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Sisters Edie and Gita Langley grew up with musical Stockholm Syndrome. Members of a large family of musicians, the girls were raised on the 60s sounds of The Mamas & The Papas, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. They were classically trained at an early age and began performing alongside their siblings. However, the pair were drawn towards a darker side; in secret they watched and re-watched Betty Blue and Twin Peaks, and fell asleep to the haunting vocals of Julee Cruise.

Gita Harcourt
Edie Langley
Gabi Woo

LOCK: Gita Langely

LOCK: Gita Langely


Dark  trio LOCK are the beautifully menacing creation of sisters Edie and Gita Langely. Independently the sisters have toured the world playing with the likes of Serj Tankian, The Libertines, Beyonce, Mark Ronson, and Jay Z but together they are an unstoppable force as LOCK. With influences ranging from True Romance, Cindy Lauper to Hole and the Distillers this perfectly blended cinematic sounding trio sonically tease out the beauty from the darkness in life in perfectly encapsulated dark, bass laden ballads along with succulent soaring harmonies as well as floor stomping, overdrive driven anthems

LOCK: Edie Langley

LOCK: Edie Langley



Currently finishing their debut album with Ed Harcourt at the helm for production the sisters have just released their second EP ‘Everlasting Road’ the title track, also co-wrote and produced by Harcourt. Everlasting Road received instant critical acclaim with airtime on both BBC Radio and Radio X as well as making Sunday Times Culture hottest track of the week.

LOCK were the guests of Sophie Ellis-Bextor on her UK wide Familia tour. I had heard of LOCK and advised to go check them out. I am so glad I did. Many in the audience hadn’t heard of them and many started off looking a bit confused, as I heard from a Sophie fan a bit of an odd mix of bands and music on the night.

LOCK took to the stage, they are indeed fronted by two girls one playing both keyboards and a guitar, and the the other played guitar. The two swapped over on vocals and harmonies, and great to see both taking turns to lead.

The stage at Concorde 2 became a fog filled area as the smoke machine went into overdrive, not only did it fill the stage but the front two rows at times were overwhelmed with the white mist!. It was unfortunate as this meant we couldn’t see LOCK for much of the set as they became silhouettes against the blistering bright white and red back lighting. We could hear them, and they sounded just great. Sadly Gabi Woo creating some great drumming fills and patterns, was for most of the set impossible to see because of the fog. I didn’t forget the drummer, I just couldn’t see her.


Perhaps this was the look and feel LOCK wanted, not sure. It’s all very 80s heavy guitar and synth, but given a massive shake up and a jolt of pure energy.  The smoke and lighting indeed created an air of mystery and what LOCK created to accompany that look and feel was a stunning set of listenable music. The music and the soaring, and at times, searing vocals will just take you away. LOCK are a force to keep an eye out for if you are lucky enough to have them play near you.

They have an EP out and the girls played Everlasting Road during their set. This song starts slowly, it is seductive and draws you in to the world of LOCK. The guys explode with tweaked and grungy electric guitars. The vocals melt into your brain, and will stay there, and ultimately kicks into a great wall of sound that takes us rushing headlong into the chorus. This song rocks. Go have a listen or grab a copy from the LOCK site.

It was a short set, but it absolutely kicked along at some pace! The doubters in the crowd were now getting it, one guy who started their set by sitting down on the floor when LOCK started playing was soon up on his feet. Everyone gave LOCK a well deserved cheer as they left the stage. LOCK rocked it.

Well played LOCK, I apologised for the lack of shots of Gabi because of the smog after the gig, she laughed and said that’s OK. Gabi and Gita told me they will be playing the Great Escape later in the year – cant wait! I would definitely go see these guys again.

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