Catch up! THE RPMS at The Great Escape

The RPMs sounded great. This gig in Brighton saw them vibrant, buzzing sounds, great vocals and they just seemed relaxed and soaking up the warmth from the crowd and the sun.


The RPMS – Brighton based and playing in Brighton at The Great Escape – Alternative Escape at The Fiddlers Elbow. The line up for this event: Jack Valero (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Miguel Cosme (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals/Keyboards), Callum James (Drums) and James Hunt (Guitars). Described by the BBC as a ‘spookily young Brighton trio with killer melodies and an Arctic Monkeys rasp’ prepare to welcome to your record collection: THE RPMs. A Rock band not afraid of a good pop tune.

The Set

I have been lucky to see, photo and film The RPMS in the past – but today – a first – daylight! No red LEDS or over productive smoke machines. The sun was shining, the heat was rising, beer was being consumed. I’d bumped into James pre-set and grabbed a few words with him and a swift beer. He was calm and cool considering the guys had just literally run from another venue from the other side of town to get here.

Actually I am not going to give much away on the set as the guys are about to head off on tour. “I Don’t Like it” was up first – no placards today – just as well considering the low slung white canvas roof and myriad of dangling light bulbs! I was desperate to hear the new single brought to life – live. Guitars strummed, Callum kicking in his kit and snare and Miguel stroking that bass guitar and we were into “Oh My God” – due for release on 2 June 2017 on Xtra Mile Recordings. The EP is called “Agents of Change”.

There is no denying these guys can deliver a cracking tune and this afternoon in the sunshine the band looked as if they were having fun. Every song delivered on point and the added tones from James on guitar – filling in on Jacks top guitar playing just add so much more depth, colour and variation. Miguel, who I had bumped into earlier in the day whilst he was on the hunt for an ice cream gave a top notch bass masterclass. He also looks after the newly added keyboards again adding more to The RPMs sound. Callum and the kit at the back kicking it out and standing at various points, and always great to watch him play. This gig saw them vibrant, buzzing sounds, great vocals and they just seemed relaxed and soaking up the warmth from the crowd and the sun.

A short set but brilliantly delivered and finished up with “I Wanna Work in Abercrombie & Fitch”.

A Video

A tricky one with the sun shining and then not with a white canvas – a short clip of The RPMS and the crowd enjoying the set.

The RPMs live – A montage from their strong performance in Brighton at The Great Escape -The Alternative Escape. Outside the Fiddlers Elbow – in a packed marquee. Great to hear the new single "Oh My God". Nice to "see" The RPMs outside without smoke and the dreaded red LED lighting! Great to see the guys and catch up.

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Great to see the guys and best wishes for the launch of the new single. You can watch the official video a little further down the page. Turn it up and enjoy The RPMs deliver a top tune.


Agents Of Change

The new EP dropping in from The RPMs. The band are really excited about this release and cant wait for it to go out on 2 June. Like their previous release, on vinyl only”Digital Disobedience”, this is a four track EP and this time its on CD. Four great songs with the opener “Oh My God”, the other three tracks are equally listenable. The new single bounces at you. Fuzzed up guitar chords hit you between the ears, some powerful drumming and the bass kicks in. Jacks vocals start up and leads you into yet another masterfully created song. The band joining in on the chorus and harmonies perfectly. Great lyrics and tunes have almost become a trademark for this Brighton based band. This has, for me a kind of warm and familiar feeling to it and instantly memorable, with a great catchy hook. BUT please make no mistake this is the unmistakable sound of The RPMs now with an edgier twist! A great release and the CD folding case is interesting with pictures of the band and a fold up “comic” insert with the lyrics.

Official Video

“From the crowd a voice shouts “Rock n Roll is still alive”, like he’s still living in 1975″


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