sweden who goes by the real name of Wayne Lundqvist Ford. He is a self confessed Mod who likes to see youngsters coming onto the scene and doing their own thing, he also believes there is no such thing as Mod music, just music that Mods like, he has a pet hate towards X-Factor and similar TV shows, rides a classic Vespa (no lights and mirrors) and loves Jelly Babies and Scotch.

Go Grab the album – 125 tracks – its a monster! its Here: Go Get It!

The compilation, the biggest and best compilation of the year, 125 tracks of pure joy all for FREE. The deal is that if you like the band, you check out their records, go see them play a show and give them a like on Facebook and support them.

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