Whats your poison? A Cyanide Sundae perhaps?

Cyanide Sundae - pic by Ian Bourn - Media Works - Scene Sussex

Cyanide Sundae

Introducing Cyanide Sundae

Cyanide Sundae are a fairly new band playing together for over a year, but totally new to Scene Sussex. Not seeing them play live before I was looking forward to seeing them play a set in Brightons Rock and Roll Hotel – The Pelirocco. This was an Ivy Lane night.

A unique hard rock band from the south coast of England, Cyanide Sundae have been making waves in the local independent rock scene this year. 2017 has seen the release of their acclaimed debut E.P, Nothing To Lose, which features four thunderous fast paced songs demonstrating their full on approach to a sonic rock songwriting. They promise to deliver a blend and spin on HardRock. Cyanide Sundae is a brand new sound from the South Coast of the UK.

The Band

Paul Fielder – Vocals & Guitar
André Andrews – Bass
Lewis House – Drums & Vocals

The Set

The guys have been touring and playing gigs along the South Coast, but are based in Worthing, playing gigs and gaining support. The guys were guests on The Scaners gig and they set about plugging in their gear. André pulled out a majestic bass guitar, and let me tell you its a beast! He had two sets of amps, and a massive pedal board which when plugged in fused some of the lighting in the venue(all sorted very quickly)! He provided some extraordinary playing – making the bass do bass things, but the second amp providing a guitar sound – extraordinary. On vocals and lead is Paul, looking every inch the part with a skull emblazoned on his T, and a blue guitar slung over his shoulder. Some fine vocals and some near glass shattering screams during the set, none of it forced, just perfectly delivered on point. The man at the back turns out to be a real force of nature behind the kit! Lewis matched the songs perfectly – from a fabulous rhythm with André to perfectly executed fills, with lots of great drumming showmanship for good measure. Together these guys form a tight powerful outfit.

Cyanide Sundae - EP: Nothing To Lose

Cyanide Sundae – EP: Nothing To Lose

The songs performed tonight included the opening track from their EP What can I do, Cant Run Cant Hide, Under This Disguise, Born Ready and finishing up with a punk number Rage. The guys only had about 30 minutes, maybe less it went so fast. I really enjoyed Cyanide Sundae with ice and a slice!

These guys play fast, loud and leave nothing out. They are a great bunch of musicians who despite the name are full of warmth and humour and a hell of a talent for putting together some damn good songs. If you like their Facebook page the band send you a link for a download of their latest track – and let me tell you it is a tasty slice to accompany your sundae! Their EP is a rocker and it has been on repeat since I got it. Four tracks of Cyanide goodness and lovin’ the artwork and an album is imminent.

A Video!

Cyanide Sundae – Live in Brighton Jan 2018 at Hotel Pelirocco.

Cyanide Sundae – Live in Brighton Jan 2018Paul Fielder – Vocals & GuitarAndré Andrews – BassLewis House – Drums

Posted by IANB's Media Works on Monday, 22 January 2018

Turn this up! Rock out with Cyanide Sundae – go see them live!

A huge thanks to the guys for letting me do the photography for this – Thank you Cyanide Sundae!

Cyanide Sundae! are on Facebook

IVY LANE is on Facebook

Hotel Pelirocco is on the web

Thats it! See you down the front, come and say hi!


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