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As promised – we are back! This weekend sees some great names taking part in Lockdown live streams and broadcasts. Check out our earlier review/preview with pictures and links and even more live music – Brighten up – LOCKDOWN 1  Brighten up – LOCKDOWN 2Brighten up – LOCKDOWN 3.

LIVE TONIGHT! THE MEMBERS – sounds of the suburbs – 10pm! 25/07/2020

The Members: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

The Members: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

Get set for some “Punk Rock Electric Guitar” . JC Carroll will lead this top outfit through a live broadcast. Full Band – Full Sound!

In 1978/79 The Members continued to play the London pub and club circuit, became a feature in the music press and were championed by John Peel. They signed to Virgin Records in 1978, for which label they recorded “The Sound of the Suburbs”, again produced by Steve Lillywhite. This became The Members’ biggest chart success and their best-known song in the UK.

This could be the Bands Last Gig in 2020 … Don’t miss it .. The Sound of the Suburbs Live in Surrey. The full electric band streamed on a five camera rig… Promising competitions, giveaways, requests and some spanking new merch (The new T shirt is a cracker!) It could be the Bands only remaining show in 2020 so you have to join in with this one!

JC Carroll has being doing a show every Saturday Night ( see previous articles) and he will be joined by Chris Payne and Nick Cash.. for a special night of Members Music..

The Members Live in New Haw Solitary Confinement in the Suburbs streaming on their Facebook page.

The Facebook event page is here.

TONIGHT LIVE – Marisa and The Moths 7pm 25/07/2020

The last time we gave a shout out for these guys, Marisa was poorly. Last week they were back on brilliant form and tonight they are gonna do it all over again!

I have watched a couple of their live streams and had a blast every time, Marisa and The Moths are a pretty filthy, filthy pretty grunge influenced Reading-based rock band with a modern edge. Female fronted with soaring vocals and powerful melodies. The live streams are packed with top music made up of own material and covers with a fine mix of chat and some hilarious banter. Welcome in the new guitarist and backing singer Holly Harvey! This is a live stream. This is a top quality production, so check their Facebook page for details. You seriously will love what these guys do. I just wanna see play them live, armed with my camera and deliver a full gig report – just a small hint MATM 🙂

MATM Live Stream 13 – usually starts around 7pm on Facebook and YouTube – Facebook page is here.

Full band and acoustic! Also featuring their new guitarist Holly!  7PM BST – Lockdown Live 13 will be streamed to both YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK however, please be aware that the quality is generally better on YouTube so MATM advise that you watch on there if you can 🙂


The BellRays – Live and an upcoming Full Band event



The Bellrays (also capitalised as The BellRays) is an American rock group that combines garage rock and punk with soul music, founded in Riverside, California in 1990 by vocalist Lisa Kekaula and guitarist Bob Vennum. Kekaula and Vennum founded the BellRays on the dissolution of previous group The Rosethorns, a group formed by Vennum in 1986, which Kekaula joined in 1988; the band released an album Ralph’s Mom & Dad in 1990; songs from the album were later rerecorded by the BellRays.

The BellRays: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

The BellRays: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

The mighty BellRays have been doing a few live streams and below is a link to watch one broadcast on 21 July 2020. Music, lots of chat, more music and also some memories shared with us. A most captivating hour. In this set, tucked in there, is a BellRays cover of Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. Not sure where the guys film this – but its upclose, intimate and I guess it gets pretty darn hot in there. Thank you The BellRays! Always look forward to a live broadcast.

Tuesday Rock Show Live July 21 2020

We thank you for your support.Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel you're happy and you know it leave a tip!TIP JARSPP: @thebellrays App: $thebellrays can also get music and swag at: STARSFacebook has encouraged us to encourage you to use Stars to let us know you like what you see. Your first 100 stars are free so please use them here!

Posted by The BellRays on Tuesday, 21 July 2020

The BellRays have a live, full band concert being live streamed:

The BellRays at The Lounge (FULL BAND) – 25 July (around 10pm GMT)

join the full band for the first show since the pandemic. Sat, Jul 25 Streaming via their website. This is kinda pay-per-view so –

GET YOUR TICKET NOW here:-…/the-bellrays-at-the-lounge-ful…

Maybe keep an eye on their Facebook page here for changes – times etc.

Heads up for Nancy And The Dolls!!

First up just to let you know Nancy has one more live stream planned, unless lockdown kicks in again. These a rock fuelled sessions interspersed with chat and maybe a slower song or two. They are always a blast and Nancy will give you 110% and more! Keep an eye on her Facebook page for all the details – 1 August 2020 – no confirmed time yet but these shows are usually streamed live on her Facebook page.

NANCY AND THE DOLLS – livestream event.

Nancy and the Dolls (formerly Sex P….d Dolls) are a five piece high energy band formed in 2014 who have headlined many large festivals including The Isle Of Wight Festival and The British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Never seen these guys live? You are missing out. Punk is alive, its kicking and is loaded up with long hair, lipstick, leather, ripped fishnets and a bucket load of great songs all washed down with a healthy slice of attitude! Punk to pure Rock and Roll these guys deliver it all. This could be one of the online streaming events of the year so far. Dont fancy being down the front at a live gig? Well this live stream will almost drop you onto the stage! We have seen some live output from Birmingham Streams and it really is rather good. It’ll be like being there!

Keep an eye on the Nancy And The Dolls Facebook page for details etc.

To purchase a stream key click on the link below.…

And Finally…

Check out artists web site or Facebook for any last minute changes. If you enjoy the sessions then why not go get some merch? Help the musicians out if you can. Please be advised though if you watch any live streams and if you are going to “tip” the musicians use the links or address that they provide.

Brighten up LOCKDOWN – live music streams to enjoy – keep an eye out we may do another item with even more great content. So, when this is all over make sure you go out, support local venues and see some live music.

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