Rockers Los Pepes hammer it home in Brighton!

Los Pepes - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex / Media Works

Los Pepes. Ben Perrier- photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Los Pepes

Los Pepes hit Brighton with the force of a jackhammer! Playing at The Prince Albert in Brighton. They were guests of NYC’s Baby Shakes. They claim to be “The loudest powerpop band on earth”

What you get are 60s and 70s garage pop melodies drowning in a wall of punk rock guitar. Good Vibrations records served up with a  punch in the face. Songs about love, antipathy and getting up to no good. They’ll stick in your head and leave your ears ringing. Cutting out a reputation for being a relentless high-energy punk rock whirlwind live, Los Pepes have also left a bunch of 7”s and three LPs in their wake – “For Everyone” – 2014 “All Over Now” – 2016 and “Let’s Go!” – 2017 all via Wanda Records. Formed in London by Ben Perrier some years back, Los Pepes is an international organisation. Made up of a strange bunch of misfits from the four corners of the world, from the UK to Japan to Brazil to Poland. Born thousands of miles apart but all with the shared experience of growing up hooked on punk and not giving a fuck, Los Pepes is living proof that rock and roll is a global force of nature.

THE BAND: slideshow

Details from their Facebook page – four guys played in Brighton:

Ben Perrier: Vocals/Guitar
Guilherme Rujao: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Seisuke Nakagawa: Bass/Vocals
Adam James Smith: Bass
Kris Hood: Drums

The set

First off – these guys were loud – LOUD! I dont think the Prince Albert has experienced such a volume coupled with such intensity. Awesome!

The guys opening Salvo included Guilty Pleasures, Alone In The City, I just Dont Know. Now one of the great things about being a music photographer/reviewer is finding a great new band you havent heard of before, and it was just by chance I found Los Pepes. They are an outfit I will not forget and seek out again in the future. The guy with the hair and pure rock moves is Los Pepes frontman Ben Perrier. You may now the name from his previous outings.

The songs and the music? Well its hard to describe – its loud and fast and if you kinda mixed up the Busted writing of catchy pop tunes and blended in a heavy dose of Motörhead you might get close. I make no comparison to Busted – just their ability to put together a song that’ll have you tapping your feet. Los Pepes are so much more than that!

The set continued as the sweat poured from these guys, they were working it for us tonight. Other songs included The Trap, Still Belong, Positive Negative, Let Me Tell You. A terrific non stop assault of the finest rock tunes you could ever want to hear. Ben Perrier pulled off some great guitar playing and dropped a seriously good vocal set. High kicks, swinging arms and sweat drenched hair, Ben rocked it. He has an incredible band. When they took to the stage I really wasnt sure what to expect. But, have to say some pretty cool T’s on display!

As the set came to a close, it ran for almost an hour, we had Tonight and Action. The band stopped playing and got well deserved cheers and applause. Our ears were buzzing after that!

A Video

Turn it up!

They claim to be “The loudest powerpop band on earth” – I can confirm that, yes, they probably are! Great set guys, just loved it!

These Los Pepes guys came and rocked us hard with good old fashioned rock and roll / punk style and attitude, with an absolute cracking sound. I have to say for me and the crowd it was one of the most exciting introduction to a new band I’ve seen this year. They get a recommendation from me, be prepared though – they play it loud and fast!  So, if you like rock and roll, jump in and get stuck into Los Pepes whenever they play near you.

This was a StaySick event. Well done to you guys! A fantastic night of rock! Stay Sick are promoters based in Brighton. They have been around for a while now. A lot of thought had gone into the planning of this night and it was a sell out. Great night, well organised and enjoyed every guitar fuzzed second. Thank you Stay Sick.

STAY SICK has made it their mission to track down, kidnap and present you with the best bands from all over the globe.

Stay Sick are on Facebook


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