Sonic Boom Six and Stone Angels: In Brighton.

SONIC BOOM SIX: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

SONIC BOOM SIX: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex


Giving some space here for two bands who totally deserve it, both bands guests of SKINDRED in Brighton at Concorde 2


SONIC BOOM SIX: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

SONIC BOOM SIX: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Band Members
Laila K – Vocals and Melodica
Barney Boom – Vocals and Guitar
Nick “The Blade” Horne – Lead Guitar and Hair
James T Boom – Bass and Synths
Luke Hesketh – Drums and Samples

I NEVER forget the drummer, sadly the over enthusiastic smoke machine and lighting combination meant I couldn’t get him! Sorry Luke – next time!

Stirring choruses, various riffs, bass and drum beats and breaks are abundant tonight from Sonic Boom Six. And yes, they were loud, playing a mix of ska, punk, hip hop, dub. Leila seemed to love engaging and interacting with the packed in crowd. There were short chats from her and Barney, and lots of shouts of “Brighton” encouraging us to join in.  The set included some stunning vocals and harmonies and this was all mixed with their already energetic performance. The melodic vocals and rapping certainly got the crowd moving! The crowd sang all the words whilst dancing through the set.

Sonic Boom Six put on a terrific set. I hadn’t seen these guys before – so apologies for lack of set list information. I will not miss them again. They simply stepped onto the Concorde 2 stage and proceeded to blow the crowd away. Racking my brains I can’t recall many live bands that I have seen and photo’d that put on a better show and create such a good atmosphere.

To sum up… Sonic Boom Six, were most impressive. They were perfect for the night with their own unique sounds, the crowd dancing and singing and the atmosphere created. The entire performance was so full of music, energy and massive leaps. Great set!

Sonic Boom Six are on the WWW

SONIC BOOM SIX are on Facebook


Stone Heroes: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Stone Heroes: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Its always great when the promoters, in this case LOUT, pull in a local band as support or guest slot with visiting bands and artists. Tonight we had Brighton based rockers Stone Angels.

Band Members
Niall Kersey – Screaming lead vocals & riff heavy rhythm guitar
James Innes – Blistering lead guitar & gang vocalist
Josh “Fingers” Finlay – Thundering bass & gang vocalist
Loz Ford- Tub thumper

These guys impressed the hell out of me. They seemed to relish the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm being bounced back at them. Born out of the ashes of several broken bands, Stone Angels were spawned in 2011 and soon set out their own manifesto, pulling from the classic LA rock and legendary UK rock scenes, whilst still offering a very fresh take on the classic rock genre.

Great vocals, riffs, percussion and bass all together creating a perfect metal storm. It was a short set, but these guys made every second count. I hadn’t seen these guys before – not sure how the hell that happened. But thats what I love about live music. Seeing and hearing a band for the first time. These guys rocked it, and rocked it loud.

Again the smoke machine was obviously set to max, and the band almost vanished from sight at times, we could hear their delicious racket – we just couldnt see them! Well played guys – and hope to catch you again for a longer set. Thoroughly recommend Stone Angels if you like it loud and good!

Catch this magnificent band on Facebook

LOUT: This was a brilliant night managed and put together by Brighton based promoters LOUT. They put on two great guest bands with SKINDRED that blended the night perfectly. Lout work hard to bring great music to Brighton – so support them, the artists and the venues. Thank you LOUT, you guys are awesome. Check them out on the Web – here.

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