Brighton Lockdown produces exciting new music!

IAN BOURN for Scene Sussex

IAN BOURN for Scene Sussex

Brighton Lockdown – Scene Sussex brings you three new songs form Brighton bands. We have a punk, we have a rock and we have a brilliant cover. Sit back turn your speakers up.

Brighton Lockdown

So as the Covid 19 lockdown rolls on, the Scene Sussex team have been searching through some of the wonderful music being created in the city. There are live streams galore to tune into and loads of home made videos from various bands to keep their fans and music lovers entertained.

These are not in any order of preference – but for this article we have selected three tunes that we enjoyed and are definitely are worth your time and a listen. These bands are all local Brighton Bands, so when this is all over make sure you go out, support local venues and see some live music.






Stash was formed in Brighton, England by Paul Mayhew (vocals) and Jasper Vincent (guitar), later joined by, Arron “the Barron” Bryant (bass) and Dylan Amey (drums),

The original aim of the band was to have a good time playing guitar based rock music and get free drinks in pubs. This soon turned into a much bigger ambition as the band started writing and recording. The self released mini album Six of the Best (2003) received favourable reviews, though the NME named them “…four of the worst dressed men in Brighton”.

This is a new band for me, but I have had the pleasure of meeting Jasper Vincent when he was on stage with Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Anyway – this is a cracker. Its called Lockdown and so is very appropriate! Some powerful guitars along with a pumping bass and drums with a top layer keys and then topped off with some rocking vocals. Love the video – some obviously shot during our allowed once a day exercise in Brighton. This is a lock down belter! Turn it up and let this one loose! Watch it untill the end!

Lockdown – Stash

We were getting restless from the lack of gigging so bass player Arron had the brilliant idea to do a new version of one of our old songs, keyboard player Sam made the video, hope you all enjoy and see you at a gig when this is all over. peace and love x

Posted by Stash on Sunday, 3 May 2020

Our purpose from the very beginning has been to bring to a live audience a genuine and unadulterated Rock ‘n’ Roll experience… Hope to see you at a gig soon!

– Stash


Creeping Jean are a Brighton based outfit and they are Thomas Elliot, Oliver Tooze, Josh Stone, David Gayler, Rob Whale and Charles. So amongst all the rainbows, walking alone and meeting again we have a wonderful cover, Mr Blue Sky and why the hell not. Good job Creeping Jean – this is great fun to watch. A great job on the video all things considered in these difficult times and all put together as we self isolate. It made me smile and I hope this puts a smile on more faces around this city and beyond. So turn up your speakers, throw open the windows and get the neighbours joining in with this. If you are maybe not feeling to good, this will lift you up. Great job on this guys. Hope to see you again soon.

Mr Blue Sky Cover

Here's our cover of ELO'S Mr Blue Sky! Something cheerful for your feeds, Let's share it about as it's suppose to be blue skies all weekend!Thanks Will Hutchinson for compiling this Stay safe x

Posted by Creeping Jean on Friday, 8 May 2020


Here’s our cover of ELO’S Mr Blue Sky! Something cheerful for your feeds, Let’s share it about as it’s suppose to be blue skies all weekend!
Thanks Will Hutchinson for compiling this. Stay safe x

If you want to share the video please do, We love everyone’s support and couldn’t do it without you all!”


Brighton band The Black Tubes. We have met before – Three edgy, young, and trendy punks ready to chant at you about the seaside, fashion, and how to look your best. These guys were dangerously close to becoming my favourite new band and then I missed a couple of gigs and then they kind of stopped playing. Fronted by the charismatic eyeliner-clad singer Rob Tube, I said back in 2016 this is a band that you won’t forget. Rob is now regularly kicking it up with a power rock outfit The Dark, whom I am desperate to see live. Anyway great to have some new Black Tubes music. Check out the killer lyrics as Rob nails it and some great riffing from him on guitar and bass. Sit back and enjoy the creative genius that is Rob Tube! Its a Lockdown Nation. Play this loud for your friends they need to hear this. They will thank you.

LOCKDOWN NATION – Official Home Music Video

BORED? STUCK AT HOME? NOTHING TO DO? THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!New home music video, Lockdown Nation by The Black Tubes, put together to provide some entertainment during a difficult time.Remember to #stayathome !

Posted by The Black Tubes on Saturday, 9 May 2020

Over to Rob:

New home music video, Lockdown Nation by The Black Tubes, put together to provide some entertainment during a difficult time.
Remember to #stayathome !”

So there you have it – three terrific songs for Lockdown. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We may do another of these items depending how much longer this lockdown continues.

You can hook up with the bands featured here:




These bands are all local Brighton Bands, so when this is all over make sure you go out, support local venues and see some live music.

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