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Hotel Pelirocco with IVY LANE promotions

Ivy Lane promotions had put on a special night. Live at The Pelirocco 04/06/2017. The original rock n roll Brighton boutique hotel with 19 individually themed bedrooms and late night cocktail bar. It is also a venue for intimate gigs and performances. Situated close to Brighton seafront in Regency Square. It claims to be England’s most rock n roll hotel.

Two bands, or rather a one man punk band, Young Francis and a trio calling themselves Sh!tS!ck were the attractions for this show.

Young Francis

He introduces himself as a “One Man Punk Band“, a great stripped back and pure sound and energy. He is an artist to see if you get the chance. He took to the stage with his guitar, and a drum kit. He produced a great sound with his infectious 2 minute ( a la Ramones) Garage/ Punk songs.

Packed in tight, the hot and sweaty crowd seemed to love every fiery second of this performance. I had been lucky to catch a performance a few days before when he was a guest of S*M*A*S*H . 11 songs packed into about 20 minutes, not allowing for the handing out of percussion instruments. The lovely Jordan Mooney was on hand to help! The set opened up with “Julia”, and included a damn good song called “Short Haired Girl”. Young Francis, as before when I saw him, nailed this. It was loud, it was A,B and C major delivered fast and furious. I took one picture as Francis was playing – even folk in the street stopped and looked through the window to see what was going on.

A video:

Young Francis: Live at Hotel Pelirocco.

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Monday, 5 June 2017

Great set – if you get to see Young Francis – go! He is on Facebook


I chatted to the band before the set. They were well up for the gig as it was their first! Chatted about what they were doing and what was coming up, they really were nice and friendly. Chatting cut short as they were dashing of to perform.

Dressed in an assortment of gear ranging from punk to an almost Tank Girl look, they certainly looked the part. I don’t think anyone really knew what to expect, apart from the band! The Peli was packed out for this performance.
Jay Ranae
Tilly Squeaks
Quartina Blue

Official Video:

Songs or Poetry – you decide!

The band were supported by a hard working bass player and that was it. The songs/poems last anything from 30 seconds to a minute. No chance for the Pelirocco audience to get restless as SH!TS!CK fired at us a stream of material for 30 minutes. Lots of shouting, lots of sweary words and everything was new, challenging and fresh. They wanted to bring back punk rock, I think they did just that but with their own style, charm and a great sense of humour. It seemed anyone or everyone was fair game ranging from the taxman to Tescos and Sainsbury’s. The crowd joined in and enjoyed the humourous content and lyrics from some of their material.

A Video:

So songs, music, poetry you decide – well you don’t have to! Sit back and soak up some of the atmosphere and raw, passionate performance from SH!TS!CK

SHI!TS!CK Live – at The Hotel Pelirocco.

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Monday, 5 June 2017

A great set. They seemed to go down pretty well with the crowd, and they did so well they had to give us an encore! If they happen to play near you – check ’em out! Make your own mind up. I enjoyed it.

Sh!ts!ck are on Facebook – go check out this band from London.

On the Decks!

Between sets Mick Robinson, Brighton DJ on Monty Platters spun some vinyl at The Pelirocco to keep everyone in the mood – some great punk anthems interlaced with SKA and tunes ranging from T Rex to Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Also a shout to Wee Jock – great sound as always!


Ivy Lane is a new promoter in Brighton. They cover all kinds of events , live music specialist , bands , PR, pop up bars , pop up restaurants and artist liaison.

Ivy Lane are on Facebook




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