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SISTERAY came together out of their shared love for bands such as The Smiths, Velvet Underground, The Clash and The Replacements. When you hear this outfit play you can fully appreciate where they are coming from. They are edgy, grungy, punk and some damn fine rock n roll. Quite a few folk in the audience were there to see these guys, and well done CloseUp for putting them on the bill. They were awesome to watch and to listen to. Some fine guitars, killer bass riffs and some great rock drumming from the back of the stage! These guys were nailing it, and the crowd loved every riotous note!


Theres something special and hypnotic going on here with this SISTERAY show. A couple of songs in and they had created an atmosphere filling the room with with music and presence, everyone felt it. The guys came onto the stage and fired at us with an energy that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and pulls you into their world. I hadn’t seen SISTERAY before but the songs they gave us were almost instantly recognisable and bury their way into your psyche. I guarantee you will not be able to forget the sights and those sounds you witness at a SISTERAY gig.

Even on the bus home those songs will be with you! I was lucky to spend some time with some other musicians from Brighton in the audience and we all agreed we had witnessed a strong, at times great, performance. You just had to listen to those vocals from Niall, the fabulous bass rhythms and riffs to the energetic and on point guitar work and solos.  The musical glue and talent on display that binds SISTERAY into this force,  make them difficult not to admire and enjoy.  They score 10/10 on both of those categories.

The short SISTERAY set was made up of around 8 songs, and included the magnificent Who R Ya. And the inclusion of of the brilliant Queens English. I am listening to both versions and edits of the song whilst typing this out. Its a great song – full of what I had seen on stage – top vocals, guitars, riffs and drum fills. Thanks for the disc guys – its on repeat!

The guys ended their set with an impressive a cover of the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray, the song they take their name from. After a set lasting almost 30 minutes the band still had enough energy to throw us more musical action. A great song delivered with a continuation of the energy and passion we had already witnessed

And great to meet some of you and have a quick conversation about the set. Great job!

Visit SISTERAY on Facebook.

SISTERAY are running a pledge campaign for their next release, last time I checked there were on 100% – some great items to be had!

Here is a sneak mixer video of some of the other bands involved on this CloseUp event: Strangewave, SISTERAY and some RPM action!

Bleach – Mixer Video – CloseUp promotionsB&W due to lighting – but at least no fog!

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An astonishing line up from CloseUp promotions and ticketweb. Great value and each of the four bands on display that night were worth the ticket price in their own right. CloseUp doing their bit to #keepmusiclive!

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