Brighten up LOCKDOWN – Enjoy live music streams 3

Brighten up LOCKDOWN – live music streams to enjoy

First item in a series – lets go looking for some great live music as lockdown continues! Featuring some true class musicians: The Bonnevilles /The Countess of Fife / The Members – JC Carroll and Tokyo Taboo – with Dolly Daggerz – catch up here and lets go see some live music!

And so the COVID19 virus continues and of course with that is the ongoing lockdown. No pubs, no clubs and no live music. Well, when I say no live music, there is! Its just in a different guise and you have to go looking for it. There are huge professional HD, Dolby Atmos , 3D, ones out there such as Gary Barlow, or Robbie. A guilty pleasure, after photographing her a while ago, is to spend some time with Sophie Ellis-Bextor at her kitchen disco.

But scratch below the hugely funded broadcasts there are many others. Local bands, bigger bands and artists who want to stay in touch, and those who want to keep performing are busy creating channels and content. They are usually free to watch and enjoy and some ask for a voluntary donation.

And so after a couple of weekends scouring the social media outlets – and there are a good few to choose from now. Here is a short selection, and some previously released content, for you to discover and enjoy. Don’t forget to go see the bands LIVE when performances start up again.


Countess Of Fife

Countess Of Fife

The Countess of Fife is a project begun in late 2016 by Fay Fife, lead singer and creative force with legendary Scots pop/punk bands The Rezilllos /The Revillos; alongside guitarist Allan McDowell of post punk country outfit So You Think You’re A Cowboy. The Countess of Fife has a flexible line-up, collaborating with friends and like minded musicians. The Countess of Fife is aligned with the insurgent country movement and is inspired by country, punk, early R & B, gospel ,soul, girl group music and The Beach boys. As a stripped down version they might play as a duo.

Photo by Goddess Liz Tainsh.

Photo by Goddess Liz Tainsh.

Above is a photo of full line up of The Countess Of Fife. I cannae wait tae see them live!

Broadcast from April 2020 and racked up almost 4,000 views.

Posted by The Countess of Fife on Saturday, 25 April 2020

This is a fun way to spend some time, and with such distinguished company. I love these guys. This is class. This is a highly recommended watch and you might just get a Rezillos or Revillos number thrown into the mix. Anything can happen! Fay has an incredible voice and just watch Allan playing that guitar, a genius at work right there, a masterclass, and no picks as far as I can see. We are treated to some Countess Of Fife news and events. This is also a real opportunity for Rezillos fans to get up close with Fay as she chats and shares insights and memories. Lord Allan said it It’s a bit strange performing to an audience you can’t see or hear but we enjoyed it.

Keep in touch with The Countess Of Fife, and check out for the next broadcast and also they have a new live CD –

*UPDATE – THE COUNTESS OF FIFE ARE LIVE AGAIN ON 16 05 2020 – check page for details.


Always an interesting slot of time with JC Carroll. I had met this delightful and enigmatic musician a few weeks back.  His online show is fascinating – he may play any variety of instruments, you may know the Sound Of The Suburbs guitar but, here JC straps on an accordion. Just check out the guitars that fill the room.

JC Carroll - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

JC Carroll – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

The hour will whizz by. Stories and music from JC. This week we had a bit of a Little Richard Memorial Polka Party. A superb acoustic of Police Car towards the end of the set. We were also treated to a song to feature on a new Members album – Bedsit Land. Cant wait!

JC Carrolls latest stream racked up nearly 1000 views

JC Little Richard Memorial Polka Party

Posted by JC Carroll on Saturday, 9 May 2020

Keep an eye out for more live streams from JC. A terrific way to spend some time and some great chat with his visitors.

JC Carroll is on Facebook – keep up to date here and don’t miss one of his broadcasts!

*UPDATE: Saturday Night Live in The Suburbs 6 – JC Carroll – 16 05 2020


What can you say about Tokyo Taboo? Tokyo Taboo are a force that have to be seen live, they have to be one of the top bands on the live circuit just now. These guys are exciting and are helping to write the next chapter in rock and performance alike.

