Ginger Wildheart stops off in Vinyl Revolution 4

Ginger Wildheart: Photo Ian Bourn / Scene Sussex / Media Works

Ginger Wildheart: Photo Ian Bourn

Vinyl Revolution gets a visit! Ginger Wildheart!

Ginger Wildheart – ‘Ghost In The Tanglewood’ was released on 2nd March 2018. Ginger was in store at Vinyl Revolution in Brighton to sign copies of his album and to do a short set on 6 March. He was then due to perform in Brighton at a sold out gig at The Prince Albert.

A seamless mix of country, folk, roots and rock, the record showcases Ginger’s song-writing maturity as he wears his heart and influences on his sleeve over 10 deeply personal tracks, channeling his emotions and and pouring his soul into every note. Influenced by the likes of Steve Earle, Maria McKee, Tom Waits and Richard Thompson, this is Ginger music on the mellow side; roots music played by a working class Geordie raised on country and Northern folk music.

Ginger Wildheart: Photo Ian Bourn / Scene Sussex / Media Works

Ginger Wildheart: Photo Ian Bourn

A very busy basement was waiting for me after grabbing a copy of the album “Ghost In The Tanglewood”. Inside the white immaculate store and displays greeted the afternoons arrivals, along with the manager Simon and the team. I thought I had got there early, it was not early enough! It was packed full of folk wanting to see Ginger and also it looked as if his entire touring band had turned up with guitars and equipment! Brilliant.Did I mention it was busy down there!

Ginger performed three tracks for us from his new album. We got:

Daylight Hotel
Golden Tears
Paying It Forward

A stunning introduction to the new album. The sound was crisp, clear and just a joy to be there for this very special performance. The lighting was great! No horrible LED coloured lighting so everyone had a perfect view of the performance area. I let a young boy through to the front so he could see – he had a great view and enjoyed what he had seen and heard. I asked afterwards if he had enjoyed it, he nodded. His Dad thanked me for letting him through.

Ginger took to the counter areas in Vinyl Revolution to sign a few more copies of the album after his set. I was taken aback by the warmth of the man as he spoke to fans. There was even some tattoo comparisons going on. He seemed genuinely interested in what his fans had to say and showed real interest as he spoke with them. He signed just about anything put forward, he shook people by the hand and posed for selfies.

Ginger seemed to know this gent giving him a mention saying he hadn’t seen him for 20 years! A twitter user has identified him as writer Darren Stockford. Thank you for the update “Rob from The Wade”! 

Darren retweeted a reply “I was Ginger’s web guy in the late ’90s and early ’00s. I helped him build a community in the days before social media” – cool – thank you so much Darren. Glad to put the record straight for everyone.

Speaking to him afterwards, I felt that warmth I had witnessed first hand. He was genuinely interested in my photography and the blog. I said I had enjoyed the brief set. “Yes its great here isn’t it. Loved playing here. Just a shame it wasn’t a bit longer and a bit louder!” He put me down on the guest list for the sold out show at The Prince Albert in Brighton. Thank you! I was just going to go and enjoy the music.  I asked if he was happy for me to put out some of these pictures out, his eyes sparkled and a smile lit up his face, and in his warm Geordie accent  “with looks like this, it would a shame not to!” So here are a few photos of the performance, and the band.  A record of a damn fine event. I am posting the picture of him and his friend in the hope they both see it.

And the album? Loving it – some real class tunes on there. Every track is a delight to listen to. It has been my go-to album and its been on repeat since I got it back to Scene Sussex Towers! Please note if you get a copy it plays at 45rpm!

Paying It Forward, taken from the album Ghost In The Tanglewood.

Thank you Ginger Wildheart. That was magic!

Ginger Wildheart is on the WWW – here

Ginger is on tour across the UK with his band to promote the album. The Wildhearts are on tour later in the year and set to play Brighton at Concorde 2.

Vinyl Revolution

Vinyl Revolution: Brighton

Vinyl Revolution: Brighton


Again – well done to the team for setting this event up. Always a joy to pop in for a browse, a chat, or for an event like this. Congrats to the Vinyl Revolution team, you gotta be proud of that one. You can find this record store here: 33 Duke Street, Brighton.

They sell brand new and re-issued heavyweight vinyl, which rubs shoulders with the very best in vintage and recycled records – everything from A-ha to ZZ top and back again. But Vinyl Revolution is much more than just a record shop. They supply cool T-Shirts designed in-store by a talented designer and printed on ethical and eco cotton.

Not only a great selection of vinyl they also have a range of products for the home. From record players, aprons, rock and roll mugs to vinyl salvage! Everything from wine racks to teapots and a whole lot more. The team are always on hand to help or chat about vinyl. They always give you attentive service and always happy to help. This was the second event I had attended in-store, long may they continue.

Vinyl Revolution is on the WWW – here


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4 thoughts on “Ginger Wildheart stops off in Vinyl Revolution

  • David Collens

    Hi Ian, thanks again for helping out with Jake, there were a lot of big lads in that basement. He did really enjoy it. I hope you made it to the gig; the logistics all worked out and my brother, wife and I made it to the Prince Albert – great venue and one of my favourite gigs in 30 yrs of watching Ginger. Great review. Cheers, David.

    • Scene Sussex Editor Post author

      Hi David. Stunning! Yep – some big lads in there – I struggled at times! 🙂 So glad we got him to the front. Glad to hear all went well for the gig for you.

    • Scene Sussex Editor Post author

      Hey Rachel – so glad to have spent time with you guys and Mr Wildheart. Such a nice guy and a terrific set from him and his band. See you soon – all the best to you and the team. Ianx