Skindred - live in Brighton. Photo bu Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex
SKINDRED:@ Benji in Brighton. Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

I’m always keen on seeing and meeting new bands. Skindred, who were headlining two sold out shows at Concorde 2 matched what I love perfectly.  SKINDRED are a band I had only heard of in passing and a few friends were going on both nights. I had to go see what these guys are about!

I got it within about two minutes of the guys taking the stage. Hell it was loud. The sound was perfect. I have to admit I was surprised by what these guys put down.  How do you describe their sound? Nu-metal fusion could probably fit. They managed to blend a whole lot together to make their huge sound, of heavy metal, alternative rock, reggae/ska with more than a pinch of punk.

SKINDRED:@ Benji in Brighton. Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex


The band had obviously planned ahead, and after some Christmas tunes we had Queen – Dont Stop Me Now. The lights died, the venue plunged into pitch black and the PA blasted out ACDC’s Thunderstruck. Searing white lights melting our eyeballs flashing in time “Thunder” – brilliant! playing loud over the PA as they walked out, the scene was set and kind of built up a sense of momentum as they took to the stage.

The bass started up, immediately dislodging my intestines, a guitar howled, the drums powered up and Benji hit the stage and took us straight into Big Tings. The crowd after the build up went absolutely frantic and greeted Benji with huge cheer. Selector was next and then we had Frantic.

THE BAND: In slides…
Benji Webbe: Vocals
Mikey Demus: Guitar
Dan Pugsley: Bass
Arya Goggin: Drums

What impressed me about SKINDRED, and remember I hadn’t seen them before, was the bands overall performance and ear busting sound. But also the  front man Benji Webbe, one of the most enigmatic, engaging and enthusiastic performers I have seen in a while. When he spoke you could of heard a pin drop, when he sang the crowd screamed.

Skindred seem to have their live show formula nailed down. It works.  They switch  and mix it musically. Benji is engaging and chatty with the packed in crowd between the songs.

The packed in crowd at Concorde 2 raised the roof! Picture by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex
The packed in crowd at Concorde 2 raised the roof! Picture by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

What I loved about the Skindred gig was that it brought together so many people with a variety of music tastes, identified with the variety of band T’s on display – we had rock fans, the metal lovers as well as those that love their reggae and ska. I think everyone partied, and partied hard together and had a bloody good time. 

Benji – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Back to the set, we had Ninja, followed with the wonderful Sound Of The Siren. Awesome stuff! The crowd didn’t stop as the band powered through this monster of a set. At times Benji swapping his mic for what looked like a police car radio hand set.

Benji – listening to his crowd sing it back!

Kill The Power came at us hard and the set finished with Warning. The sweat running down each band members face, and also everyone in the crowd!
My enjoyment of a gig is never solely based on my experience, but also that of everyone around me, or those down the front who were dancing, headbanging, jumping and hell, just singing along and participating in the gig.  I have to say the atmosphere generated was that of one dirty great big party where every one knew each other, and that’s a rare thing.

A great night out Skindred. Thankyou, I will be back, you got me hooked!

SKINDRED: touring now with new album Big Tings

SKINDRED are on the WWW

LOUT: This was a brilliant night managed and put together by Brighton based promoters LOUT. They put on two great guest bands that blended the night perfectly. Lout work hard to bring great music to Brighton – so support them, the artists and the venues. Thank you LOUT, you guys are awesome. Check them out on the Web – here.

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