Tokyo Taboo - photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

Tokyo Taboo – photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex.

Tokyo Taboo have been streaming on a Saturday night pretty much since the lock down. They have been running a series “Covid 19 presents”. The audience for these broadcasts have grown and the last one had almost a 1000 views. Dolly and Mickey work really hard during these as Mickey plays the acoustic and Dolly holds nothing back from her vocals. This is a brilliant 30 minute slot and they have guests appear, they do cover versions and also some great competitions. We have also been given a display of Dolly on her pole which is breathtaking. This really is a top slot and for me is unmissable. Dolly said she missed the face to face aspect of performing but she said she was enjoying these live sessions and they may keep them going.

TOKYO TABOO – live 09/05/2020 and this racked up nearly 1k views.

Covid-19 presents: Tokyo Taboo live from a room Part6 Donations welcome:

Posted by Tokyo Taboo on Saturday, 9 May 2020

The lighting and the sound was the best so far this week. It was crisp and we could see both Mickey and Dolly. These two musicians are so generous with their time, thoughts and humour. These guys have a great single WHISKEY, which you can find out about and watch the video here. Keep an eye out for these streams to keep you going as they are champing at the bit to get back out on the road with the possibility of Lips Can Kill 2 tour coming up, fingers crossed for that. Thank you so much guys for your brilliant evenings and for engaging with your fans and those who stop by. It really is an engaging and entertaining evening.

*UPDATE – TOKYO TABOO ARE LIVE AGAIN ON 16 05 2020 – check page for details.

Check out Tokyo Taboo on Facebook and don’t miss a single episode!


“We are a Punk Blues band from Ireland. Come see us play, party with us and buy our shit.” The Bonnevilles are shaking Northern Ireland in a way it hasn’t felt since Van Morrison & Them obliterated Club Rado in 1964 and Stiff Little Fingers blew apart The Trident in 1977! The Bonnevilles don’t so much play punk blues as use it as a spring board to create a completely new genre. The Lurgan duo take Mississippi Hill Blues and Punk Rock and mix into their own unique dark Northern Irish Punk Blues stew. The Bonnevilles are a no-frills guitar-and-drums two-piece from Northern Ireland who play hard-hitting roots music they call “garage punk blues.”

Photo by Gail Herve

I stumbled across a live feed from these guys on a Saturday night. I say these guys, they have actually done a series of Solo streams. I was hooked. I caught Andy live first, then Chris. Andy did a huge guitar session and Chris did a drumming session playing live along to their music releases. Both are hugely entertaining and I had missed them when they were in Brighton where they were supported by Scene Sussex faves Mudlow. The first broadcast was fabulous and couldn’t wait to tune in for more.

Here is Andy from the beginning of May, it racked up over 5k views. He put in over 2 hours of live music and chat! Sit back open up a beer…

Andy Thats In The Bonnevilles live from St. Quarantine 3. Hitting it at 8pmTip PayPal

Posted by The Bonnevilles on Saturday, 2 May 2020

This was a huge set. Full of humour, chat and songs. And a few drinks were shared! The set Andy explained was to be split in half. Half electric guitars and half acoustic. Andy all the while hitting the bass drum to provide a really full live experience. The first song in the set is just fricking awesome. Listen to those slides. There were some quite remarkable covers tucked into this session ranging from Sam Cooke to Sound Garden and Tom Waits. Awesome! We were also promised a brand new Bonnevilles song tucked in there. What more could you ask for? Just make sure you are dressed up and you are invited to send them a picture! The Bonnevilles have been added to my MUST SEE LIVE list. Andy did one night on Facebook and the following night on Instagram. Thank you guys – had an awesome time!

Keep up with The Bonnevilles on Facebook and keep an eye out for any more live streams.

And Finally…

If you enjoy the sessions then why not go get some merch? Help the musicians out if you can. Please be advised though if you watch any live streams and if you are going to “tip” the musicians use the links or address that they provide.

Brighten up LOCKDOWN – live music streams to enjoy – keep an eye out we may do another item with even more great content. So, when this is all over make sure you go out, support local venues and see some live music.

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