The MET at Concorde 2: Showcase

So lucky to attend the end of year showcase from MET. I was outside the venue, Concorde2 earlier in the afternoon and watched as the students arrived clutching a various assortment of guitars, keyboards and drum kits. It was baking hot as the equipment was ushered into the cool air of Concorde 2.

We were in for a treat. So many performers, and a promised variety of performances had drawn quite a crowd. The entry was an absolute bargain at just £3.00!

So, Scene Sussex is posting a few photos from some of the acts we caught. All of the performances were first class, as nerves were left at the side of the stage, each act stepped up and delivered.

Not sure how many bands and artists were involved – there must have been quite a few!


One of the first rock bands took to the stage. They performed their own material which I have to say was impressive. They had a look and feel of a band, a band that’s ready. Well played guys – a storming set from The Morphers. I think I can safely say we would all have enjoyed another song or two. Keep an eye out for these guys.

A great selection of talent on display. Some older material covers and new content written by the performers. It was most impressive.

Some more photos from the night… So much talent on display.

And some more! Well done to everyone who took part.

Some fabulous musicians and vocalists on stage. The MC’s did a great job informing the crowd what was happening and what was coming up.

And then, there was these guys… I have seen Finn around in the past – he and the band took to the stage doing a Beatles cover… The Worthing Beatles. Love Me Do – was delivered on point, sounded great.

They left the stage – always a brave thing to do! And then they came back, The Worthing Beatles were no more! The band stripped down and bare chested wearing ripped face masks picked up their kit and hammered straight into us for another song! Here they are!

Well played guys – CREDENTIALS. Keep doing it! Also keep an eye out for these guys – but at a safe distance!

So – a few pics. Sorry if we missed anyone – will get ya next time!

Congrats to the MET team for putting on the show. You, and all of those performers have to be proud of yourselves after that. This was a first time moment for many who were playing. A great night from ALL the performers – congratulations to you and to everyone who took part making it such an enjoyable and engaging evening. It was just awesome and a real thrill to see you perform and spend time with some of you. Thank you! Looking forward to your next one…

Also, a huge shout to the Concorde 2 team who had also been working hard to deliver this event.

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