UFO’s, alien abductions, Oooh La La from The Scaners at The Peli 2

The Scaners - image Ian Bourn - Media Works/Scene Sussex

The Scaners – image Ian Bourn


Brighton – get ready for some action as The Scaners land in Brighton. They park up the UFO outside, climb out and set up their gear inside Brightons Rock and Roll Hotel – The Pelirocco!

A cold, damp miserable Sunday evening was about to be transformed into a loud, exciting, hot alien crash site! The Scaners had beamed into Brighton after traveling from their home town, Lyon, France. The night had been arranged by Ivy Lane.

The Band

Pav: Lead vocals / organ
Dédé: Guitar / backing vocals
Tama: Bass
Pierrick: Drums / backing vocals

The Set

There isn’t much info about regarding this band. It was a first for me – and one I will not forget for ages. These guys gave one of the fastest, loudest, most enjoyable and fun sets I have seen in a long time. Yeah – loved them and loved the set. The performing area was pretty packed – four guys and an assortment of instruments.  So, folk always ask for comparisons so maybe a mix of The Ramones,  The Rezillos, Plastic Bertrand, The Spits, The Dickies and The Stitches – this actually looks good on paper but not really close when you see and hear this amazing band live!

The band have a new album out soon, which I can safely say I will be ordering in the hope it captures the essence of this top gig. We were treated to songs lasting anything from about 30 seconds to 2 minutes! Some of the stand out songs for me were Abduction, Checkpoint Planet, UFO Crash (single release), Leader, I Dont Wanna Go, Video Tape and so many more! We were treated to some 21 songs.

A Video

The Scaners live at The Pelirocco Hotel in Brighton – Jan 2018

The Scaners – Live

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Monday, 22 January 2018

Clear away the furniture, turn it up and dance!

Pierrick, at the back on drums whilst fighting with the bass drum counted in each of the songs a la Ramones style backed with some strong fills. Pav, the man at the front and what a performer on vocals and a massive set of keyboards and other sound generating devices. Tama on bass and vocals put down some strong bass riffs and working hard with the drums to provide a solid sound. On a rather splendid Mosrite was Dédé. This can can play! He used bits of furniture to get sounds, he used a mic stand to scrape the strings and some weird thing with an ariel, maybe a theremin to produce out of this world effects – and all the while producing a face slapping guitar performance, all topped off with a Ramones sound from time to time.

This really was a treat and ticked all the boxes for me. Hell! I love this town. On a Sunday night met up with the crazy but absolutely stunning The Scaners. The night was a mix of Oooh La La and UFO’s. The Scaners are just terrific – hailing from France – one of the hottest – good time – fun – punk rock and roll bands I have seen this year. Pav said they will come back across the channel in the summer, if it’s warmer! If they play near you for goodness sake just GO!

A huge thanks to the guys for letting me do the photography for this – Thank you Scaners!

The Scaners are on Facebook

IVY LANE is on Facebook

Hotel Pelirocco is on the web

Thats it! See you down the front, come and say hi!

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