Lucie Barât live in Brighton. Great Escape 2018.

Lucie Barat: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Lucie Barat: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

Lucie Barât

Lucie Barât is a punk, a poet, and a prodigal purveyor of ballsy synth spoken word. She also just happens to be the Libertines Frontman Carl Barât’s sister. But this afternoon, she was the lead with her own band. Lucie creates her political poetry from the influences of Patti Smith and Gil Scott Heron, and boasts a hostile, non-pretentious spin on synth. Her debut single “Be Uprising” dropped in late May to critical acclaim from press and fans alike, and even a Labour MP or two.

Lucie Barat: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

Lucie Barat: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex

I hadnt seen Lucie and her band play before. It nearly didnt happen today – as an earlier band had caused some noise complaints to be made. We had to wait for the official types to measure, set and agree levels for the set. Eventually Lucie got the green light and it was all systems go.

The Band (from Facebook)

Lucie Barât – Lead Vox
Laurance Bridge – Bass
Fred Lovett – Drums
Harry Caiger – Guitar
Cameron Williams-Hill – Keys/synth – no keyboards for this show

Having previously performed in many bands Lucie Barât has now taken the plunge into a solo career. Having already been announced at a number of festivals this year, Lucie is now set to release her debut solo single. Lucie had caused a storm at a couple of shows in Brighton The Great Escape music festival this year.

The Set

Some of the tracks we got for this performance included Slaves, Take Me Away, Uprising and Be Adored.

Backed by a tight band in the Marlborough Theatre and Pub , Barât rocked us! Considering the delay, these guys just took to the stage, set up and gave us a stunning 30 minute set. I have to say Lucie has a definite vibe when she is on stage, you cant take your eyes off her as she moves, dances and sings through the performance.  Her vocals and stage presence were top. Her rapping and lyrical delivery strikes a just perfect balance. She gives you at times a punk poetry recital/lesson whilst balancing it with a fabulous smoking hot rocking vocal.

Lucie’s rocking and at times almost soulful vocals grab you, she melts this together with some very astute meaningful lyrics. This is married with a great band who will deliver those infectious buzzing riffs, and the drums and bass providing the full audio support for the songs. Great band, and collectively with Lucie in charge they give you a truly powerful show.


They generated a pure indie-pop sound, and at times an almost hint of a ska/reggae edge, but, make no mistake, they are a unique outfit.  These guys demand a second watch and listen. I will keep an eye out and hopefully catch them again soon.

Thank you Lucie and the band – terrific, really enjoyed your set.

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