SISTERAY bring it to Brighton: Great Escape 2018

SISTERAY: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works

SISTERAY: Photo by Ian Bourn for Scene Sussex and Media Works


SISTERAY – Sisteray met when they literally collided together in the mosh pit at a Libertines gig and soon discovered their shared love for bands such as The Smiths, Velvet Underground, The Clash and The Replacements. When you hear this outfit play you can fully appreciate where they are coming from and those influences. This is proven in the upbeat melodies and lyrical observations of 21st century Britain, combined with high-octane live performances that have been key to making their live shows unmissable.I was lucky enough to catch these guys play last time they came to Brighton, but now they were back!

Word is beginning to spread about these guys in the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Fresh on the Net, Louder Than War, Artrocker, BBC 6 Music, Subculture, Gigslutz, Time Out and The Londonist.

Band Members


Credit to these guys. SISTERAY had to wait to play. An earlier band had generated some noise complaints and at one stage it looked as if their show would not go ahead. Made the most of the wait by chatting with the guys as it had been a while since we last met up. A few beers in the Brighton sunshine with the audience actually helped to build an atmosphere of anticipation and edge.

The band got a green light eventually and they piled onto the stage. It was clear from the off the venue were nervous about the sound levels. It was so quiet I actually heard someones mobile ringing in the crowd.

As the band played they were constantly interrupted by a sound guy turning things down. Some of this initially was greeted with humour, but the longer the show went on with the interference it was clear the band were starting to lose that good natured self control.  Something was brewing up on that stage. This was some of the finest rock n roll but with the initial levels it was almost an acoustic set. SISTERAY need to be loud and heard to fully appreciate what they do!


You just had to listen to those vocals from Niall, the fabulous bass rhythms and riffs to the energetic and on point guitar work and solos. Some fine drumming from the back thanks to Calum, a new addition to SISTERAY since I last saw them. The musical glue and talent on display that binds SISTERAY into this force, make them difficult not to admire and enjoy.

A couple of songs in and they had created an atmosphere filling the room with with their music and presence, everyone felt it. The guys came onto the stage and fired at us with an energy that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and pulls you into their world, supported at times as a video screen came to life with various montage sets and videos for past single releases.

The Set

Faaast Food
Algorithm Prison – latest single release
A Wise Man Said
Queen’s English – a fabulous previous single – such a great track!
Rumour Mill
Sisteray Said
White Knuckle Joyride

We got to Queens English and thankfully the volume started to creep up – at last! The video wall sparked up and provided the perfect backing to the song. The sound guy reappeared on stage to adjust volume settings. Niall asked us not to clap in case we created to much noise! Dan asked us to make some noise a short while after – and we did! The packed in audience, as if they were defending the band, drew in tight around the stage and maybe making things trickier for the sound guy to access the volume controls.


The volume seemed to level out – as the guys continued with their set. I have nothing but admiration for SISTERAY for continuing to deliver their set in the tricky circumstances – they were on point, sharp and damn patient!

SISTERAY clearly have a strong belief in their music, as well as the political content, many attendees last time I saw them commented on this and made direct comparisons to the days of The Clash. The recent Facebook fiasco and other political goings on were all covered this afternoon.

They were awesome to watch and to listen to. Some fine guitars, killer bass riffs and some great rock drumming! These guys nailed it. As we approached the final song volumes were turned up! Hell – this was more like it! The crowd loved every riotous note!  This was rock and roll and SISTERAY finished on an absolute high as Calum vented his frustration and sent his drum kit flying and started pulling out power plugs for the equipment. The band’s live performance for the final songs was full of energy, passion and volume. All of the songs were well received by the packed-out venue. I think the guys got a shed load of admiration for what they had done and this was matched to the applause as they left the stage.

I can only say again that this band is more than capable of is keeping the crowd captivated with songs and performance combining to give a great experience, even at low volumes, from beginning to end. I was so lucky to see these guys again and I can’t wait to catch them again.

Thank you SISTERAY!

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