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TIGERCUB are a Brighton based outfit. On 19 January they clawed their way into Concorde 2 with a terrific line up of support acts including: Calva Louise, Sick Joy and Glum all fairly local to the South – London and Brighton. Lout Promotions had put together one heck of a line up of local talent topping it all off with Tigercub, and so kudos to them yet again.

TIGERCUB have spent some time tuning a unique rock sound playing in many venues, and over that period of time, have built a large following as a packed out Concorde 2 proved. The Brighton based trio were ready to rock and roll!

The Band

Singer and guitars is Jamie Hall
Backing vox and bass guitar is Jimi Wheelwright
On drums and backing vox is James Allix

The Set

Last band of the night were the headliners TIGERCUB and they put on one hell of a show, almost 90 minutes of their music. A great performance.  They dish out a terrific mix of rock and this in turn created a huge “wall of sound”  at Concorde 2, even the bar area was being treated to the sounds from these guys, and did I mention loud? Tigercub thrashed out a terrific set, at times slower, at times thought provoking and at times to outright bangers! As the set progressed – so did the lighting! Shock and awe can describe the bombardment of a perfectly blistering light show as strobes, white scanners and flashes accompanied the soundtrack to the night and then right down to single lights and mirror balls for those slower moments.

Evolve Or Die

The set opened as the band walked on stage to a huge Brighton welcome. Opening tracks included Antiseptic and Destroy.  I had not seen these guys before but there is a heavy duty and strong sound that when these guys play captures and defines them. More tracks came at us included By Design, Memory Boy and Ashes. Then up came the main track from the Evolve Or Die EP – Divided States of Us, a track relished by the crowd. Omen and Centerfold came at us hard and fast. The set picked up in intensity as we were hurtling towards the end of the set.

The jaws of a tiger are powerful enough to crush the backbone of prey and gentle enough to lift a tiger cub. The sound generated by these guys was powerful enough to do the same as the refurbished Concorde 2 erupted with Pics and Control. Well played TIGERCUB! They delivered and moved through the different tempos and styles with professionalism led by Jamie. He even took time out to give a nod to their TIGERCUB beer! “I’ve had a couple and am off my face!”.  This was a well delivered dynamic and interesting set.

Will TIGERCUB continue to play in the smaller venues? If they do that is a great thing for music lovers. But for those of us packed into Concorde 2 it was a true privilege to see and be part of the action tonight. A first time for Scene Sussex with this band and I can assure you we will be talking about this gig for weeks and will not be forgotten anytime soon!

A Video!

TIGERCUB: Live – Concorde 2 – Jan 2018

TIGERCUB: Live – Concorde 2 – Jan 2018

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Sunday, 21 January 2018

Contains Rock n Roll language and flashing images

Tigercub are on Facebook


Brighton band GLUM

Glum filled the last of the guest slots for this event.  They are a Grunge/Punk/Rock/Alternative outfit made up of:

R Nash – Singer/Guitar,
B Morris – Bass,
J Stone – Drums

A sweet 30 minute rocking set from these guys. Seriously worth a watch if you can catch them playing! A lively set of some damn fine rocking tuneage! Sadly the lighting for these guys meant they were mostly silhouetted against the smoke and bright back lights, but when the smoke cleared a bit we could see these guys perform, and , trust me, that they did! Well played to these guys – top set! All over a bit quickly though and would love to see a full set.

Catch GLUM on Facebook

Brighton band SICK JOY

In the middle slot of acts on the night was SICK JOY. Another local Brighton band I have not seen before – what a night of firsts! They claim to be a “Heavy Pop” outfit made up of:

Mykl : Guitar & Voice
Danny : Bass & Other Voice
Drew : Drums

Pulling in those heavy notes and a mix of acidic melody then tying into place within the confinements of pop is not easy – these guys did it! Sick Joy’s ‘noise-pop’ blood is full of echoes from the likes of Pixies and Nirvana among many others. And yes, those influences are easily accessible and recognised during a live set from these guys. Although starting out in Newcastle, Sick Joy moved south to Brighton in September 2016 and played their first show to a sold out Patterns with fellow north-to-south Brighton band Tigercub.

A Blistering set, over far to quickly. ” We are are hear to warm you up – so come closer” invited Mykl as they set about hitting us full in the face with their set. As Mykl unstrapped his guitar and smashed it into the stage that was it. He hurled his guitar across the stage taking out Danny behind the knee! Yeah – rock and roll! Go check them out!

Sick Joy are on Facebook

London band CALVA LOUISE

First band of the night was Calva Louise. These guys had been pulled in as the original band Our Girl couldnt make it. Calva Louise had played with TIGERCUB previously and were invited to come down to Brighton. They comprise: Jess: guitar and vocals; Alizon: bass and backing vocals; Ben: drums and backing vocals.

These guys offer up a slice of fused surfy riffs to a full on fuzzy grunge pop, and some serious kick ass rock. Jess delivered a full on vocal, it was loud and totally on point. Her vocals and persona help to provide identity to these guys. A female fronted indie rock group – whats not to like? Calva Louise are a band that are well rehearsed and lively enviable energy, you don’t want to take your eyes off them for a second. These guys are an inspiration to any young band with what you can achieve and proves you can carve a niche in todays market. Recently signed to Modern Sky Records, and the band have released ‘Getting Closer’. Concorde 2 gave these guys a well deserved cheer as they left the stage. I enjoyed that!

Calva Louise is on Facebook

Huge thanks to LOUT PROMOTIONS for putting together a top night and for allowing photos. Lout are on the web. Go check them out for the latest events and tickets. They work hard to bring great music and artists to Brighton.

Well done to the stage crew at Concorde 2 – all running to time and with so many bands and equipment that really cant have been easy! The sound was top notch. The lighting was a bit sketchy for the earlier artists with the smoke and strong back lighting. BUT the lights absolutely kicked off during TIGERCUB.  Concorde 2 are on the web.

Thats it! See you down the front, come and say hi!

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