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Two legends Charlie Harper and Tony Feedback, one night in the legendary Pelirocco Hotel in Brighton, 21/06. This had the promise of being something special. It was.

The Young Troubadours: Charlie Harper & Tony Feedback

A warm summer evening in Brighton saw two legends Charlie Harper (UK SUBS)  and Tony Feedback (UK SUBS, ANGELIC UPSTARTS and more!) set up for an intimate close up performance. Two great singer songwriters and guitar heroes were set to play all their / your faves , from the UK Subs, Long Tall Shorty, Upstarts and a few surprises thrown in for good measure! Some of the set was pure acoustic and other sections full on electric guitar!

Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Charlie Harper: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Charlie can be playing to thousands one night and sat down with an acoustic guitar to a small select few at an intimate gig. He has shown many times he is a master of what he does in any environment.

Charlie Harper: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Charlie Harper: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Charlie had promised a mix of material, old and new. His acoustic set opened up with the first UK SUBS songs – CID and Stranglehold. Perfect opening!  Some fine chat between songs during his set, its always a delight to hear Charlie talking about the music and past events.  He played us some music from his brand new album ‘Little Black Crow’. When you see Charlie is this environment or in a packed huge venue it becomes easy to understand he and the band remain one of Britain’s best-loved punk bands. And yes, Teenage was included in the set.

Tony Feedback

Tony Feedback: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Tony Feedback: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

A stunning run through of material sourced from this talented guitar players career. A stripped back performance with just his electric fender and a mic enthralled the audience. He also split his set with some stories and infectious humour. He covered some material from his involvement with UK SUBS, ANGELIC UPSTARTS and LONG TALL SHORTY.  A brilliant selection of songs. Some lovely vocals and boy, did he make that guitar sing!

A terrific set from Tony led us into a 10 minute break.

The Young Troubadours

Both musicians together now, Charlie sat with an array of harmonicas and Tony stood with his guitar and a selection of foot switches. The set list for these guys had been “leaked” online but included – Love in Vain, I Couldn’t Be You, Shame Shame Shame, Limo Life and If I Was You. A short but very sweet set for the audience.

The R&B influences could be heard through this section, I think I heard that Charlie was taught to play the harmonica by Rod Stewart? He can play that instrument and served as a perfect accompaniment to Tony and his on point vocals and playing.

This was a fabulous evening of live music, something both musicians care deeply about. The set ended and as it progressed towards the final song, the volume went up and we were left with some blazing rock and roll. Thank you The Young Troubadours – and please – can we do this again?

Got to say well done to The Pelirocco Hotel – the sound was crisp and clear – perfect! They are on the WWW

Huge thanks to IVY LANE for putting on this event – they are on Facebook


That’s it! See you down the front, come and say hi!

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