Time for Four Play in Brighton!

Dirt Royal: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex / Media Works

Dirt Royal: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Dirt Royal had invited three bands to join them in The Rialto Theatre, Brighton on Fri 22 June. It was a warm night as the venue slowly started to fill. An inspired line up of incredible talent on the bill for the Dirt Royal launch of “Glory Days”. Four bands, a lovely venue all for a fiver! Terrific. A night of pure energy.

Glory Days

The video to go with the release – give it a watch, enjoy!

Dirt Royal

Brighton band Dirt Royal were well up for this gig, chatting to them before and during their soundcheck, Charlie, Leon and Loz, were really excited. This was their night, headlining a gig to mark the release of their new single “Glory Days”. These guys work hard and play to a wide range of audience sizes. It doesn’t matter to them how big the crowd – you will get the whole package every time. They really do deserve that “big break”. They, whilst waiting for the radio, are always out playing and doing what they love.

The Band:

Charlie Russell – Bass and Vocals
Leon Fenton – Guitars and Vocals
Loz Hood – Drums and Vocals

The Set

Felt for the guys as sound issues plagued the first couple of songs. These were sorted quickly and we saw Dirt Royal regroup and hit us hard. Once the issues resolved the set progressed apace  with their last release Waiting For The Radio followed up with I Wont Remember and then the reason we were all here the magnificent Glory Days. This was delivered at a blistering speed. The song finished to much applause from the crowd. Dirt Royal continue to progress with some finely crafted songs wrapped in a satire coating and finished with a strong delivery. Dr Weekend stormed at us as friends of the band took to the stage to join in!

Dirt Royal: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Dirt Royal: photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Other songs delivered included new material from an eagerly anticipated album. We had the Dirt Royal classics tucked in there as well Girl in The Shop and Factory Fodder with the set rounding off with Lose Our Way. Shouts for more were answered with an encore as the guys ripped into Pulps Common People. This song rallied the crowd as we danced and joined in with the song. Fabulous guys and I swear you get better and better every time I see you live. Good luck with Glory Days – you deserve it!

A Dirt Royal show is always great fun, backed with some tunes and some of the wickedest hooks and vocals you can imagine.

Dirt Royal on Facebook

Dan Cox and The Blackbirds

Dan Cox and The Blackbirds:@ Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Dan Cox and The Blackbirds: Pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Its been a while since I last saw these guys. They were on the bill tonight as guests of Dirt Royal. I enjoyed them last time we met, but now they have more songs under their belt and the stage presence and performance levels have serious jumped upwards in a good way.

The Band

Dan Cox (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys)
Dan Fullylove (Backings vocals, Lead guitar)
James Brett (Bass)
George Blackbird (Drums)

A strong set from these guys. New and older material included the opener Pretender, followed up with Familiar Streets, Who Can Really Say? and a really top tune that I enjoyed and found myself bopping along with was I’m An Englishman. The set closed with control.

“We are Dan Cox And The Blackbirds, an Indie Rock band who take away the pretense of posers, lighten up the world and embrace how un-rock’n’roll we can all be! We combine catchy lyrics, lovely hooks & delicious beats that will force you to sing along!” – that sounds about right fellas. Enjoyed the set and hope we meet up again soon.

Dan Cox and the Blackbirds on Facebook

Young Francis

Young Francis - pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Young Francis – pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

A One Man Punk Band from Brighton, England. Always enjoy watching Young Francis. He will take you away on a flurry of punk rock and roll guitar, drums and tunes. A unique artist whos popularity grows every time he is seen performing. Young Francis plays guitar by hand, drums by foot and sings by mouth. No effects, no pedals, no loops, no tricks. His a la Tommy Ramone style sunglasses in place – Young Francis let rip!

Catch up with Young Francis on Facebook

The Morphers

The Morphers: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The Morphers: pic by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

A new Brighton band got a chance to unleash tonight. Scene Sussex had previously seen a short set from these guys at Concorde 2. Well done to Dirt Royal and the promotion team for giving a new band a slot on such an important evening. The Morphers, well what can you say? They totally smashed it!

The Band

Josh – guitars, vocals and dives!
Ryan – guitars
Luke – bass
Ned  – drums

The guys got some great feedback after the show which they seemed to really appreciate. The Morphers turned it up to 11 giving the sound tech guy a run for his money I think! The pics capture the band members but not the sheer energy they produce. The were loud, tight and performed their own material (always a brave thing to do – but they have utter confidence in that material). Well played The Morphers – a unique and new sound for Brighton could see these guys take it all the way. Well played – and enjoyed the set.

Catch The Morphers on their new page on Facebook

A fabulous night from Ivy Lane Promotions – and they are on Facebook

The Rialto Theatre did a fabulous job. Its a grade II listed gothic building near Brighton’s Clock Tower.  It would be great to see this lovely atmospheric venue hosting more music. So many acts and musicians to look after and of course the fabulous audience! They are on the WWW

That’s it! See you down the front, come and say hi!

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